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Southwest Oregon RAC

Southwest Oregon RAC Info
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The Southwest Oregon Resource Advisory Council (RAC) provides advice and recommendations on all aspects of public land management, including Secure Rural Schools Title II recommendations, to the BLM's Medford and Roseburg Districts and the Klamath Falls Resource Area. The jurisdiction of the Southwest Oregon RAC includes BLM-managed lands in Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath Counties.

Each January, the BLM accepts nominations for new members. The Secretary of the Interior appoints citizens to staggered three-year terms on the Council, so one-third of the member terms expire each year.

Members of these three new RACs will be appointed to represent the following three interest groups:

  • Category One: Five members who represent energy and mineral development (with a special emphasis on transportation or rights-of-way interests); the commercial timber industry; organized labor or non-timber forest product harvester groups; developed outdoor recreation, off-highway vehicle users, or commercial recreation (with a special emphasis on commercial or recreation fishing); or Federal grazing or other land permits or represent nonindustrial private forest land owners.
  • Category Two: Five members who represent nationally recognized environmental organizations; regionally or locally recognized environmental organizations; dispersed recreational activities; archaeological and historical interests; or nationally or regionally recognized wild horse and burro interest groups, wildlife or hunting organizations, or watershed associations.
  • Category Three: Five members who hold state elected office; hold county or local elected office; represent Indian tribes within or adjacent to the area for which the Council is organized; are school officials or teachers with knowledge in natural resource management or the natural sciences; or represent the affected public-at-large and/or are employed by a state agency responsible for the management of natural resources, land or water.

All RAC meetings are open to the public, and each meeting includes time for the public to present or comment on issues for RAC consideration.

For more information, contact Jim Whittington at 541-618-2220 or jwhittin@blm.gov; or Cheyne Rossbach at 541-464-3245 or crossbac@blm.gov.