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Oregon / Washington

FY2003 Instruction Bulletins

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Date Signed Subject Directive No.
09/30/03Annual Equal Employment Opportunity Training for Supervisors, Managers, and Employees, October 28-30, 2003IB OR 2003-255
09/30/03FY 2004 Timber Sale DatesIB OR 2003-256
09/26/03Compilation and Submission of FY 2003 Northern Spotted Owl Monitoring/Inventory Data and General Bird Banding InformationIB OR 2003-254
09/23/03State Safety Council Meeting - October 17, 2003IB OR 2003-251
09/19/03Oregon State Office Publications CommitteeIB OR 2003-250
09/19/03Public Comment on Oregon Department of Environmental Quality's Division 41 Water Quality StandardIB OR 2003-249
09/12/032003-2004 Survey and Manage Strategic Survey Implementation GuideIB OR 2003-244
09/12/03Addition of Information to OR/WA Hazard Communication PlanIB OR 2003-246
09/12/03Bureau of Land Management Priorities for Recreation and Visitor ServicesIB OR 2003-243
09/12/03Interagency Species Management System Data Entry Schedule for Support of the FY 2004 Annual Species ReviewIB OR 2003-245
09/09/03Multi-Agency Permit TrainingIB OR 2003-241
09/03/03Annual Equal Employment Opportunity TrainingIB OR 2003-239
08/29/03Resource Management Plan Evaluation Component of the Preliminary Strategy for Land Use Planning under the Wester Oregon Litigation Settlement AgreementIB OR 2003-237
08/28/03Minimum Age for Hazardous Duty Assignments on Wildland Fire Management Operations on Federal JurisdictionsIB OR 2003-236
08/27/03Late-Successional Reserve Acres Available for Commercial Thinning Treatment (Density Management Restoration)IB OR 2003-234
08/27/03Recent Scientific Information: Contributions of Thinning to Forest ManagementIB OR 2003-233
08/26/03Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) PolicyIB OR 2003-235
08/22/03Charge Card/Concenience Check Procedures for FY 2003 End-of-Year ClosingIB OR 2003-230
08/22/03FY 2003 Clean Water and Watershed Restoration Project Status ReportIB OR 2003-228
08/22/03Oregon/Washington State Safety Council Meeting MinutesIB OR 2003-229
08/22/03Submission of Proposals for FY 2004 Clean Water and Watershed Restoration ProjectsIB OR 2003-231
08/19/03Special Recreation Permits; Final Rule; 43 CFR Parts 2930IB OR 2003-226
08/19/03Timber Sale Program Performance Improvement Review (Self-Assessment)IB OR 2003-227
08/15/03Designation of Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operator InstructorsIB OR 2003-224
08/12/03Employee Commute Option SurveyIB OR 2003-223
08/08/032003 President's Quality Award ProgramIB OR 2003-221
08/08/03Human Resources Management AwardsIB OR 2003-220
08/04/032004 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Conference Calls and MeetingsIB OR 2003-219
07/30/032003 Northwest Operating Plan for the Master Cooperative Fire Protection AgreementIB OR 2003-215
07/23/03Draft National Sage-grouse Habitat Conservation StrategyIB OR 2003-209
07/23/03Timber Trespass Procedures - Apparent Inconsistency When Applying Oregon State Timber Trespass Law to Federal TimberIB OR 2003-210
07/17/03Employee Fire Prevention Plan for the OSOIB OR 2003-204
07/16/032003 Public Lands Foundation AwardsIB OR 2003-208
07/16/03Developing Government Cost Estimates for Contracted WorkIB OR 2003-206
07/16/03Timber Sale Program Performance Improvement Review (Self-Assessment)IB OR 2003-203
07/11/03TSP Catch-Up ContributionsIB OR 2003-201
07/11/03What's New with the Thrift Savings Plan? The Record Keeping SystemIB OR 2003-200
07/10/03Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2003-198
07/08/03Use and Payment of Washington State Fire District Resources on Federal Incidents in 2003IB OR 2003-196
07/07/032004 Oregon/Washington State Leadership Team Conference Calls and MeetingsIB OR 2003-197
07/07/03Draft Revised Master Fire Cooperative Protection AgreementIB OR 2003-195
06/27/03Pacific Northwest Wildfire Coordinating Group RecommendationsIB OR 2003-191
06/27/03State CIO Detailed to USFS, R6, IRM Director's Position; State Office IRM Chief to Serve as State CIO/IRM ChiefIB OR 2003-192
06/25/03Notice of Interagency Species Management System Version 1.15 ReleaseIB OR 2003-190
06/23/03Road Maintenance Program CostsIB OR 2003-188
06/19/03Incentive Awards ProgramIB OR 2003-186
06/16/03Satate Safety Council Meeting - July 14, 2003IB OR 2003-183
06/13/032003 Fitness ChallengeIB OR 2003-181
06/13/03FY 2004 Education Awards ProgramIB OR 2003-182
06/13/03Procurement Plan Update and Procurement Support for FY03 and Beginning of FY04IB OR 2003-184
06/13/03Recruitment of FacilitatorIB OR 2003-180
06/12/03Final Salary Clearance ReportIB OR 2003-177
06/12/03Northwest Forest PassIB OR 2003-166
06/12/03Titan Contract Staff Assigned to Fire SupportIB OR 2003-179
06/11/03Recreation Management Information System (RMIS) 2003 Mid-Year Data Call ReviewIB OR 2003-173
06/11/03Special Recreation Permits for Poker RunsIB OR 2003-174
06/11/03Training RecommendationsIB OR 2003-176
06/10/03Pacific Northwest Fire and Aviation Management Line Officers TeamIB OR 2003-171
06/10/03Soil Scientist WorkshopIB OR 2003-178
06/05/03Entry of Road Construction Costs in Timber Sale Information SystemIB OR 2003-169
06/03/03New Property Management/Specialist in Engineering & Facilities BranchIB OR 2003-167
06/02/03Employees and Our Future SuccessIB OR 2003-168
06/02/03Secretary's Annual Diversity AwardsIB OR 2003-165
05/28/03Environmental Education OpportunityIB OR 2003-163
05/28/03Monitoring of Fish Passage Culvery ProjectsIB OR 2003-164
05/22/03Timber Salvage Program ImplementationIB OR 2003-161
05/21/03Interagency Day Use Pass for the Pacific NorthwestIB OR 2003-160
05/21/03Survey and Manage Guidelines for Udnescribed/Potential New SpeciesIB OR 2003-159
05/16/03Open Season for Flexible Spending Accounts, May 19 - June 20, 2003IB OR 2003-157
05/14/03Areas of Critical Environmental Concern Geographic Information System ThemeIB OR 2003-153
05/14/03Wild and Scenic Rivers Geographic Information System ThemesIB OR 2003-154
05/14/03Workforce PlanningIB OR 2003-156
05/13/03Options for Tracking U.S. Government Mail and PackagesIB OR 2003-152
05/05/03Install Aquatic Resources Information Management System Version 3.1 to upgrade the New Open Database Connectivity DriverIB OR 2003-148
05/05/03Request for Copy of Field Office Level Species DatabasesIB OR 2003-150
05/02/03Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month, 2003IB OR 2003-149
05/02/03Status Report for FY 2002 Water Rights Annual Activity/Summary ReportIB OR 2003-147
04/30/03New Tools for ManagersIB OR 2003-145
04/28/03Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation WorkshopIB OR 2003-144
04/28/03Soil Scientist WorkshopIB OR 2003-143
04/23/03Mining Claim Occupancy TrespassIB OR 2003-140
04/22/03OSO Protocol for Medical or Trauma Emergency Response Unresponsive PatientIB OR 2003-139
04/22/03Timber Sale Program Performance Improvement Review (Self-Assessment)IB OR 2003-136
04/21/032003 Department of the Interior Environmental Acheivment AwardIB OR 2003-138
04/21/03FYA: Participation in the ISMS Version 2.0 User Requirements Identification ProcessIB OR 2003-135
04/21/03Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Open Season - April 15, 2003 to June 30, 2003IB OR 2003-137
04/17/03Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) Open Season - April 15, 2003 to June 30, 2003IB OR 2003-133
04/17/03Thrift Savings Plan Open Season, April 15, 2003 to June 30, 2003IB OR 2003-134
04/16/03Fordan Graham Fire Management PresentationsIB OR 2003-131
04/14/03Annual Facility Safety Inspection ResultsIB OR 2003-130
04/14/03Personal Emergency Information Cards - Form 1400-71IB OR 2003-129
04/10/03Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2003-127
04/09/03FY 2004 Northwest Forest Plan Implementation Monitoring ProgramIB OR 2003-124
04/09/03Request for Native Plant Materials Development InformationIB OR 2003-126
04/04/03Information Resources Management Plan (IRMP)IB OR 2003-125
04/04/03OSO Hearing Conservation Program Update & Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2003-123
04/04/03Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2003-122
04/03/03Clarification of Correct Address/Addressee for Robert Duncan PlazaIB OR 2003-121
04/01/03Aquatic Restoration Reporting - 2003 Accomplishment DataIB OR 2003-120
04/01/03Designation of Acting Official for the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2003-128
03/31/03Integrated Pest Management for Bureau of Land Management Seed Orchards in Western OregonIB OR 2003-118
03/28/03Using Contracting and Assistance to Support the National Fire PlanIB OR 2003-116
03/27/03FY 2004 Fuel Treatment Program PrioritiesIB OR 2003-115
03/27/03State Safety Council Meeting - April 14, 2003IB OR 2003-119
03/21/032003 Service to America MedalsIB OR 2003-113
03/21/03Request for Workshop Participation to Refine Evaluation Criteria CurvesIB OR 2003-0098
03/20/03Memo on Employee Responsibility and Policy Compliance in Aviation ActivitiesIB OR 2003-111
03/19/03Additional Criteria for Identifying Stewardship Contracting Opportunities and ProjectsIB OR 2003-112
03/19/03Competitive Sourcing Studies - R6/PNW/BLM Fleet Maintenance ActivitiesIB OR 2003-114
03/19/03Correct Address/Addressee for Robert Duncan PlazaIB OR 2003-109
03/19/03Request for New Species to be Considered in 2003 Annual Species ReviewIB OR 2003-107
03/19/03The William A. Jump Memorial Foundation AwardIB OR 2003-108
03/11/03FY 2003 Real Property Inventory and CertificationIB OR 2003-106
03/10/03Emergency Stabilization and Rehabilitation MeetingIB OR 2003-104
03/10/03State Budget Committee MembershipIB OR 2003-105
03/07/032003 Photo ContestIB OR 2003-101
03/07/03Cost Code and Related Details for Natural Resources Institute Participants, Academic Year 2002-2003IB OR 2003-103
03/07/03HRDC Employee of the YearIB OR 2003-102
03/07/03Recreation Permit Training for Oregon and Washington Recreation StaffIB OR 2003-099
03/07/03Spring Workshops for Unit Survey and Manage CoordinatorsIB OR 2003-097
03/06/032002 Photo Contest WinnersIB OR 2003-100
03/06/03National Fire Plan and Fire and Aviation ManagementIB OR 2003-096
03/03/03Fire Facilities Five year Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement Plan FY 2005-2009IB OR 2003-094
03/03/03Public Contact Representative WorkshopIB OR 2003-095
03/02/03Survey and Manage Program, Interagency Species Management SystemIB OR 2003-110
02/25/03Leadership Needs Assessment Tool ListsIB OR 2003-092
02/21/03Incident Command Human Resource Specialist Refresher WorkshopIB OR 2003-091
02/20/03Anticipated Land Use and Activity Planning Publication Project SupportIB OR 2003-088
02/20/03National Women's History Month, March 2003IB OR 2003-089
02/20/03Strategic Planning and Environmental Coordination Training, Pilot CourseIB OR 2003-087
02/19/03Endangered Species Act Consultation or Conference on Land and Resource Management Plans within the Northwest Forest Plan AreaIB OR 2003-085
02/19/03Rollout of the Interior Columbia Basin StrategyIB OR 2003-084
02/14/03Line Officer Feedback on Development of Socio-Economic MonitoringIB OR 2003-083
02/14/03Solicitation for 2003 Annual Species Review Step 3 Panel MembersIB OR 2003-082
02/12/03FY2003 OR/WA Unit Foreman & Equipment committee MeetingIB OR 2003-080
02/12/03Leadership Needs Assessment Tool Completion DateIB OR 2003-081
02/11/03Recreation Permit Training for oregon and Washington Recreation StaffIB OR 2003-079
02/11/03Reporting of Aquatic Habitat Restoration AccomplishmentsIB OR 2003-078
02/07/03Annual Fireline Safety Refresher TrainingIB OR 2003-071
02/07/03Data Call - 2002 BLM FactsIB OR 2003-070
02/07/03Field Unit Annual ReportIB OR 2003-072
02/07/03OR/WA State Safety Council Meeting MinutesIB OR 2003-076
02/07/03OSO Hazard Communication Plan Update & Annual Compliance RequirementsIB OR 2003-077
02/05/03Call for Applications of 2004 Community Assistance and Wildland Urban Interface ProjectsIB OR 2003-069
02/04/03Areas of Responsibility Within the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2003-074
01/30/03Nominations for Department of the Interior Safety AwardsIB OR 2003-068
01/28/03National Vegetation Treatment Environmental Impact Statement Implementation StrategyIB OR 2003-067
01/27/03Training Plans for Student Career Experience Program (SCEP) TraineesIB OR 2003-066
01/22/03Selection of Fiscal Year 2003 Pilot ProjectIB OR 2003-065
01/22/03Timber Cruise Suite TrainingIB OR 2003-064
01/17/03Deferred Maintenance and Capital Improvement (DM-CI) Project SubmittalsIB OR 2003-062
01/16/03Aviation Program Overview for Line ManagersIB OR 2003-061
01/16/03Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2003-060
01/14/03OR/WA Chainsaw Operator Annual Certification TrainingIB OR 2003-058
01/14/03Road Maintenance Fees Schedule for FY 2003IB OR 2003-059
01/13/03Annual Facility Safety InspectionIB OR 2003-057
01/13/03Serious Accident Investigation (SAI) Team Training CoursesIB OR 2003-056
01/09/03State Saftey Council Meeting - January 27, 2003IB OR 2003-055
01/06/032003 OR/WA Leadership Team Conference Calls and MeetingsIB OR 2003-053
01/06/03Letter of Gratitude to Pacific Northwest Fire FightersIB OR 2003-054
01/03/03Road Maintenance Fees Schedule for FY 2003IB OR 2003-052
12/27/02Eastside Forest and Woodland Management Action PlanIB OR 2003-048
12/27/02Recruitment OutreachIB OR 2003-049
12/26/02Lotus Notes Server ConsolidationIB OR 2003-051
12/20/02Designation of Acting Official for the State Director's OfficeIB OR 2003-045
12/20/02Timber Sale Appraisal System TrainingIB OR 2003-044
12/19/02Facilitator Training AnnouncementIB OR 2003-047
12/19/02OSO Safety Training WeekIB OR 2003-046
12/10/02Preparation for FY03 Northwest Forest Plan Implementation Monitoring Field SeasonIB OR 2003-038
12/04/02Outstanding Scholar ProgramIB OR 2003-041
12/02/02Oregon/Washington State Safety Council Meeting MinutesIB OR 2003-040
11/29/02Data Steward DesignationsIB OR 2003-042
11/26/02Update to the Data Stewardship Policy for the Interagency Species Management SystemIB OR 2003-037
11/22/02Monitoring of Fish Passage Culvery ProjectsIB OR 2003-036
11/20/02Implementation Monitoring for PACFISH/INFISH Biological Opinions: New Due Date for Year-end Reporting and Frequently Asked QuestionsIB OR 2003-035
11/19/022003 Fitness ChallengeIB OR 2003-034
11/19/02HRDC Employee of the YearIB OR 2003-033
11/19/02OR/WA Human Resource Development Committee Education Award RecipientsIB OR 2003-032
11/15/02Service First (SF) Interagency Supervisory Handbook Now Available on FS and BLM IntranetIB OR 2003-029
11/15/02Testimony of Employees and Production of RecordsIB OR 2003-030
11/14/02Federal Employees Health Benefits Open Season - Nov. 11, 2002 to Dec. 9, 2002IB OR 2003-028
11/14/02Restrictions on the Operation and Use of 15-Passenger VansIB OR 2003-031
11/08/02Health Benefits Open Season, November 11, 2002 - December 9, 2002IB OR 2003-027
11/07/02Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) Open Season Enrollment InformationIB OR 2003-025
11/07/02FY 2003 Timber Sale Strategy and Data CallIB OR 2003-026
11/06/02Health Benefits and Patient SafetyIB OR 2003-023
11/05/02Settlement Agreement for the Survey and Manage LawsuitIB OR 2003-022
11/04/02Expiring FY2001 Oregon State Office Instruction MemorandaIB OR 2003-021
10/25/022003 Roger W. Jones Award for Executive LeadershipIB OR 2003-018
10/25/02Human Resources Selections and Servicing Areas of ResponsibilitiesIB OR 2003-019
10/23/02Correction - Thrift Savings Plan Open Season, October 15, 2002 to December 31, 2002IB OR 2003-016
10/22/02Guidance on the Policies and Procedures for the Development and Application of Oil and Gas and Geothermal Lease StipulationsIB OR 2003-015
10/22/02Incentive Awards ProgramIB OR 2003-011
10/22/02Joint Committee on Printing (JCP) Report No. 2IB OR 2003-014
10/22/02Safety Inspection ResultsIB OR 2003-020
10/21/02Safety and Occupational Health Workshop December 2002IB OR 2003-013
10/21/02State Safety Council Meeting - 11/4/02IB OR 2003-012
10/18/02Compilation and Submission of FY 2002 Northern Sotted Owl Monitoring/Inventory Data and General Bird Banding InformationIB OR 2003-010
10/17/02Posting of Notice of Competitive Oil and Gas Lease SaleIB OR 2003-009
10/16/02Deadlines for Data Entry into the Interagency Species Management System to Support the FY 2003 Annual Species ReviewIB OR 2003-006
10/11/02List of Local Training, Conferences and WorkshopsIB OR 2003-007
10/10/02Sponsor ProgramIB OR 2003-008
10/09/02Thrift Savings Plan Open Season, October 15, 2002 to December 31, 2002IB OR 2003-005
10/04/02Recommended Monitoring Interview AgendaIB OR 2003-003
10/01/02Designation of Plastic Sphere Dispenser Operator InstructorsIB OR 2003-001