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Oregon / Washington

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Oregon Badlands Wilderness

Oregon Badlands Wilderness

A venture into the Oregon Badlands Wilderness is an experience of ancient junipers, volcanic vistas, and sand underfoot. You can explore cracked volcanic pressure ridges, called tumuli, or walk narrow moat-like cracks in the ground. Traces of human history are visible to the careful observer. At 29,000 acres, the Oregon Badlands Wilderness represents an outstanding example of ancient western juniper woodlands atop Columbia River Basalts. Almost 50 miles of trails offer the visitor many opportunities for hiking or horseback riding loops of various lengths. As a designated wilderness, the Oregon Badlands Wilderness enjoys the highest level of permanent protection.

The Oregon Badlands Wilderness Plan and Environmental Assessment

The BLM is currently analyzing the public comments received on the Oregon Badlands Wilderness Management Plan and Environmental Assessment. The comment period closed Sept. 30, 2013. BLM hopes to issue a decision on the plan by the end of the year. For more questions or to be added to the mailing list, please contact Berry Phelps, Project Lead at bphelps@blm.gov or 541-416-6723.

Spring Basin Wilderness

Spring Basin Wilderness

What do you want from a Wilderness? Colorful geologic features! Rugged cliffs! Unique beauty! Outstanding opportunities for solitude! A neighboring wild and scenic river! The Spring Basin Wilderness has it all.

Designated as a wilderness in 2009, the area encompasses 6,378 acres of stunning scenery. Numerous vista points give the visitor a sweeping view of the John Day River valley and solitude is provided by the remote canyons and vegetative diversity. These highly scenic settings set the stage for outstanding opportunities for recreation activities such as photography, hiking, and nature study.