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Oregon / Washington

Financial Assistance (Grants & Cooperative Agreements)

"Pre-Award" Information & Forms for Recipients

  • Information for Potential Recipients (PDF) - The basics for new recipients; what they need to know and how the process works
  • Standard Form (SF) 424 Application Packet (PDF) - The SF-424 & SF-424A & B Application for Financial Assistance, Non-Construction, with instructions - the Application and Assurances must be hand-signed for modifications to existing agreements
  • General Proposal Template (DOC) - A suggested proposal template - project proposals must be included with the SF-424 Application
  • Detailed Budget Breakdown (DOC) - A suggested budget breakdown template - detailed budgets must be included with the SF-424 Application, and budget estimates must match the SF424A Cost Category totals
  • Challenge Cost Share Program (CCSP) Commitment Document (DOC) - For use in lieu of the Detailed Budget Breakdown when the project is under the Challenge Cost Share Program - must be signed by both the recipient and BLM Program Officer, and budget estimates must match the SF424A Cost Category totals
  • Indirect Costs Worksheet (XLS) - An Excel spreadsheet with formulas for calculating an indirect cost rate for small non-profit organizations with no Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreement (NICRA) - the maximum allowable rate without a NICRA is 10%
  • Certification Regarding Lobbying (DOC) - Applies to recipients of awards exceeding $100,000 - required for initial award and each modification

"Post-Award" Information & Forms for Recipients

Email Address for Recipient Reports

BLM_OR_SO_FA_Reports@blm.gov - Please submit all reports via email to this address, and "cc" your Program Officer (PO), and Alternate PO and Technical Advisor, if applicable.

OR/WA Financial Assistance Contact Info

Walter B. "Bert" Ullrey (Team Lead)
Lead Grants & Agreements Specialist
503-808-6302, wullrey@blm.gov

Jessica Clark
503-808-6226, j1clark@blm.gov

Sheryl "Sheri" Dowley
503-808-6243, sdowley@blm.gov