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Documents Currently Under Public Review

The following list contains NEPA documents that are currently available for public review, protest, or appeal.

Project Name Date Open Date Closed Doc Type Office
Mountain of the Rogue Trail System 7/25/2014  8/25/2014 Decision Record Medford
2014 Fence Replacement CX 7/25/2014  8/26/2014 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Eugene
Curtis Creek Habitat Improvement II 8/12/2014  8/27/2014 Decision Record Roseburg
Harrington Creek Habitat Improvement 8/12/2014  8/27/2014 Decision Record Roseburg
Twin Lakes - Telford Fuel Breaks 7/30/2014  8/31/2014 Scoping Letter Spokane
Existing/Historic Documents (20 Most Recent)

The following list contains NEPA planning documents that have passed the public review period.

Project Name Date Doc Type Office
2014 Project - Second Show8/14/14 Finding of No Significant Impact Eugene
Hunter Communications, Inc. Right-of-Way (OR 068159)8/12/14 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Medford
2014 Upper Nestucca OHV Riding Area Special Recreation Events8/08/14 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Salem
Road maintenance within the Holloway Fire Perimeter8/07/14 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Burns
Thunderbolt Hazardous Fuels Treatment8/04/14 Decision Record Roseburg
Grazing Permit Renewal For Egli Rim, Oatman Flat, Tuff Butte, and Murdock Allotments8/01/14 FONSI/Decision Record Lakeview
South Scappoose Creek Project8/01/14 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Salem
Wolf Pup Project - Revised EA and Decision Record7/31/14 Decision Record Medford
East West Junction Project7/31/14 Decision Record Medford
Jumping Bean Ecological Forestry Project7/31/14 FONSI/Decision Record Medford
Iron Monkey CT Timber Sale7/31/14 Decision Record Coos Bay
Crosby CT Timber Sale7/30/14 Decision Record Coos Bay
Mighty Moose7/30/14 Decision Record Salem
ReThin EA7/29/14 Decision Record Eugene
DNA-DR-RX-Wild Fish Timber Sale7/29/14 Documentation of NEPA Adequacy Eugene
Upper Days Creek Restoration7/29/14 Decision Record Roseburg
Lane Mountain Slide Repair7/28/14 Categorical Exclusion / Decision Record Roseburg
Trail Creek Forest Management Project7/25/14 Decision Record Medford
Trail Creek Forest Management Project7/25/14 Finding of No Significant Impact Medford
South Dorena Thinnings Project7/25/14 Decision Rationale Eugene