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Oregon / Washington

FY2006 Instruction Bulletins

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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
09/21/06Identification of Bare-Root and Container Seedling Requirements for Spring Sowing 2007IB OR 2006-163
09/20/06'Supplemental Guidance to IM No. BC-2004-03, Change 1 - Intra-Governmental Transactions (IGTs)'IB OR 2006-162
09/07/06Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2006-160
09/06/06Updating Progress on Sold/Unawarded and Sold/Awarded/Unapproved SalesIB OR 2006-159
08/10/06Safety Reporting Requirements for Fiscal Year (FY) 2007IB OR 2006-152
07/21/06'State Safety Council Meeting - September 7, 2006'IB OR 2006-146
07/19/06Posting of September 2006 Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2006-145
07/13/06Designation of Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operator InstructorsIB OR 2006-144
07/06/06Transmittal of the Final Conservation Assessment Format and Draft Conservation Strategy Format for Forest Service Sensitive and Bureau of Land Management Special Status SpeciesIB OR 2006-142
06/30/06FY 2006 Service First Commitments for 2006IB OR 2006-140
06/21/06Recreation Resource Advisory Committee Solicitation for NominationsIB OR 2006-133
06/15/06Photo Monitoring MeetingIB OR 2006-129
06/09/06Wildland Fire UseIB OR 2006-128
06/08/06All-Hazard Response Leaders for National Response Plan PreparednessIB OR 2006-127
05/26/06Oregon State Office Hearing Conservation Program - Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2006-118
05/25/06Annual Fireline Refresher TrainingIB OR 2006-121
05/15/06All Hazard Preparedness TrainingIB OR 2006-114
05/15/06Wildland Fire Situation AnalysisIB OR 2006-115
05/12/06Survey and Manage (S&M) Exemption for Phase 1 ActivitiesIB OR 2006-113
05/10/06Recreation Management Information System (RIMS) TrainingIB OR 2006-112
05/09/06Implementation of the Timber Volume and Value System on Microsoft XP Personal ComputersIB OR 2006-110
03/30/06Developing Government Cost Estimates for Contracted WorkIB OR 2006-101
03/13/06'Review of Tracking, Billing, and Collection Procedures for O&C Logging Road Right-of-Way Permits and Agreements - Field Visit Notification'IB OR 2006-092
03/10/06Joint Committe on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2006-093
03/10/06Property Management Responsibilities at the OR/WA State OfficeIB OR 2006-091
03/01/06Consultation Due to Critical Habitat Designation for Pacific SalmonIB OR 2006-083
02/23/06Oregon/Washington Hazard Communication Plan - Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2006-081
02/01/062006 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Conference Calls and MeetingsIB OR 2006-077
02/01/06FY 2006 Service First CommitmentsIB OR 2006-078
01/31/06Annual Facility Safety InspectionIB OR 2006-076
01/30/06Areas of Responsibility within the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2006-075
01/24/06Sale Area Layout and Harvesting Institute - WestIB OR 2006-070
01/18/06Posting of March 2006 Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2006-066
01/11/06'Review of Tracking, Billing, and Collection Procedures for O&C Logging Road Right-of-Way Permits and Agreements'IB OR 2006-061
01/11/06Attendance at a Wild Horse & Burro Meeting in Burns to Coordinate the Development of a Programmatic Water Development Environmental Assessment for All Herd Management AreasIB OR 2006-064
01/11/06Continuing Education in Fuels Management Course InformationIB OR 2006-063
01/11/06Fiscal Year (FY) 2006 Cost Coding and Program Elements for the Western Oregon Plan RevisionsIB OR 2006-062
01/11/06FY 2006 Deferred Maintenance/Capital Improvement Project Submittal MeetingIB OR 2006-065
01/11/06Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC)IB OR 2006-060
01/05/06Oregon/Washington State Safety Council Meeting MinutesIB OR 2006-057
12/20/05Participation in Recovery Planning for Pacific Salmon Species Listed Under the Endangered Species ActIB OR 2006-051
12/08/05HRDC Employee of the YearIB OR 2006-047
12/08/05OR/WA Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC)IB OR 2006-048
12/07/05Designation of Acting Official for the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2006-045
12/07/05Oregon State Office (OSO) All Employee MeetingsIB OR 2006-044
11/20/05FY2006 Real Property Inventory and CertificationIB OR 2006-027
11/17/05Safety and Occupational Health Workshop December 2005IB OR 2006-033
11/17/05State Safety Council MeetingIB OR 2006-034
11/03/05Fire Program AnalysisIB OR 2006-021
11/03/05Oregon State Office Annual Safety Training WeekIB OR 2006-022
10/30/05FY 2005 Clean Water and Watershed Restoration Project Status ReportIB OR 2006-006
10/28/05Interagency Special Status/Sensitive Species Program FY05 AccomplishmentsIB OR 2006-017
10/26/05Accountability of Security Badges at Robert Duncan PlazaIB OR 2006-013
10/25/05Safety Reporting Requirements for Fiscal Year 2006IB OR 2006-010
10/21/05Transfer of Internet/Intranet Services to the Branch of Information Resources ManagementIB OR 2006-008
10/20/05Northwest Forest Plan Temperature Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Implementation Strategy Conditional Approval LetterIB OR 2006-014
10/18/05Posting of December 2005 Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2006-007
10/18/05Reporting NO GO DecisionsIB OR 2006-016
10/14/052005 National Fire Plan Awards - Call for NominationsIB OR 2006-004
10/14/05FY 2005 Clean Water and Watershed Restoration Project Status ReportIB OR 2006-006
10/14/05Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2006-003
10/12/05Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the USDA Forest Service Merging GIS ProgramsIB OR 2006-005
10/04/05Designation of Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operator InstructorsIB OR 2006-001
01/11/05Oregon and Washington Records Management WorkshopIB OR 2006-059