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Oregon / Washington

John Day Basin Resource Management Plan

John Day Crooked River Viewpoint

The Bureau of Land Management Prineville District is developing a new Resource Management Plan and associated Environmental Impact Statement (RMP/EIS) for lands managed by the BLM within the John Day Basin in central Oregon. This new plan will revise and consolidate three RMPs that provide current guidance within the John Day Basin: The Two Rivers RMP (1986), the John Day RMP (1985), and the Baker RMP (1989).

The BLM manages about 456,000 acres of public land within the John Day Basin. Of these 44,000 acres were acquired along the North Fork John Day River as authorized by the Oregon Land Exchange Act of 2000. The newly acquired lands along the North Fork John Day not covered by a Resource Management Plan and additional information provided by the Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project provide the impetus to complete a new, consolidated Resource Management Plan for this area.

Current Planning Stage: Proposed RMP/Final EIS (PRMP/FEIS)

CDs of the PRMP/FEIS are available at the BLM office in Prineville or the document can be downloaded here.

Individuals or Organizations that have participated in the planning process may comment on or protest the proposed decisions. Protests must be filed by May 21st, 2012. For more information on filing a protest please see the Dear Reader letter located on the documents page.

This website will be continually updated as information is available.

For additional information about this project, please view the Documents page or contact the project office in Prineville, Oregon.

For additional information on how the plan may change road access in the John Day Basin, please view the May 2012 Question and Answer Sheet (PDF).