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Oregon / Washington


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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
08/24/11Easements and Rights-of-Way Data StandardIM OR 2011-071
08/24/11Rights-of-Way Designation Areas Data StandardIM OR 2011-070
08/18/11Notification to the Association of O&C Counties Regarding Road and Trail Closures, Travel Use Restrictions or Decommissioning ProposalsIB OR 2011-059
08/15/11Off-Highway Vehicle Designation Areas Data StandardIM OR 2011-067
08/12/11FY 2012 Timber Sale Auction DatesIB OR 2011-058
08/01/11Wilderness Characteristics Spatial Data Standard (Revised)IM OR 2011-064
07/21/112011 Settlement Agreement in Litigation over the Survey and Manage Mitigation Measure in Conservation Northwest et al. v. Sherman et al., Case No. 08-IM OR 2011-063
06/20/11Oregon/Washington Equal Employment Opportunity Policy StatementIM OR 2011-059
06/16/11Wilderness Study Areas Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2011-055
06/07/11Partial Delegation of Authority to District Managers to Approve Certain Scaling Methods for the Measurement of Forest ProductsIM OR 2011-049
05/18/11Interim Policy and Certified Staff Authorized to Complete Appraisal Waivers for Low ValueIB OR 2011-047
04/28/11Formation of the Oregon BLM Renewable Energy Mitigation and Stipulations Interdisciplinary Team and Summary of Current Mitigation PolicyIM OR 2011-042
03/03/111998 Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Biological Opinions Line Manager Certification Report for 2010IM OR 2011-025
02/11/11Management of Backup and Storage of Electronic Data and FilesIM OR 2011-024
02/11/11Ocean Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2011-023
02/11/11Resource Area Boundaries Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2011-022
02/02/11Oregon/Washington 2011 Engineering WorkshopIB OR 2011-029
12/23/101601 Land Use Planning Manual SupplementIM OR 2011-016
12/21/10Western Oregon Resource Management Plan EvaluationsIM OR 2011-015
12/17/10Review Draft - Easements and Rights-of-Way Spatial Data Standard RevisionIB OR 2011-018
12/02/10Reforestation Techniques TrainingIB OR 2011-017
11/17/10Tree Marking Paint Security PolicyIM OR 2011-012
10/27/10Reoffering Volume from Mutually Cancelled Timber Sale ContractsIM OR 2011-011
10/15/10Centralized Forest Service Region 6 and Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management Statewide Printing ProgramIM OR 2010-063
10/08/10Operating Procedures for Conducting the Five-Year Market Share Recomputation for Small Business Share PercentagesIM OR 2010-062