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Project: Basin Arizona

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: none
Resource Area: Swiftwater
NEPA #: OR-104-02-09  Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 12/29/2009
Summary: Basin Arizona is a forest density management project identified in the Upper Umpqua Watershed Plan (EA # OR -104-02-09, pgs. V, 5 - 6) and its subsequent Decision Record (October 8, 2003, pg. 2). This decision is consistent with the Roseburg District Record of Decision and Resource Management Plan (1995 ROD/RMP) adopted in June 1995 and the Upper Umpqua Watershed Plan (June 17, 2003). The implementation of this decision will meet the following objective from the Upper Umpqua Watershed Plan (pg. 2): For mid seral forests on BLM lands designated for wildlife and fish needs, accelerate stand diversity and development of late-successional characteristics such as large crown ratios, larger lateral branches, multiple canopy layers, and a greater number of larger conifers while maintaining a healthy ecosystem.
Public Protest/Appeal Start Date : 12/29/2009
Public Protest/Appeal End Date : 1/12/2010
Contact: Max Yager
Contact Phone: 541-440-4930
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture
NEPA #: OR-104-02-09  Finding of No Significant Impact
Document Publish Date: 12/23/2009
Summary: The Basin Arizona Density Management will occur on six unit (approximately 299 acres) of 40-49 years-old second-growth forest located in the Upper Umpqua Fifth-Field Watershed in Sections 7 and 18 of T. 24 S., R. 7 W., Willamette Meridian. Within these 299 acres, approximately two acres will be removed for the development of roads and spur right-of-ways. This project is within the Late-Successional Reserve (LSR) Land Use Allocation and will contribute approximately 5, 060 million board feet of timber to help meet the Roseburg District's annual sale plan.
Public Review Start Date : 12/29/2009
Public Review End Date : 1/12/2010
Contact: Roseburg District Office
Contact Phone: (541) 440-4930
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture