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National Historic Oregon
Trail Interpretive Center

Flagstaff Gallery

Special exhibits are presented in the Flagstaff Gallery to explore a variety of themes related to the Oregon Trail, westward migration, and settlement.

2014 Flagstaff Gallery—Special Exhibit Schedule

Special Event at NHOTIC

Wagons Ho! An Interactive Oregon Trail Experience
February 13–June 10, 2014

The popular hands-on children's exhibit returns each spring. Test your pioneering skills by packing a full-scale replica wagon and see what you look like in a pioneer's clothes.

Traveling Light: 200 Years of Camping in the West
June 26–September 8, 2014

Special Event at NHOTIC

Explore the evolution of camping from pioneer days up to modern times, and develop a deeper understanding of how we relate to our natural environment through immersion in the elements.

Special Event at NHOTIC

High Desert Dreams: The Lost Homesteads of the Ft. Rock Basin
September 19–November 30, 2014

A series of stunning black and white photographs by Rich Bergeman tell the story of the last great land rush of the American West, in the Fort Rock/Christmas Lake basin of Central Oregon.

Past Exhibits

Special Event at NHOTIC

Find the full text and audio from the 2013 special exhibit here.