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Project: DOl-BLM-OR-P040-2013-0008-CX Camp Creek Gabion Stabilization

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: Prineville
Resource Area: Prineville DO
NEPA #: DOl-BLM-OR-P040-2013-0008-CX   Categorical Exclusion
Document Publish Date: 1/24/2013
Summary: The proposed action is to stabilize a failing gabion on Camp Creek. The gabion is planned for complete removal and restoration this summer, but is currently failing due to high flows the previous spring which resulted in undercutting of the structure. It is likely that this will result in a headcut degrading the system upstream from the gabion over this coming winter and spring prior to full restoration planned for this summer. In order to stabilize the gabion and prevent further degradation during upcoming high flows, gravel and rock, along with a layer of gee-textile fabric will be used to fill in areas of undercutting while armoring the eroding area and redirecting flow back over the top of the gabion.
Public Review Start Date : N/A - Historic
Public Review End Date : N/A - Historic
Contact: Prineville District Office
Contact Phone: (541) 416-6700
Program Areas: Other