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Oregon / Washington


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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
09/19/12Reduction of Overhead and Contract Administration Adjustments to Road Replacement CostsIM OR 2012-068
08/15/12To Reaffirm Oregon State Office Policy for Small Business Set-Aside Timber Sale Appraisal Transportation CostIB OR 2012-060
07/27/12FY13 Timber Sale DatesIB OR 2012-058
05/24/12Monitoring and Sample Points Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2012-051
05/16/12Reciprocal Right-of-Way Access Rights Over Bureau of Land Management Lands Encumbered by Reciprocal Right-of-Way AgreementsIM OR 2012-049
04/23/121998 Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Biological Opinions Line Manager Certification Report for 2011IM OR 2012-045
04/09/12Membership and Participation in Professional SocietiesIB OR 2012-049
04/05/12Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management Policy for 43 CFR 3809 Notice and Plan-Level Operations, 43 CFR 3715 Use and Occupancy, and Reclamation Cost EstimatesIM OR 2012-043
03/19/12Treatments Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2012-039
03/14/12Cadastral Survey Review and Boundary Risk Assessment for Significant Land and Resource Transactions and Commercial ProjectsIM OR 2012-038
03/07/12Identification of Non-high Priority Sites: Four-step Process for Category C and DIM OR 2012-036
02/16/122012 Oregon/Washington Biennial Recreation NLCS-Youth WorkshopIB OR 2012-034
02/10/12Other National Designations Data StandardIM OR 2012-029
01/27/12Easements and Rights-of-Way Data Standard, Change 1IM OR 2011-071CH1
01/18/12Biennial Cruiser/Appraiser TrainingIB OR 2012-028
01/05/12Reforestation Techniques TrainingIB OR 2012-021
11/28/11Interagency Special Status/Sensitive Species Program and Survey and Manage Mitigation Measure Species: Vouchering Policy for Bryophytes, Lichens, Fungi, Vascular Plants, Mollusks, and All Other InvertebratesIM OR 2012-010
11/23/11Grazing Allotment and Pastures Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2012-009
11/23/11Wilderness Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2012-008
11/14/11Final State Director's Special Status Species ListIM OR 2012-018