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Oregon / Washington

FY2005 Instruction Memorandums

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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
09/08/05Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation Monitoring Reports and FY06 Funding RequestsIM OR 2005-094
09/08/05Oregon/Washington Personal Protective Equipment Policy UpdateIM OR 2005-093
09/06/05Revised Timber Sale Contract Special Provision L-25 for Commercial Thinning Timber Sale ContractsIM OR 2005-090
08/26/05Award of Certain Sold/Unawarded Timber SalesIM OR 2005-087
08/24/05Road Maintenance Fee Data CollectionIM OR 2005-088
08/16/05Density Management StudiesIM OR 2005-083
07/22/05No Fear Act TrainingIM OR 2005-076
07/05/05Log Grading for Timber ValuationIM OR 2005-079
06/21/05Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management Ergonomic Protection ProgramIM OR 2005-078
06/17/05Landlines Inventory Theme Development, Update Policy, and Data StewardsIM OR 2005-071
06/08/05Cellular Telephone and Personal Digital Assistant Procedural Operations for the Oregon State OfficeIM OR 2005-077
06/01/05Interagency Implementation Team (PACFISH/INFISH) Implementation Monitoring for FY 2005IM OR 2005-074
05/26/05Determination of Property Lines Affected by Trespass or EncroachmentIM OR 2005-073
05/19/05Policy and Program Guidance for the Prevention and Treatment of Severe Allergic reactionsIM OR 2005-069
05/10/05Oregon/Washington Correspondance Preparation HandbookIM OR 2005-066
05/01/05FY 2005 Real Property Inventory and CertificationIM OR 2005-056
04/19/05Chainsaw Operators Training and CertificationIM OR 2005-063
04/06/05Policy on Equal Employment Opportunity and Zero Tolerance of DiscriminationIM OR 2005-058
03/25/05Aquatic Restoration Reporting - 2004 Accomplishment DataIM OR 2005-051
03/14/05FY2005-Federal Order for Phytophthora ramorum (Sudden Oak Death)IM OR 2005-055
02/25/05National Public Lands Day 2005: Process for Submitting Site NominationsIM OR 2005-045
02/18/05Reduction of Charge Card DelinquencyIM OR 2005-050
02/15/05Vehicle RecallsIM OR 2005-047
02/11/05Deployment of the Corporate Geodatabase, Geographic Biotic ObservationsIM OR 2005-041
02/11/05Requesting Success Storeis for FY 2004 National Fir ePlan Accomplishments ReportIM OR 2005-046
02/02/05Aviation Management FormsIM OR 2005-044
01/17/05Chair MatsIM OR 2005-033
01/15/051998 Bull Trout Biological Opinion - Transition Process Summary and Line Manager Certification Report for 2004IM OR 2005-038
01/15/051998 Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Biological Opinions - Transition Process Summary and Line Manager Certification Report for 2004IM OR 2005-039
12/21/04Dodge Truck RecallsIM OR 2005-034
12/21/04Request for Submission of Forest Ecosystem Health and Recovery Fund Preliminary Project Proposals for FY 2006IM OR 2005-035
12/15/04Flexibility in Streamlined ConsultationIM OR 2005-031
12/03/04New Oregon/Washington Internet SiteIM OR 2005-027
12/03/04Telecommunication Tower Climbing PolicyIM OR 2005-024
12/01/04Designation of Acting PositionsIM OR 2005-022
12/01/04Entering Cost Structure Corrections and Adjustments in FFS, Payroll Corrections and Payroll Adjustment TablesIM OR 2005-023
11/17/04Inclusion of a Seasonal Restriction Matrix in Timber Sale ProspectusesIM OR 2005-017
11/15/04Publications CommitteeIM OR 2005-015
11/09/046320 Program Efficiency ReviewIM OR 2005-014
11/09/04Rights and Protections Under the Federal EEO Laws and the Whistleblower Protection LawIM OR 2005-013
11/05/04Procedures for Endangered Species Act Consulation for Timber Sales Affecting Listed Salmonid Species Within the Northwest Forest Plan AreaIM OR 2005-012
10/27/04Cartographic StewardshipIM OR 2005-005
10/26/04Publication Design Standards, Roles, and ResponsibilitiesIM OR 2005-009
10/12/04Oregon State Office Review of Federal Register NoticesIM OR 2005-004