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Oregon / Washington

FY2004 Instruction Memorandums

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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
09/29/04Cancellation of Obsolete Oregon FormsIM OR 2004-115
09/29/04Revision of Oregon State Office Employee Safety Orientation ChecklistIM OR 2004-116
09/23/04Fitness Membership Fee Reimbursement ProgramIM OR 2004-114
09/03/04Fiscal Year (FY) 2005 Oregon/Washington (OR/WA) State Leadership Team (SLT) Member Responsibilities and Committee AssignmentsIM OR 2004-111
09/02/04Last Data Cleanup in Interagency Species Management System (ISMS) prior to Migration of Data into Replacement Geographic Biotic Observations (GeoBOB) DatabaseIM OR 2004-110
08/26/04Oregon/Washington Heavy Equipment Training and Qulification PolicyIM OR 2004-108
08/10/04Populating Aquatic Resource Information Management System (ARIMS) with Fish Distribution and Water Quality InformationIM OR 2004-104
08/10/04Volunteer Agreements and Background InvestigationsIM OR 2004-103
08/06/04Partnerships and VolunteersIM OR 2004-102
07/28/04Northwest Aviation Management Plan UpdateIM OR 2004-101
07/23/04Implementation of Statewide Tree Improvement/Genetics Program ReviewIM OR 2004-098
07/20/04Establishment of New Forms OR-3830-1, OR-3832-1, OR-3832-2, OR-3834-1IM OR 2004-097
07/14/04Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Meeting Organizational ProceduresIM OR 2004-096
07/13/04Statewide Data InventoryIM OR 2004-095
07/13/04Update to the State Director's Special Status Species ListIM OR 2004-094
07/12/04Hearing Conservation ProgramIM OR 2004-093
07/02/04Oregon/Washington Hazard Communication ProgramIM OR 2004-090
07/02/04Safety and Occupational HealthIM OR 2004-091
06/21/04Greater Sage-Grouse Information Request for Land Use Planning Areas in Oregon for Use by the Oregon Sage-Grouse and Sagebrush Habitat Conservation TeamIM OR 2004-087
06/18/04Use of Global Positioning Systems in Preparing Timber SalesIM OR 2004-086
06/17/04Oregon/Washington Supplemental Direction for Implementation of National Fire Plan Counterpart RegulationsIM OR 2004-085
06/16/04Flexibility in Streamlined ConsultationIM OR 2004-084
06/14/04Bureau Reprographics ProgramIM OR 2004-083
06/10/04Fire Trespass Program UpdateIM OR 2004-082
06/04/04Official Time to Prepare and Present Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) ComplaintsIM OR 2004-081
06/03/04Direction fof Implementation Monitoring for PACFISH/INFISH and the 1998 Biological Opinions for Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull TroutIM OR 2004-080
05/28/04Rescinding Instruction Memoranda No. OR-2004-056 and OR-2004-258IM OR 2004-079
05/07/04Oregon/Washington Zone PositionsIM OR 2004-075
05/05/04Interim Update to the Oregon/Washington BLM Special Status List to Include the Former Survey and Manage SpeciesIM OR 2004-074
04/30/04Timber Measurement and Disposal Based Upon Eastside ScribnerIM OR 2004-073
04/29/04New Bureau of Land Management/U.S. Forest Service (BLM/FS) Interagency LetterheadIM OR 2004-072
04/26/04Preparation for Shipment of Non-Indian Fiduciary Trust Federal Records to Oregon/Washington State Office (OSO) for CertificationIM OR 2004-069
04/23/04Surety Bond FormsIM OR 2004-068
04/22/04Establishment of Policy Concerning Conversion of Paper-Based Forms to Digital FormatIM OR 2004-066
04/14/04New Bureau of Land Management/U.S. Forest Service (BLM/FS) Interagency LetterheadIM OR 2004-065
04/13/04Attendance of Oregon State Office Leadership at Advisory Council MeetingsIM OR 2004-064
04/13/04Processing Memorandums of UnderstandingIM OR 2004-063
04/09/04Telecommuting Policy and ProceduresIM OR 2004-061
04/05/04Delegation of Authority to District ManagersIM OR 2004-060
03/25/04Approving and Implementing Actions in the Area of the Oregon Coastal Coho Salmon Evolutionarily Significant UnitIM OR 2004-058
03/25/04Oregon State Office Review of Federal Register NoticesIM OR 2004-057
03/22/04Lifting Suspension on Timber SalesIM OR 2004-056
03/18/04Protocol for Working with the Office of Appraisal ServicesIM OR 2004-055
03/18/04Safety and Occupational HealthIM OR 2004-052
03/16/04Extension of Wyden Amendment AuthorityIM OR 2004-051
03/15/04Appointment of District Sage Grouse Data TeamsIM OR 2004-049
03/15/04Survey and Manage Survey Protocol - Great Gray Owl - Version 3.0IM OR 2004-050
03/12/04Safety and Health Program Assessment and Facility Inspection PolicyIM OR 2004-047
03/08/04Oregon/Washington Safety Recognition and Awards ProgramIM OR 2004-048
03/04/04Automated External Defibrillator Use in BLM FacilitiesIM OR 2004-046
02/17/04Revised Grazing Allotment and Pastures Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2004-043
02/10/04Adding the Take Pride in America (TPIA) Logo to Bureau of Land Management (BLM) LetterheadIM OR 2004-041
01/15/04Initiation of New Timber Sale Appraisal SoftwareIM OR 2004-036
12/30/03Control of Hazardous Energy Program (Lockout/Tagout)IM OR 2004-035
12/29/03Implementation of 2003 Survey and Manage Annual Species ReviewIM OR 2004-034
12/23/03Designation of Personnel to Maintain ithe National Fire Plan Operations and Reporting system for district Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation ProjectsIM OR 2004-033
12/22/03Timber Sale Contract Administration and Award - First Installment Payment Application to anniversary Payments for Timber Sale Contracts and Update of First Letter FormatIM OR 2004-032
12/15/03Communication Site Management PlansIM OR 2004-031
12/09/03Interagency Species Management System Data Clean-UpIM OR 2004-030
12/04/03Authority to Operate Government Motor VehiclesIM OR 2004-028
11/24/03Procedures for Sending All employee BulletingsIM OR 2004-026
11/21/03Hazardous Weather Conditions PolicyIM OR 2004-025
11/14/03Oregon/Washington Phone DirectoryIM OR 2004-021
11/13/03Interim Teams in Support of Western Oregon Resource Management Plan Revisions and Associated PreplanIM OR 2004-019
11/06/03Reporting Loss or Theft of Security Sensitive ItemsIM OR 2004-014
11/03/03Scheduling Leave and Restoring Forfeited Annual LeaveIM OR 2004-012
10/23/03Policy on Staffing Maintenance Activity Positions During A-76IM OR 2004-011
10/22/03Web Page and Web Application Development ProcessIM OR 2004-010
10/21/03Employee Responsibility for Government PropertyIM OR 2004-008
10/21/03Oregon/Washington Fall Protection ProgramIM OR 2004-007
10/20/03FY2004 Instruction Memorandum and Information Bulletin Master Templates for Microsoft Word 2002 for District OfficesIM OR 2004-005
10/15/03Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Meeting Organizational ProceduresIM OR 2004-004
10/09/03Reciprocal Delegations of Authority between Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Forest Service (FS)IM OR 2004-003