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Oregon / Washington

FY2009 Instruction Memorandums

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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
07/08/09Extended Travel PolicyIM OR 2009-045
07/01/09Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation (ESR) Annual Monitoring Summary/Funding RequestIM OR 2009-043
06/22/09Audit Coordination, Response, and Follow-upIM OR 2009-042
06/01/09Modification of Guidance Found in the Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation Assessment and Strategy for Oregon: A Plan to Maintain and Enhance Populations IM OR 2009-038
05/04/09Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management Policy for 43 CFR 3809 Notice- and Plan-Level Operations, 43 CFR 3715 Use and Occupancy, and Reclamation CIM OR 2009-032
03/19/09Other National Designations Data Standard IM OR 2009-027
03/16/09Student Career Experience Program Housing Assistance Incentive PolicyIM OR 2009-025
03/16/09Student Career Experience Program Washington Office Funding Assistance Criteria and Request Procedures for Oregon/Washington State Office ParticipantsIM OR 2009-026
02/19/09Oregon/Washington BLM Law Enforcement Tow PolicyIM OR 2009-022
02/03/09Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) Clarification of WOIM2008-050 for Western OregonIM OR 2009-018
01/15/09Wilderness Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2009-013
11/12/08Review and Comment on Draft Endangered Species Act Recovery Plan for Middle Columbia River SteelheadIM OR 2009-007
11/05/08Use of Personally-Owned Information Technology Equipment for Bureau of Land Management WorkIM OR 2009-005
10/07/08Log Branding and Painting Requirements in Timber Sale ContractsIM OR 2008-099
10/03/08Wild and Scenic River Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2009-001