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Oregon / Washington


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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
12/13/07"Prescribed Fire Workshop - March 6 and 7, 2007"IB OR 2007-032
09/28/07Fuel Treatment EffectivenessIB OR 2007-131
09/25/07Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2007-129
09/23/07incident SigningIM OR 2007-086
09/20/07Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation MonitoringIB OR 2007-126
09/20/07Map Sales and DistributionIM OR 2007-084
09/20/07Revised Process for Regional Interagency Executive Committee (REIC) Review of Specific Changes to Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) Standards and Guidelines and Land AllocationsIM OR 2007-087
09/17/07Fiscal Year 2008 Timber Sale Auction DatesIB OR 2007-132
09/07/07Compliance with Oregon/Washington State Removal-Fill StatutesIM OR 2007-082
08/30/07"District Nominations for Data Stewardship Team, Ground Transportation Geodatabase"IM OR 2007-078
08/30/07Casual Use for Tailholds on Public Lands in Western OregonIM OR 2007-080
08/30/07National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Planning Form and Database for a Standardized Internet PresenceIM OR 2007-081
08/30/07Oregon State Office Responsibilities in the Administration of the O&C Logging Road Right-of-Way ProgramIB OR 2007-118
08/30/07Safety Reporting Requirements for Fiscal Year (FY) 2008IB OR 2007-119
08/29/07Pacific Northwest Recreation Map SeriesIM OR 2007-079
08/28/07Fiscal Year (FY) 2008 Recreation Pipeline Funding MeetingIB OR 2007-117
08/23/07Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation (ESR) Annual Monitoring Summary/Funding Request FormsIM OR 2007-075
08/22/07Recreation Fee Proposals for PNW Recreation Resource Advisory CommitteeIB OR 2007-116
08/21/072007 Fitness Award RecipientsIB OR 2007-115
08/21/07Recruitment of FacilitatorIB OR 2007-113
08/20/07Annual Education Awards ProgramIB OR 2007-114
08/14/07Oregon/Washington Safety Program Management ReviewIB OR 2007-112
08/03/07HRDC Employee of the YearIB OR 2007-109
08/03/07informational Video: Fish Passage - Removing Barriers to Fish in the Pacific NorthwestIB OR 2007-111
08/02/07Service First Best PracticesIM OR 2007-074
08/01/07Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2007-107
07/25/07Sage-Grouse GuidelinesIM OR 2007-073
07/25/07Update to State Director's Special Status Species ListIM OR 2007-072
07/18/07"Clarification of NMFS and USFWS 1998 Biological Opinion Requirements for Completing Watershed Analysis (PACFISH, INFISH) and Subbasin Assessments (PACFISH only)"IM OR 2007-071
07/16/07"Compliance Assessment - Safety, Health, and the Environment (CASCHE) Schedule for 2007"IB OR 2007-104
07/16/07Wildland Fire Use Program 2007IB OR 2007-105
06/29/07PACFISH/INFISH Implementation Monitoring for FY 2007IM OR 2007-070
06/29/07Prevention and Treatment of Severe Allergic ReactionsIM OR 2007-069
06/27/07Oregon/Washington Safety Program Management Review - RescheduledIB OR 2007-102
06/18/07Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Information Technology (IT) Investments Used Outside the BureauIM OR 2007-064
06/12/07Oregon/Washington BLM Law Enforcement Tow PolicyIM OR 2007-065
06/07/07Oregon/Washington Safety Program Management ReviewIB OR 2007-099
06/06/07Data Naming and Format ConventionsIM OR 2007-061
06/06/07Oregon State Office Hearing Conservation Program - Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2007-098
05/24/07Compliance with the Aquatic Conservation StrategyIM OR 2007-060
05/18/07Bank of America Government Issued Charge Card PaymentsIB OR 2007-095
05/17/07Oil and Gas Use of the Legacy Rehost (LR2000) National Lease Sale System Stipulation ModuleIM OR 2007-059
05/07/07Request for Comments on 2007 Draft Northern Spotted Owl Recovery PlanIB OR 2007-091
05/02/07Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management Policy for 43 CFR 3809 Notice-Level Operations and Reclamation Cost EstimatesIM OR 2007-057
04/27/07Annual Interagency Facility Safety Inspection ResultsIB OR 2007-089
04/25/07Guidance for Award of Certain Sold/Unawarded SalesIB OR 2007-088
04/23/07Establishment of Log Scaler Qualifications for both Scribner and Cubic Log ScalingIM OR 2007-052
04/23/07Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2007-087
04/19/07OR/ID/NV Cooperative Shrub-Steppe Restoration Partnership - Healthy Lands InitiativeIM OR 2007-053
04/13/07Procurement Plan Update and Procurement Support for Remainderof Fiscal Year 2007 and beginning of Fiscal Year 2008IB OR 2007-086
04/12/07Charge Card Program ReviewIM OR 2007-051
04/04/07"Interagency Survey & Manage Program and Interagency Special Status/Sensitive Species Program: Vouchering Policy for Bryophytes, Lichens, Fungi, and Mollusks"IM OR 2007-049
04/04/07Joint Committee on printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2007-084
04/04/07OR/WA LR2000 User SupportIB OR 2007-083
04/02/07Chainsaw Operators Training and Certification - Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Policy and Faller Task BooksIM OR 2007-046
04/02/07Establishment of Budget Group LeadsIM OR 2007-048
03/30/07Employee Responsibility for Government Personal PropertyIB OR 2007-081
03/29/07Authorization to Drive FormIM OR 2007-045
03/28/07Aquatic Restoration Reporting - 2006 Accomplishment DataIM OR 2007-044
03/27/07Designation of Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operator InstructorsIB OR 2007-076
03/27/07Districts Collecting Maintenance Costs Information for the Road Maintenance Fee CalculationIM OR 2007-043
03/23/07Oregon/Washington Chainsaw Operator Training and Certification Policy RevisionIM OR 2007-040
03/21/07Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) Hazard Communication Program - Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2007-070
03/09/07Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) Hazard Communication Program Handbook Supplement RevisionIM OR 2007-037
03/07/07FY 2007 Service First CommitmentsIB OR 2007-068
03/02/072007 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Conference Calls and MeetingsIB OR 2007-067
03/01/07Visual Resource Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2007-032
02/27/07Annual Interagency Facility Safety Inspection - Regional/State OfficeIB OR 2007-063
02/27/07Archaeological Resources Protection Act Coordinator Role in Oregon/WashingtonIB OR 2007-064
02/22/07"Extension of Interim Road Maintenance Fees Schedule from March 1, 2007, through January 1, 2011"IB OR 2007-062
02/14/07Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) Employees on Active Military DutyIM OR 2007-027
02/12/07Compliance with PACFISH/INFISH Strategies and Biological Opinions and Oregon State Office ContactsIB OR 2007-060
02/12/07TSIS Reprogramming Support Core TeamIB OR 2007-059
02/09/07Fire Use AwardsIB OR 2007-055
02/08/07Consistent Office Hours - Guidelines for Front Desk and PhoneIM OR 2007-026
02/07/07New Charter for the Timber Volume and Value System Field User GroupIB OR 2007-052
02/05/07Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) Human Resources Development Committee (HRDC)IB OR 2007-049
02/02/07OR/WA Land Records Public Access Now RestoredIB OR 2007-048
01/30/07Oregon/Washington Outdoor Recreation WorkshopIB OR 2007-047
01/30/07Process for Submitting All ReorganizationsIM OR 2007-021
01/23/07Develop Oregon/Washington District Schedules for Completing the Full Processing of Grazing Permits/Leases by FY 2009IM OR 2007-019
01/19/07Reprogramming the Timber Sale Information System+IB OR 2007-043
01/18/07Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2007-044
01/12/07FY2007 Deferred Maintenance/Capital Improvement Training and Review WorkshopIB OR 2007-042
01/12/07National Public Lands Day 2007; Process for Submitting Site NominationsIM OR 2007-018
01/05/07Guidelines for Certification of Construction Project Inspectors (PIs) and Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs)IM OR 2007-017
12/28/06Fiscal Year 2007 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Member Responsibilities and Committee Assignments (Change 1)IM OR 2007-012CH1
12/28/06interagency Fire Program Management Standards and Guide - 2007IB OR 2007-041
12/27/06interagency Fire Program Management Standards and Guide - 2007IB OR 2007-041
12/26/06Upper Willamette Basin Recreation MapIB OR 2007-038
12/22/06"1998 Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Biological Opinions - Line Manager Certification Report for 2006 (Burns & Vale)"IM OR 2007-014
12/22/06"1998 Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Biological Opinions - Line Manager Certification Report for 2006 (Prineville, Spokane & Vale)"IM OR 2007-013
12/21/06Fiscal Year 2007 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Member Responsibilities and Committee AssignmentsIM OR 2007-012
12/21/06Upper Willamette Basin Recreation MapIB OR 2007-038
12/19/06Cruiser/Appraiser TrainingIB OR 2007-036
12/18/06"Prescribed Fire Workshop - March 6 and 7, 2007"IB OR 2007-032
12/08/06Oregon/Washington Regional Outdoor Recreation/Visitor Services WorkshopIB OR 2007-031
12/01/06"Implementation of Memorandum of Agreement with Association of O&C Counties Regarding Consultation on Road and Trail Closures, Travel Use Restrictions, and Decommissioning"IB OR 2007-026
11/28/06Oregon State Office (OSO) All Employee MeetingsIB OR 2007-025
11/27/06Standard Operating Procedures for the O&C DistrictsIB OR 2007-024
11/22/06"Management Direction Regarding the November 6, 2006, Opinion in Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center et al. v. Boody et al. No. 06-35214 (CV 03-3124, District of Oregon)"IM OR 2007-010
11/22/06Former Survey and Manage Species Data CallIM OR 2007-009
11/21/06Use of Timber Sale Pipeline Restoration Fund in Fiscal Year 2007IM OR 2007-011
11/17/06Publications CommitteeIM OR 2007-008
11/16/06Designation of Acting Official for the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2007-023
11/16/06Early Notification of Association of O&C Counties and County Commissions Regarding Stewardship ProjectsIB OR 2007-020
11/15/06Oregon State Office (OSO) Annual Safety Training WeekIB OR 2007-022
11/13/06"Health Benefits Open Season - November 13, 2006 - December 11, 2006"IB OR 2007-018
11/07/06"Survey and Manage Project Exemptions - Northwest Ecosystem Alliance, et al. v. Mark E. Rey, et al., No. C04-844P (W.D.Wash)"IM OR 2007-006
10/27/06interagency Radio Backbone SystemIM OR 2007-005
10/27/06Nominations for FY 2006 Service First AwardsIB OR 2007-012
10/12/06FY 2006 Clean Water and Watershed Restoration Project Status ReportIB OR 2007-007
10/11/06Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2007-004
10/11/06Service First Business Case for Shared Computer ServicesIB OR 2007-005
10/06/06Service First Cross Certification for Privacy Act and Computer Security TrainingIB OR 2007-003
10/04/06Fiscal Year (FY) 2007 Timber Sale Auction DatesIB OR 2007-001