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Oregon / Washington

Resource Management Plans (RMPs) for Western Oregon

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The Resource Management Plans (RMP) for Western Oregon will determine how BLM-administered lands will be managed to further the recovery of threatened and endangered species, provide for clean water, restore fire-adapted ecosystems, produce a sustained yield of timber products, coordinate management of lands surrounding the Coquille Forest with the Coquille Tribe, and provide for recreation opportunities.

These lands provide forest products, fish and wildlife habitat, and countless recreation opportunities. Unlike national forests, BLM lands in western Oregon are generally not large contiguous blocks, but a "checkerboard" pattern of federal lands.


These 2.5 million acres have an important role to the social, economic, and ecological well-being of western Oregon, as well as to the greater American public. On April 24, 2015, the BLM announced the release of the Draft Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement. The comment period will last for 90 days, from April 24, 2015, to July 23, 2015.



Following is a tentative timeline for the RMPs for Western Oregon planning process:

January-November 2014 Modeling and analysis
December 2014-March 2015 Writing and reviews
April 24, 2015 Release of Draft Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Statement
April 24, 2015-July 23, 2015 Comment Period
May-August 2015 Develop and analyze proposed Resource Management Plan
September-December 2015 Reviews
Winter 2016 Publish Proposed Plan/Final Environmental Impact Statement
Winter-Spring 2016 Protest Period, Governor’s Consistency Review, Resolution
Spring 2016 Record of Decision