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Project: Green Peak II Density Management

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: none
Resource Area: Marys Peak
NEPA #: OR080-08-14  FONSI/Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 3/18/2010
Summary: The proposed action is to perform density management on approximately 131 acres of 70-year-old stands within LSR (Late Successional Reserve) and RR (Riparian Reserve) LUAs (Land Use Allocations). The density management would occur within the approximately 258 acre study area that is part of the DMS [The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) Western Oregon Density Management and Riparian Buffer Study] conducted in cooperation with OSU (Oregon State University) College of Forestry and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) Forest Service PNW (Pacific Northwest Research Station)
Public Protest/Appeal Start Date : 3/24/2010
Public Protest/Appeal End Date : 4/08/2010
Contact: Gary Humbard
Contact Phone: 503-315-5981
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture
NEPA #: OR-080-08-14  Environmental Assessment / FONSI
Document Publish Date: 7/01/2009
Summary: Green Peak II Density Management is a proposal to increase structural diversity and implement the BLM Density Management and Riparian Buffer Study. Forest stands on approximately 131 acres would undergo additional density management treatments.
Public Review Start Date : 7/14/2009
Public Review End Date : 8/13/2009
Contact: Salem District Office
Contact Phone: (503) 315-5949
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture