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The Oregon Trail Interpretive Center features 12,000 square feet of galleries that transport visitors along the 2,000 mile journey of the Oregon Trail, with life-size trail dioramas, replica wagons, and authentic artifacts. Photographs, artwork and three short closed captioned videos tell the story of the pioneers and the political and social background of the westward migration. Quotes pulled from the diaries of Oregon Trail emigrants are interwoven through the exhibit, using the words of the pioneers to describe the trek west.

The permanent exhibit galleries takes visitors through the experiences of preparing for the journey, life on the trail, interaction between emigrants and natives, dangers and challenges, settlement and homesteading in Oregon.

NHOTIC also hosts changing exhibits in the 1,500 square foot Flagstaff Gallery, presenting exhibits that explore a variety of themes related to westward migration and settlement.

2013 Flagstaff Gallery Exhibit Schedule

Wagons Ho! An Interactive Oregon Trail Experience

February 16 - June 4
This popular hands-on exhibit returns! Test your pioneer skills with a full-scale replica wagon, try on pioneer clothing, and join in the trail activities. An engaging educational experience for visitors of any and all ages.

Sinners & Saints: Indelicate Stories of Emigrants in the West

June 21 - September 9
Tolerance and diversity in the Wild West? This exhibit presents lesser-known tales of unique individuals who traveled the Oregon and California Trails. A variety of stories highlight the morals and values of pioneers and early settlers.

Enduring Patterns: A Quilted Heritage

September 27 - November 17
Fabric is a necessary part of our daily lives, but it's what we do with the cloth that creates its significance. View traditional quilt patterns and techniques used in the American West, and vintage quilts alongside modern interpretations of the same patterns.
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