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The Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Program (H.R. 1424, Sec. 601) provides Federal funds to counties that traditionally have been supported by timber payments. These payments make up for the loss in timber payments caused by the dramatic decline in timber harvest on Federal lands that occurred in the 1990s. Title I of the Act makes the majority of the funds (approximately 85 percent) available to counties to support schools and infrastructure. Titles II and III make funds available for a variety of activities that benefit Federal lands and resources in the benefiting county. Title III funds are managed by county governments and are available to organizations for a variety of activities, including search and rescue on Federal lands and wildfire prevention planning. For more information on Title III funds contact the Douglas County Commissioners' Office.

Title II funds are managed by Federal agencies. However, a resource advisory committee, made up of local citizens, recommends how the funds will be spent. The Act defines a wide variety of activities that can be accomplished with Title II funds. In addition, it does not limit project applicants to federal agencies such as the BLM. Any individual or organization can submit an application. However, the project must benefit Federal lands or resources. The Act defines the purposes of Title II funds as follows:

  1. To make additional investments in, and create additional employment opportunities through projects that improve the maintenance of existing infrastructure, implement stewardship objectives that enhance forest ecosystems, and restore and improve land health and water quality. Such projects shall enjoy broad-based support with objectives that may include, but are not limited to:
    • Road, trail, and infrastructure maintenance or obliteration
    • Soil productivity improvement
    • Improvements in forest ecosystem health
    • Watershed restoration and maintenance
    • Restoration, maintenance and improvement of wildlife and fish habitat
    • Control of noxious and exotic weeds
    • Reestablishment of native species
  2. To improve cooperative relationships among the people that use and care for Federal lands and the agencies that manage these lands.


Title II project applications are due by Monday, May 23, 2011. The application forms are available on this website (see below) or by requesting one via e-mail from Jake Winn (jake_winn@or.blm.gov). If you have questions, please contact Jake by e-mail or at 541-464-3275.

  • Next Meeting: Spring or Summer 201

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  • Jake Winn, District Restoration Coordinator, 541-464-3275