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Cline Buttes Recreation Area Project Updates

Tumalo Canal Trailhead Project

Prineville BLM has successfully competed for a State Parks Grant for construction of the Tumalo Canal Trailhead (PDF) at the south end of Barr Road. The trailhead will be located on the west side of Barr Road, approximately 1/4 mile north of Gerking Market Road, and will include parking pads, small picnic area, and a vault toilet. It will serve the pedestrian trails in the Tumalo Canal Historic Area, as well as non-motorized use trails in the southwest portion of the Cline Buttes Recreation Area.

BLM competed for the Recreation Trails Program (RTP) Grant for this project, with support from the City of Redmond, Redmond Area Parks and Recreation District, Oregon Equestrian Trails, East Cascade Chapter—Backcountry Horsemen, Sierra Club, Eagle Crest Resort, Cline Buttes Recreation Association, and many others.

Who Are Our Partners?

Cline Buttes Recreation Area

The opportunity for partners will continue to grow as BLM increases management work in the area. In 2012, the Prineville District worked closely with many partners including:

Oregon National Guard, Youth Challenge Program (YCP) is an Alternative High School. It is a residential school where cadets (students) live on site for 5 months while attending the military model school. Eligible individuals are accepted from all 36 counties in Oregon.

The Heart of Oregon's mission is to operate youth training and employment training programs that aim to reduce poverty, stimulate economic growth, and maintain the natural environment.

The Central Oregon Trails Alliance (COTA) is dedicated to the stewardship of sustainable, multiple-use trails and to preserving access for mountain bikers through advocacy, education and promoting responsible trail use.

Oregon Equestrian Trails (OET) is a non-profit organization whose members are dedicated to designing, building, promoting, preserving, and maintaining horse camps and trails in Oregon.

OHV Club organizations offering opportunities for responsible motorized recreation including Raven Off Road - Class II Club out of Portland, 4Locked Films - Class II Club Bend, Deschutes County 4 Wheelers - Class II Club, and the Central Oregon Motorcycle and ATV Club (COMAC) - I and III club.

Where Will We Work Next?

The BLM is planning the following projects and will update this website as they progress:
  • Construction of the Tumalo Canal Trailhead is scheduled for February 2015
  • Development of hiking and horse trails to complete the Tumalo Canal Historic Area trail system in late 2014 and Spring 2015
  • Route decommissioning and restoration work in portions of the Maston Area in late 2014 and Spring 2015
  • Trail maintenance projects in Maston and Tumalo Canal Historic Areas
  • Continue to support seasonal wildlife closures in the Fryrear Canyon area, including sign placement, fence repair, fence realignment and route decommissioning.

Grants and Funding

The CBRA received a $251,000 ATV grant to develop the OHV portion of the CBRA south of Highway 126 and west of Barr Road. The grant includes a soft-match of $96,000 provided by the BLM and volunteers. Planned in winter of 2011 and throughout 2012, the main objectives for the development of this portion of the CBRA are to develop the North Barr Staging Area and trails south of State Highway 126. These funds also helped to rehabilitate undesignated routes at trail intersections throughout the designated trail system.

Current grant applications submitted for Cline Buttes include:

  • A Recreation Trails Program (RTP) grant for development of the Buckhorn OHV staging area and trails north of State Highway 126.
  • A Recreation Trails Program (RTP) grant for development of the Cascade View Trailhead and trails on the north and west sides of the Buttes trail area.

Other Projects in CBRA

In addition to recreation projects, the BLM is beginning to implement a series of vegetation treatments designed to reduce the risk of wildfire in the urban-interface. Click here for more information on the Cline Buttes Hazardous Fuels Project.