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Oregon / Washington


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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
09/25/08Tree Marking Paint Security PolicyIM OR 2008-095
09/18/08Issuance of new Form OR-2812-20, BLM Report of Mineral Haul Over Permittee RoadsIM OR 2008-094
09/12/08FY 2009 Timber Sales Auction DatesIB OR 2008-095
09/04/08Operating Procedures for Conducting the Five-Year Recomputation of Small Business Share PercentagesIM OR 2008-089
09/04/08Profit and Risk, Overhead, and Contract Administration Allowances for Road Replacement Cost Calculations under Reciprocal ROW Agreements and PermitsIM OR 2008-088
09/04/08Wilderness Characteristics Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2008-090
08/25/08Statewide Database for Cultural Resource Management ProgramIM OR 2008-083
08/25/08Timber Sale Decisions, Protests, and AppealsIM OR 2008-084
08/21/08Fire Management Decisions in Resource Management PlansIM OR 2008-079
08/20/08Use of Technical Assistants in Cultural Resource ActivitiesIM OR 2008-082
08/06/08EIS Date Request Coming in SeptemberIB OR 2008-090
07/23/08FY 2009 Strategic Fund Distribution for Business Process Improvement InnovationIB OR 2008-086
07/23/08Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2008-084
07/22/08Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Annual Monitoring Summary/Funding RequestIM OR 2008-077
07/21/08Fire Management Decisions in Resource Management PlansIM OR 2008-079
07/17/08Reissuance of Mineral Hauling Policy under Reciprocal Right-of-Way Agreements and PermitsIM OR 2008-075
06/16/08National Training Center Course 2000-14 - Environmental Site Assessments for Assistant Environmental ProfessionalsIB OR 2008-078
06/16/08Recruitment of FacilitatorIB OR 2008-077
06/13/08National Training Center Course 2000-14 - Environmental Site Assessments for Assistant Environmental ProfessionalsIB OR 2008-078
06/11/08Designation of Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operator InstructorsIB OR 2008-075
06/05/08Wilderness Study Areas Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2008-072
05/27/08Annual Interagency Facility Safety Inspection ResultsIB OR 2008-072
05/22/08Fiscal Year 2007 and 2008 Service First AccomplishmentsIB OR 2008-071
05/01/08Multidisciplinary Architect-Engineer (A-E), Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Oregon and Washington, Contract No. HAC065M00IB OR 2008-065
04/29/08Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2008-063
04/10/08TSIS/CBS Interface Contract Administrator ParticipationIB OR 2008-061
04/02/08Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2008-059
04/01/08Direction for Reducing Carryover of 8100 FundsIM OR 2008-061
03/19/08Annual Interagency Facility Safety Inspection - Regional/State OfficeIB OR 2008-054
03/18/08Risk Management Training - National Safety ProgramIB OR 2008-053
03/17/08Aquatic Restoration Reporting - 2007 Accomplishment DataIM OR 2008-056
03/05/08Resource Area Boundaries Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2008-050
03/03/08Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) Hazard Communication Program Annual Compliance Requirements for the State OfficeIB OR 2008-049
02/29/08Guidance for Implementing the New Categorical Exclusion for Grazing Permits/LeasesIM OR 2008-047
02/29/08Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management State Office Engineering Staff ResponsibilitiesIB OR 2008-047
02/26/08FY 2007 Service First Accomplishment ReportingIB OR 2008-042
02/12/08Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Policy to Improve Customer Service Per Executive Order 13392: "Improving Agency Disclosure of Information, and NewIM OR 2008-043
02/11/08Guidelines for Certification of Construction Project Inspectors and Contracting Officer's RepresentativesIB OR 2008-039
02/08/08Spatial Data Standard for Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (ACECs)IM OR 2008-042
02/06/08Final State Director's Special Status Species ListIM OR 2008-038
02/05/08Production Log Scaling RolloutIB OR 2008-033
02/01/08Risk Management TrainingIB OR 2008-034
01/23/08Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2008-028
01/14/08Strategy to Conduct and Complete Conferencing with the National Marine Fisheries Service on Proposed Oregon Coast Coho Salmon and Critical HabitatIB OR 2008-027
01/11/082008 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Conference Calls and MeetingsIB OR 2008-025
01/11/08Thinning Training DateIB OR 2008-026
12/21/07Logging Systems and Roads TrainingIB OR 2008-022
12/19/07Extension of Certification for Existing Certified ScalersIM OR 2008-032
12/14/07"Use of the Four Forestry Categorical Exclusions Published on August 14, 2007"IM OR 2008-031
12/07/07implementation Planning for Revised Resource Management PlansIB OR 2008-016
12/04/07Recreation Sites Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2008-028
12/04/07Updated Oregon/Washington Partnership Strategy: BLM Partners for a PurposeIM OR 2008-030
11/23/07Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management Interagency Correspondence PreparationIM OR 2008-021
11/16/07Oregon State Office Annual Safety Training WeekIB OR 2008-015
11/13/07Authorization Requirements to Complete Appraisal Waivers for Low Value Acquisitions and Leases and PermitsIM OR 2008-025
11/09/07"Service First Leadership Meeting - December 12, 2007, Portland, Oregon"IB OR 2008-013
11/01/07Partial Delegation of Authority to Conduct Scale Timber Sales and Associated Direction for Conduct of Scale Timber SalesIM OR 2008-020
10/30/07Wind Energy Testing and Monitoring Proposals in Sage-Grouse HabitatIM OR 2008-014
10/23/07Consultation Requirements with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries on Essential Fish Habitat under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management ActIM OR 2008-009
10/23/07Preparation and Submission of the FY 2007 Annual Manager?s ReportIM OR 2008-012
10/16/07Oregon/Washington Correspondence PreparationIM OR 2008-005
10/03/07Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act (FLTFA)IM OR 2008-002