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Oregon / Washington

FY2003 Instruction Memorandums

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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
04/30/09OR/WA Employees on Active Military DutyIM OR 2003-065
04/25/09Marbled Murrelet Inland Survey Protocol UpdateIM OR 2003-063
04/22/09Supplemental Direction for Identification of Non-High Priority Sites for Red Tree Vole Within the Pilot AreaIM OR 2003-062
04/03/09Resolving Fire Issues from 2002IM OR 2003-057
04/02/09FY 2003 OR/WA State Leadership Team Member Responsibilities and Committee AssignmentsIM OR 2003-061
03/25/09Requests for Notation to Public Land Tenure Records and Adjudicative Actions for Lands and Realty CasesIM OR 2003-055
03/24/09OR/WA Special Status Species PolicyIM OR 2003-054
03/14/09Implementation of 2002 Survey and Manage Annual Species ReviewIM OR 2003-050
03/10/09Permanent Change of Station Real Estate Cash AwardsIM OR 2003-053
03/06/091601 Land Use Planning Manual SupplementIM OR 2003-048
03/06/09Use of Timber Trespass Colections, Funding of Hazardous Material Site CleanupIM OR 2003-049
03/06/09Washington Office Instruction Memorandum No. 2003-084: Free Use Permits for the BLM Minerals Material Production and UseIM OR 2003-051
02/21/09Cancellation of Oregon's Forms for the Branch of Biological SciencesIM OR 2003-046
01/31/09Amendments to Survey and Manage Management Recommendations Designed to Facilitat Certain National Fire Plan Activities - Second Group: Red Tree Vole, Certain Mollusks and AmphibiansIM OR 2003-045
09/24/03FY04 Instruction Memorandum and Information Bulletin Templates for Microsoft word 2002IM OR 2003-117
09/15/03Disciplinary Actions Based on Violent, Threatening or Disruptive BehaviorIM OR 2003-116
09/11/03Oregon/Washington FY04 Student RecruitmentIM OR 2003-115
09/08/03Service First Leadership Meeting - October 16, 2003, Portland, OregonIM OR 2003-112
09/05/03Procedures for Adopting and Managing Data StandardsIM OR 2003-114
09/03/03Request for Submission of Forest Ecosystem Health and Recovery Fund Preliminary Project ProposalsIM OR 2003-111
09/02/03Interagency Memo on Implementing Streamlined Consulatation Procedures for Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (excluding CA)(ICS Manual #2) - May 27, 2003IM OR 2003-107
08/29/03Oregon/Washington Non-Fire Heavy Equipment ManagementIM OR 2003-108
08/22/03OR/WA Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) PolicyIM OR 2003-105
08/20/03Publication Design Standards, Roles, and ResponsibilitiesIM OR 2003-103
08/15/03Oregon/Washington Respiratory Protection PolicyIM OR 2003-102
08/14/03Reduction of Charge Card DelinquencyIM OR 2003-101
08/08/03Transmittal of Exception to Survey and Manage Pre-disturbance Survey Requirements for Wildland Fire for Resource BenefitsIM OR 2003-099
08/05/03Use of Reciprocal Right-of-Way Agreements for Small Business Administration Set-Aside Timber SalesIM OR 2003-100
07/17/03OR/WA Chaingsaw Operator Training and Certification PolicyIM OR 2003-097
07/14/03Progress on Service First and Future VisionIM OR 2003-095
07/10/03Oregon/Washington Policy on Waiver of Dual Compensation Limits for Fire Emergency Employment of AnnuitantsIM OR 2003-094
07/08/03Oregon/Washington Off-Highway Vehicle (OVH) PolicyIM OR 2003-093
07/02/03FY 2003 Self-Assessment Program Review - Issuing Oil and Gas LeasesIM OR 2003-091
07/02/03Timber Trespass Procedure Handbook, 9231-1, Manual Update ReleaseIM OR 2003-092
06/30/03Interagency Implementation Team (IIT) Implementation Monitoring for FY 2003IM OR 2003-088
06/16/03OR/WA Bloodborne Pathogents (BBP) Protection Policy and Exposure Control PlanIM OR 2003-086
06/16/03Regeneration Stocking SurveysIM OR 2003-083
06/13/03Data Request for Northern Spotted owl and Marbled Murrelet Five-year Status ReviewIM OR 2003-079
06/13/03Establishment of Log Scaler Qualifications for both Cubic and Scribner Log ScalingIM OR 2003-081
06/09/03Survey and Manage Survey Protocol-Lichens Version 2.1IM OR 2003-078
05/29/03Timber Trespass Procedure handbook, 9231-1, Oregon Revised Statue ModificationsIM OR 2003-077
05/23/03Red Tree Vole Protocol Revision, Version 2.2 - Release of Pre-Disturbance Survey Requirements in Six WatershedsIM OR 2003-075
05/21/03Cancellation of Form OR-1274-6IM OR 2003-074
05/16/03Cancellation of Form OR-1550-1IM OR 2003-073
05/12/03OR/WA Priority Placement ProgramIM OR 2003-070
05/09/03Permit Policy/Interim Fee Schedule for Use of Public Land for Commercial Photography and FilmingIM OR 2003-071
05/07/03Enhancing Public Communications and Minimizing Investments in Bureau Publication ExpensesIM OR 2003-069
02/21/03Survey and Manage Survey Protocol - Terrestrial Mollusks Version 3.0IM OR 2003-044
02/05/03Interim Guidance - Amended Regulations on Recordable Disclaimers of Interest in Land, 43 CFR 1864IM OR 2003-042
02/05/03Wilderness Study Area Spatial Data StandardIM OR 2003-041
01/31/03Sample Tree Falling LawsuitIM OR 2003-040
01/28/03Compliance Assessment, Safety, Health, and Environment (CASHE)IM OR 2003-039
01/24/03Cancellation of Oregon's Forms for Human ResourcesIM OR 2003-038
01/22/03National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act and National Historic Preservation Act ProcessIM OR 2003-037
01/22/03Revised Policy on Term Appointments for Facility and Recreation Maintenance PositionsIM OR 2003-036
01/16/0343 CFR 3809 Reclamation Bond RequirementsIM OR 2003-034
01/16/0343 CFR 3809 Reclamation Bond RequirementsIM OR 2003-035
01/16/03Designation of Agent for Mine Claimants and OperatorsIM OR 2003-033
01/15/03Hazardous Weather Conditions PolicyIM OR 2003-032
01/10/03Planning Update Report Format and ContentIM OR 2003-031
01/09/03Cancellation of Oregon's Forms for the Division of Resource Planning, Use & ProtectionIM OR 2003-029
12/30/02Extension of Requirements for Great gray Owl Data Entry into Interagency Species Management SystemIM OR 2003-030
12/24/02Responsibility for Accepting and Securing BondsIM OR 2003-026
12/23/02H-1541-1 Correspondence Preparation Handbook Chapter IV - Controlled CorrespondenceIM OR 2003-027
12/20/02Timber Trespass Administrative CostsIM OR 2003-025
12/13/02Implementation of 43 CFR 3809 RegulationsIM OR 2003-024
12/03/02Oregon State Office Publications Advisory GroupIM OR 2003-023
11/29/02Cancellation of Oregon's Forms in the Safety ProgramIM OR 2003-022
11/26/02Extension of FY 2001 Oregon State Office Instruction Memorandums (Ims)IM OR 2003-021
11/22/02Oregon State Office Review of Federal Register NoticesIM OR 2003-019
11/22/02Publications CommitteeIM OR 2003-020
11/19/02Policy on Term Appointments for Facility and Recreation Maintenance PositionsIM OR 2003-016
11/19/02Use of Personally Owned Computing Devices for BLM WorkIM OR 2003-017
11/19/02Using Employee ExpressIM OR 2003-018
11/15/02Required Use of Corporate Database and Geographic Information System (GIS) Data for Aquatic Resources InformationIM OR 2003-015
10/25/02Fatigue Driving and Work Hours PolicyIM OR 2003-014
10/23/02Protocol Revisions to the Survey Protocol for the Red tree Vole, version 2.0IM OR 2003-003
10/22/02Employee Responsibility for Government PropertyIM OR 2003-011
10/22/02FY03 Instruction Memorandum and Information Bulletin Master Templates for Microsoft Word 2000 & 2002IM OR 2003-009
10/22/02Instructions for FY2002 EPPRR ClosourIM OR 2003-012
10/22/02Oregon/Washington EEO Policy StatementIM OR 2003-013
10/22/02Workforce PlanningIM OR 2003-010
10/18/02Survey and Manage Survey Protocol - Lichens Version 2.0IM OR 2003-004
10/17/02Scheduling Leave and Restoring Forfeited Annual LeaveIM OR 2003-008
10/16/02Reports of Survey for Damaged or Destroyed VehiclesIM OR 2003-006
10/15/02FY03 Instruction Memorandum and Information Bulletin Templates for Microsoft Work 2000 & 2002IM OR 2003-007
10/09/02Update of Land Use Allocation Data and Identification of Data StewardsIM OR 2003-001