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Oregon / Washington

FY2004 Instruction Bulletins

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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
09/16/04Fiscal Year 2003 National Fire Plan Accomplishments ReportIB OR 2004-182
09/03/04Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2004-177
09/03/04Request for Status of the FY 2001 Evaluations of Oregon Recreation Demonstration Fee SitesIB OR 2004-174
08/31/04Concluding Endangered Species Act Consultation for Listed Pacific Salmon Species for FY04 4th Quarter Timber SalesIB OR 2004-170
08/31/04FY 2004 Clean Water and Watershed Restoration Project Status ReportIB OR 2004-171
08/26/04Identification of Bare-Root and Container Seedling Requirements for Spring Sowing 2005IB OR 2004-165
08/26/04Oregon/Washington Bureau of Land Management Outdoor Recreation WorkshopIB OR 2004-166
08/16/042004 Public Lands Foundation AwardsIB OR 2004-164
08/16/04Charge Card/Convenience Check Procedures for FY 2004 End-of-Year ClosingIB OR 2004-160
08/16/04Transmittal of Federal Executive Memoranda on Streamlining Consultation under the Endangered Species Act (ESA)IB OR 2004-158
08/09/04Clarification of Programmatic Biological Opinion Requirements for Watershed analyses and Subbasin AssessmentsIB OR 2004-157
08/09/04Request for District Level Special Status Species Data SourcesIB OR 2004-156
08/06/04Strategy to conduct and Complete Conferencing with the Natinoal Oceaning and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries Service on Proposed Fish SpeciesIB OR 2004-155
08/03/04Access to Incident Qualifications and Certification SystemIB OR 2004-151
07/28/04Transmittal of the Aquatic and Riparian Framework for Implementing the Interior Columbia Basin StrategyIB OR 2004-148
07/20/04Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2004-147
07/19/04Release of Aquatic Resources Information Management System V.4, Fish Module and Availablity of ToolsIB OR 2004-146
07/16/04Implementation of Special Status Species Policies for the Former Survey and Manage SpeciesIB OR 2004-145
07/15/04Designation of Acting Official for the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2004-138
07/13/04Areas of Responsibility Within the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2004-144
07/08/04Data from 2003 Aquatic and Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring ProgramIB OR 2004-131
07/08/04Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) - New Toll Free Telephone NumberIB OR 2004-142
07/07/04Oregon/Washington Regional Outdoor Recreation WorkshopIB OR 2004-140
07/06/04Fire SafetyIB OR 2004-141
06/07/04Aquatic Conservation Strategy ConsistencyIB OR 2004-132
05/24/04Records Management TrainingIB OR 2004-128
05/24/04State Budget Committee Membership ChangesIB OR 2004-129
05/07/04Annual Facility Safety Inspection ResultsIB OR 2004-125
05/07/04Newly Available Self-Directed Training for Aquatic Resources Information Management System (ARIMS) UsersIB OR 2004-124
05/07/04Oregon/Washington State Safety Council NetMeeting Meeting MinutesIB OR 2004-126
05/06/04Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, 2004IB OR 2004-123
05/04/04Implementation of the 2004 Record of Decision to Remove Survey and Manage Mitigation Measure Standards and GuidelinesIB OR 2004-121
05/03/04O&C Right-Of-Way TrainingIB OR 2004-120
04/30/04State Safety Council Meeting - May 5, 2004IB OR 2004-119
04/29/04Aquatic Resources Information Management System (ARIMS) Fish Module User Acceptance TestIB OR 2004-118
04/27/04Soil Scientist MeetingIB OR 2004-117
04/26/04FY 2005 Northwest Forest Plan Implementation Monitoring ProgramIB OR 2004-116
04/21/04Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2004-115
04/16/04National Fire Program Analysis TrainingIB OR 2004-110
04/12/04Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Annual TrainingIB OR 2004-109
04/09/04Data Management Decisions for Survey and Manage and Special Status Species ProgramsIB OR 2004-106
04/08/04Recruitment for Mentors & Identification of Student Positions for the Resource Apprenticeship Program for Students (RAPS)IB OR 2004-108
04/05/04Managing Records Responsibly VideoIB OR 2004-107
04/03/04Fire Facilities Five Year Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan - FY 2006-2010IB OR 2004-077
03/31/04Annual Report on Pacific Anadromous Fish Strategy (PACFISH/INFISH)IB OR 2004-105
03/26/04Fiscal Year (FY) 2005 Applications of Science ProposalsIB OR 2004-103
03/26/04Oregon/Washington State Safety Council NetMeeting Meeting MinutesIB OR 2004-102
03/25/04Aquatic Restoration Reporting - 2003 Accomplishment DataIB OR 2004-100
03/25/04Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2004-098
03/23/04Timber Trespass TrainingIB OR 2004-101
03/18/04Multi-Agency Command TrainingIB OR 2004-096
03/18/04Release of Known Sites of Certain Bryophyte, Fungi, and Lichen SpeciesIB OR 2004-097
03/15/04Forest Service ICT3 Simulation AssessmentIB OR 2004-092
03/08/04Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2004-087
03/03/04Announcement of Section 7 Endangered Species Act Streamlined Consultation SummitsIB OR 2004-083
03/03/04Annual Facility Safety InspectionIB OR 2004-084
03/03/04Oregon/Washington Hearing Conservation Program Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2004-085
03/02/04FY 2003 Oregon/Washington Unit Foreman & Equipment Committee MeetingIB OR 2004-082
02/25/04Creating Fire Resilient LandscapesIB OR 2004-078
02/20/04Micro*Storms/Forest Operations Inventory (FOI) TransitionIB OR 2004-076
02/18/04Request for New Species to be Considered in 2004 Annual Species ReviewIB OR 2004-075
02/10/04Off-Highway Vehicle ManagementIB OR 2004-074
02/09/04Oregon State Office All Employee MeetingsIB OR 2004-072
02/09/04Oregon State Office All Employee MeetingsIB OR 2004-073
02/04/04Aquatic Restoration Reporting - 2003 Accomplishment DataIB OR 2004-070
02/03/04Re-establishment of Aquatic Resources Information Management System (ARIMS) User Requirements TeamIB OR 2004-069
02/02/04BLMJOBS OnLineIB OR 2004-066
02/02/04Oregon/Washington Hazard Communication Plan Annual Compliance Requirements - CorrectionIB OR 2004-067
01/30/04Oregon/Washington Sate Safety Council Meeting MinutesIB OR 2004-068
01/26/04Oregon/Washington Hazard Communication Plan Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2004-061
01/23/04Oregon/Washington Engineering Training ConferenceIB OR 2004-063
01/21/04State Safety Council Meeting - January 26, 2004IB OR 2004-058
01/16/04Wild Horse and Burro ComplianceIB OR 2004-056
12/22/03Manager and Supervisor Employee Performance Plan and Results Reports (EPPRR)IB OR 2004-052
12/12/03Revised State Office Safety and Health Steering Committee CharterIB OR 2004-049
12/08/03Mineral Material Program Lead ResponsibilitiesIB OR 2004-048
12/05/03Analysis of Special Status Species Data Management OptionsIB OR 2004-045
12/05/03Replacement of FY 2003 Pilot Project and Selection of FY 2004 Pilot Projects Under Public Law No. 106-393 Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act of 2000IB OR 2004-046
12/02/03District Funding for National Fire Plan Wildland-Urban Interface Community Assistance Grant Environmental Compliance Work and MonitoringIB OR 2004-043
12/01/03Thrift Savings Plan Open Season, October 15, 2003 to December 31, 2003IB OR 2004-042
11/25/03New Mining Claim RegulationsIB OR 2004-040
11/24/03Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report no. 2IB OR 2004-039
11/21/03Deliver ArcIMS to the PublicIB OR 2004-035
11/21/03Prioritization of Fish Barrier Culverts for FY 2004IB OR 2004-034
11/21/03Winter DrivingIB OR 2004-036
11/19/03HRDC Employee of the YearIB OR 2004-033
11/19/03Human Resource Development Committee (HRDC), Oregon/Washington (OR/WA)IB OR 2004-032
11/18/03FY04 NWFP Provincial Implementation Monitoring Lead WorkshopIB OR 2004-031
11/14/03RDP Fire DrillsIB OR 2004-030
11/13/03Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Open Season Enrollment InformationIB OR 2004-029
11/13/03Health Benefits Open SeasonIB OR 2004-027
11/13/03Health Benefits Open Season November 10-December 8, 2003IB OR 2004-028
11/10/03Winter DrivingIB OR 2004-026
11/07/03BLM Implementation of the Settlement of Utah v. Norton Regarding Wilderness Study and Consideration of Wilderness Characteristics in Land Use PlansIB OR 2004-025
11/05/03Annual Safety TrainingIB OR 2004-023
11/03/03Oregon/Washington Human Resource Development Committee Education Award RecipientsIB OR 2004-022
10/31/03Annual Safety and Occupational Health Workshop, December 2003IB OR 2004-020
10/30/03Mining Law Program ReviewIB OR 2004-017
10/30/03Oregon/Washington State Safety Council Meeting MinutesIB OR 2004-019
10/23/03Meeting to Prepare Culvert/Fish Passage FY04 ProgramIB OR 2004-015
10/22/03Natural Resources Institute Postponed this Academic YearIB OR 2004-012
10/22/03Safety AwarenessIB OR 2004-016
10/22/03Thrift Savings Plan Open Season, October 15, 2003 to December 31, 2003IB OR 2004-014
10/21/03Data Call for Timber Sale Pipeline Restoration Fund Fys 2003 and 2004 ProjectsIB OR 2004-013
10/17/03Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2004-011
10/15/032004 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Conference Calls and MeetingsIB OR 2004-009
10/14/03List of Local Training, Conferences and WorkshopsIB OR 2004-008
10/14/03National Disability Employment Awareness MonthIB OR 2004-007
10/10/03Western Oregon Resource Management Plans and Environmental Analyses; Documentation of Periodic Reviews and EvaluationsIB OR 2004-005
10/09/03Policy on Zero Tolerance of Sexual HarassmentIB OR 2004-004
10/03/03Property Management Responsibilities at the Oregon/Washington State OfficeIB OR 2004-002