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Oregon / Washington

San Juan Island National Monument RMP

Planning Update

During the week of January 25-28, 2016, the BLM held four interactive workshops to gather geographically specific input on where human uses should be facilitated or restricted within the monument. The BLM also asked for input on what the monument's trail network should eventually look like, including which trails should be closed or maintained, as well as any new trails that should be built. Thanks to everyone who participated!

During the workshops, participants responded to the following questions regarding specific areas of the monument:

  • Which trails would you like to see maintained? Which closed? Are there any new trails you'd like to see built? What uses would you like to see allowed/restricted on the trails? Should seasonality be a factor?
  • What specific experiences do you value within the SJINM? Are there any new opportunities you'd like to see managed for?
  • What types of human use opportunities would you like to see restricted or prohibited and where? Why would you like to see these restrictions/prohibitions?
  • Is there any additional input you'd like to provide at this time that we haven't captured?

If you are were not able to attend a workshop, or if you came and have something additional to add, you can submit comments through the following means:
Email: blm_or_sanjuanislandsnm@blm.gov
Mail: San Juan Islands National Monument RMP, P.O. Box 3, Lopez, WA 98261
Hand delivery: BLM Lopez Island Office, 37 Washburn Place, Lopez Island, WA 98261

We welcome your input at any stage in the planning process; input on management approaches that should be included in the draft plan (including responses to the questions above) are particularly useful if submitted by the end of February.

Join the Email List! Please email blm_or_sanjuanislandsnm@blm.gov if you are interested in joining the email list to receive updates on the planning process.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is developing a Resource Management Plan (RMP) for the San Juan Islands National Monument. Established by Presidential Proclamation in 2013, the San Juan Islands National Monument encompasses approximately 1,000 acres of public land spread across a uniquely beautiful archipelago of over 450 islands, rocks, and pinnacles.

The San Juan Islands National Monument RMP will guide the BLM's management of these spectacular lands in a manner that ensures the protection of their remarkable cultural, historic, and ecological values for the benefit of generations of Americans to come.

The San Juan Islands National Monument Advisory Committee (MAC) was chartered to provide information and advice on the development of the RMP. Click here to learn more about the MAC.

***Preliminary Schedule***

Tasks and Milestones ESTIMATE


  • Organize planning team
  • Gather and update data
  • Ask the public for ideas about what issues should be addressed in the planning effort ("scoping")
  • Formalize planning partnerships with other government agencies
  • Meet with the Monument Advisory Committee

Winter/Spring 2015


  • Work internally and with partners to identify a range of possible management approaches
  • Document the current state of resources and uses that would be affected by the plan
  • Analyze the potential impacts of the possible management approaches on the planning area
  • Meet with the Monument Advisory Committee and Cooperating Agencies

Summer 2015-Summer 2016

Publish the Draft RMP/EIS

  • Provide a 90 day public review and comment period

Fall 2016

Develop the Proposed RMP/Final EIS

  • Use public and partner comments to build on the Draft RMP/EIS and correct any errors
  • Develop the BLM's proposed plan—generally a refinement of one of the management approaches described in the Draft—while considering public comments, input from agency partners and the Monument Advisory Committee, and BLM priorities.

Winter-Summer 2017

Publish the Proposed RMP/Final EIS

  • Provide 30 days during which members of the public who have participated in the planning process can "protest" aspects of the proposed management decisions with which they disagree.
  • Provide 60 days for the WA Governor's office to review the plan for consistency with state and local plans, policies, and programs. The Governor's Office may provide recommendations for making the proposed plan more consistent.

 Fall 2017


Winter 2018

Publish Approved ROD/RMP

Spring 2018