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Documents Closed for Public Activity within the Last Two Weeks

The following list contains NEPA documents for public review, protest, or appeal that have closed in the past two weeks.

Project Name Date Closed Doc Type Office
2014 Project - Second Show4/18/2014 Environmental Assessment Eugene
2014 Water Source Maintenance Project4/16/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Medford
Aquatic and Riparian Habitat Enhancement4/11/2014 Environmental Assessment Medford
Brownstone CT Timber Sale4/11/2014 Decision Rationale Coos Bay
Community Training at Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area4/11/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Salem
Edson Plum CT Timber Sale4/11/2014 Decision Rationale Coos Bay
Fremont, North Webster, and Wastina Allotments Grazing Permit Renewal4/24/2014 Environmental Assessment / FONSI Lakeview
Gap Ranch Road Maintenance4/14/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Burns
Harpold and Stukel Mineral Pits Permit Renewal4/18/2014 Scoping Letter Lakeview
Lone Pine Juniper Removal4/16/2014 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Burns
North Fork 25 CT4/11/2014 Decision Record Coos Bay
Paisley Flat and White Rock Allotments Grazing Permit Renewals4/14/2014 FONSI/Decision Record Lakeview
Stove Springs CCC Road4/17/2014 Environmental Assessment / FONSI Lakeview
Stratton/Brimstone Salvage Project4/11/2014 Decision Record Medford
Transfer of Grazing Preference - Buckbrush Allotment4/11/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Vale
USGS Fault Scarp Study 4/13/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Spokane
Walker Creek Terrestrial Restoration Project4/11/2014 Environmental Assessment / FONSI Salem