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Oregon / Washington

Public Involvement

The BLM would like to work with the public to identify areas where there is agreement on natural resource management approaches and work on potential solutions for those areas where there is disagreement. The BLM is open to a broad spectrum of idea to balance the complexity of issues, perspectives, usage, and regulations associated with public land management.

The BLM is committed to an open, transparent planning process with full public input and comment opportunities as allowable throughout the RMPs for Western Oregon. Public involvement will take a myriad of forms: meetings, workshops, online comments, emails, and formal public comment periods.

Next Steps for Public Comment and Outreach

Future opportunities to provide public comment: The Proposed Planning Criteria document will be released and a formal public comment period will be announced. The release of the Proposed Planning Criteria is, in part, an opportunity for the BLM to reflect back to the public what information has been received through various public engagement efforts. Public comment periods provide the opportunity to submit feedback on the BLM's understanding of inputs received and the planning direction.

See the Scoping page for information on the public scoping process.

It is the BLM's intent to maintain an open and ongoing dialogue with the public about their interests and concerns for the public lands in western Oregon.

Public Stakeholders

Working with communities, gaining innovative ideas and identifying the latest natural resource research, the BLM is planning on how your public lands will be managed for the next twenty years. Throughout this planning effort, we need your thoughts, ideas, and participation. To stay up-to-date on public involvement opportunities and public comment opportunities, please check back with this web page and/or join our email list.

If you would like to join our public stakeholder email list for this planning effort, please send an email to: BLM_OR_RMPs_WesternOregon@blm.gov