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Documents Currently Under Public Review

The following list contains NEPA documents that are currently available for public review, protest, or appeal.

Project Name Date Open Date Closed Doc Type Office
South Scappoose Creek Project 8/23/2014  9/08/2014 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Salem
Suicide Bar Thinning 8/20/2014  9/03/2014 Decision Record Roseburg
Wildgal-Dixie Forest Health Treatment 8/20/2014  9/03/2014 Categorical Exclusion Lakeview
Fall-Cole Timber Sale 8/20/2014  9/04/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Salem
Rickreall Creek Watershed Enhancement 8/20/2014  9/04/2014 Decision Record Salem
2014 Project - Second Show 8/21/2014  9/04/2014 Decision Record Eugene
Howard Forest Management Project  8/21/2014  9/04/2014 Decision Record Medford
Hawg Quest 8/20/2014  9/04/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Medford
Canoe and Kayak 8/20/2014  9/04/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Medford
Integrated Invasive Plant Management Plan for the Lakeview Resource Area 8/06/2014  9/05/2014 Environmental Assessment / FONSI Lakeview
Dollar Quarry Environmental Assessment 8/07/2014  9/08/2014 Environmental Assessment / FONSI Eugene
Brickyard Helipond Repair 8/28/2014  9/12/2014 Categorical Exclusion Roseburg
Cycle the Lakes Special Recreation Permit 8/12/2014  9/15/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Eugene
Turn Point Light Station lead paint and asbestos flooring removal 8/20/2014  9/20/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Spokane
Roza Parking Lot Resealing 8/21/2014  9/21/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Spokane
Stove Springs CCC Road 8/26/2014  9/25/2014 Decision Record Lakeview
Bear Mountain, Crowfoot, Vestal Butte, Neil Tarbell, and Moser Mountain Grazing Allotment Lease Authorizations 8/26/2014  9/26/2014 Environmental Assessment Medford
Soup Creek VRH Environmental Assessment 8/06/2014  9/26/2014 Environmental Assessment / FONSI Coos Bay
Double Bowen Forest Management Project 8/29/2014  9/29/2014 Environmental Assessment Medford
Routine Maintenance and Renovation to Restore Damaged Lands - Tillamook Resource Area 9/02/2014  10/02/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Salem