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Project: Sinlahekin Stewardship Fuels Reduction EA

Project Status: Planning in Progress
Office Location: Spokane
Resource Area: Wenatchee
NEPA #: OR134-FY07-EA-014  Scoping Letter
Document Publish Date: 12/16/2010
Summary: This information package reflects a revised scoping period end date. The scoping period has been extended until January 24, 2011. This information package summarizes a Bureau of Land Management (BLM) proposal to conduct hazardous fuels reduction treatments and improve wildlife habitat via Stewardship Contracts in the Sinlahekin Valley. The BLM is proposing a Stewardship Contracting Project on 2,833 acres of public land in Okanogan County, Washington. Stewardship activities would consist of commercial and noncommercial thinning, prescribed fire use, hazardous fuels reduction, seeding or restoration work, treatment of noxious weeds, and slash disposal. Vegetation treatments would be conducted over a 10-year period. Treatments would reduce stand density and remove disease and insect-infested trees. Approximately 750 thousand board feet (MBF) of timber would be removed from the project area.
Public Review Start Date : 11/15/2010
Public Review End Date : 1/24/2011
Contact: Spokane District Office
Contact Email: BLM_OR_SP_Mail@blm.gov
Contact Phone: (509) 536-1200
Program Areas: Fire/Fuels, Timber/Silviculture, Wildlife