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Condenser Peak LSR Enhancement Projects 2 and 3

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Decision Rationale OR080-05-07 Planning Completed
Project 2 - The purpose of the project is to restore four small mesic meadows. Project 2 would cut or girdle most conifers in 4 meadows in T. 7 S., R. 8 W., Section 14 and would thin conifers within approximately 100 feet of the meadow edges. Meadows vary in size from acre to 2 acres. A minimum of 100 square feet of basal area would be maintained in thinned areas around the meadows and trees felled or girdled would be suppressed, intermediates and codominants, leaving the largest trees standing. Project 3 - The purpose of this project is to enhance habitat for wildlife species that are associated with late-seral forest habitats and CWD by creating CWD and snags in areas adjacent to Project 1. Trees would also be felled into area streams to enhance stream structure. The proposed treatment area is approximately 172 acres. The decision documented in this Decision Rationale (DR) is based on the analysis documented in the EA. This decision authorizes the implementation of only those activities directly related to and included within Projects 2 and 3.
Salem District Office
(503) 315-5949
Resource Area: Marys Peak
Program Areas: Wildlife
Download: sdo_0800507_CndnsrPkDR.pdf
Document Publish Date
06/18/2008 - 07/02/2008

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