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Project: Right-of-Way Grant Renewal For WAOR-51284

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: Spokane
Resource Area: Border
NEPA #: OR-135-2010-0002-CX  Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 2/22/2010
Summary: Renewal of existing Right-of-Way. The issuance of this right-of-way grant may be appealed to the Interior Board of Land Appeals, Office of the Secretary, in accordance with the regulations at 43 CFR, Part 4. If an appeal is taken, your notice of appeal must be filed in the Spokane District Office, 1103 N. Fancher Road, Spokane Valley, Washington 99212-1275, within 30 days from receipt of this letter/decision. The appellant has the burden of proof of showing that the decision appealed from is in error. If you wish to file a petition (request) pursuant to regulation 43 CFR 2801.10 or 43 CFR 2881.10 for a stay (suspension) of the effectiveness of this decision during the time that your appeal is being reviewed by the Board, the petition for a stay must accompany your notice of appeal. A petition for a stay is required to show sufficient justification. For more detailed information on this process, please see the Decision document above.
Public Protest/Appeal Start Date : 2/22/2010
Public Protest/Appeal End Date : 3/23/2010
Contact: Spokane District Office
Contact Email: BLM_OR_SP_Mail@blm.gov
Contact Phone: (509) 536-1200
Program Areas: Lands/Realty, Transportation/Travel/Access