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Documents Currently Under Public Review

The following list contains NEPA documents that are currently available for public review, protest, or appeal.

Project Name Date Open Date Closed Doc Type Office
Grazing Schedule Revision - Radar Hill Allotment 7/03/2014  8/04/2014 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Vale
Upper Leslie/Dago Gulch - Trail Designation  7/03/2014  8/04/2014 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Vale
2014 Siuslaw Fisheries Restoration DNA 7/14/2014  8/15/2014 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Eugene
Cherry Springs Range Improvement Project 7/11/2014  8/11/2014 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Burns
Medford Interagency Office, Fleet Service Building Powerline  7/03/2014  8/04/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Medford
Marys Peak Resource Area 2010 to 2014 Young Stand Silvicultural Activities 7/23/2014  8/07/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Salem
Harpold and Stukel Mineral Pits Permit Renewal 7/09/2014  8/08/2014 Decision Record Lakeview
Lane Mountain Slide Repair 7/28/2014  8/11/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Roseburg
Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) Alvey-Fairview Transmission Line Road Access Authorization 7/15/2014  8/13/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Coos Bay
South Dorena Thinnings Project 7/30/2014  8/14/2014 Decision Rationale Eugene
Trail Creek Forest Management Project 7/31/2014  8/15/2014 Decision Record Medford
New River Mineral Withdrawal Environmental Assessment 7/18/2014  8/17/2014 Scoping Letter Coos Bay
Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument Box R Ranch (Rowlett) Land Exchange 7/17/2014  8/18/2014 Decision Record Medford
Stimson ROW Scoggins 2014 7/18/2014  8/18/2014 FONSI/Decision Record Salem
Right-of-Way WAOR 68080, Benton County PUD #1. 7/18/2014  8/18/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Spokane
Noxious Weed and Invasive Plant Integrated Weed Management Environmental Assessment 7/18/2014  8/18/2014 Scoping Letter Spokane
South Steens Allotment Management Plan 7/18/2014  8/18/2014 Decision Record Burns
Mountain of the Rogue Trail System 7/25/2014  8/25/2014 Decision Record Medford
2014 Fence Replacement CX 7/25/2014  8/26/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Eugene