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Yaquina Head Natural Area

Ranger-led Education Programs

Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area is home to some of Oregon’s most accessible and ecologically diverse tide pools.   It has provided an "outdoor classroom" to visiting school groups for generations. In 2003, BLM rangers began offering ranger-led educational programs to visiting grade school groups. The intertidal science program includes ranger-led school programs for grades 1st through 8th, as well as self-guided programs for groups of all ages.

Ranger-led programs offer teachers and students the opportunity to participate in a hands-on, hearts, exploration of the intertidal area, using standards linked to state curriculum. We strive to keep the ranger/student ratios low and the engagement level high. By participating in the programs we hope that students will acquire a deeper understanding and appreciation of Oregon’s natural and cultural heritage while learning about resources protection and personal stewardship.

Between a Rock and a Wet Place

"Between a Rock and a Wet Place" (Kindergarten - 3rd Grade)

Students use their five senses to discover different tide pool species and their unique adaptations: Through a memory game, students recall each animal shown and discuss adaptations, they become tide pool detectives to find species and conduct hands-on discovery, play a game that summarizes what they learned, and participate in a reflective activity.

Sea-crets of Tide Pools

"The Sea-crets of Tide Pools" (4th - 5th Grade)

Students participate in skits, hypotheses, artwork, hands-on exploration and discussions using their senses to discover the different zones and habitats within the intertidal area: They will create an artistic representation of the different zones of the intertidal area, make a scientific hypothesis, complete a scavenger hunt to find and observe species within each zone, participate in a lively review of student results, and spend personal time reflecting upon their surrounding environment.

Wealthy Tide Pools

"Wealthy Tide Pools" (6th - 8th Grade)

Students will interact with the Cobble Beach tide pool area as junior ecologists to monitor the relative species richness of the intertidal zones, while learning about the scientific method, tide pool safety, ecology, and biology in a diverse physical environment. This program aims to engage the students’ hands, minds, and hearts, as well as to encourage lifelong stewardship of this unique ecological resource.

"Rain, Rutabagas & Rithmetic" (Adapted for K-12)

This program introduces lighthouse life in the 1800s. Students take a trip back in time to the late 1800s, learning how lighthouse keepers lived and survived at Yaquina Head. This program helps students understand how lighthouses helped ships navigate, and the role shipping played in the commercial development of coastal towns. Students learn about various duties performed by each family member (the keeper, wife, and children). Students also learn how to identify lighthouses by their light patterns and why these are important. This program starts in the interpretive center and ends at the lighthouse, 1/3 mile away.