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Oregon / Washington

San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee

Council Information
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San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee (RAC) was established by Presidential Proclamation to provide information and advice regarding the development of the National Monument's resource management plan. Members represent an array of stakeholder interests in the land and resources from within the local area and statewide. The call for nominations to serve on the RAC will be announced in the next few weeks.

Members of the RAC are appointed for three year terms and serve without monetary compensation. Their travel costs are reimbursed, however, at current rates for Government employees. Each member must, as a result of training and experience, have knowledge or special expertise which qualifies them to provide advice from among the categories of interest listed below.

The RAC is composed of 12 members: two members representing recreation and tourism interests, two members representing wildlife and ecological interests, two members representing cultural and heritage interests, two public-at-large members, one member representing tribal interests, one member representing local government, one member representing education and interpretation interests, and one member representing private landowners.

Upon the arrival of the permanent Monument manager, working in the Lopez Island BLM Office, there will be public meetings scheduled immediately to offer more information about the RAC's responsibilities and the planning process for the interim management plan and the resource management plan.