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Oregon / Washington

Prineville District Office Directory

Prineville District
3050 NE Third Street
Prineville, OR 97754
Phone: 541-416-6700
Fax: 541-416-6798
Email: BLM_OR_PR_Mail@blm.gov
District Manager
Carol Benkosky
Phone: (541) 416-6700
Associate District Manager
Steve Robertson
Phone: (541) 416-6700
NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Akerberg, JakeGS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6423jakerber@blm.gov
Altman, Jada MGS0455 Range Technician(541) 416-6814jaltman@blm.gov
Anderson, Donna JGS0962 Public Contact Representative(541) 416-6874danderso@blm.gov
Anthony, Christopher RGS0401 Natural Resource Specialist(541) 416-6756cranthon@blm.gov
Babb, Geoffrey DGS0408 - Ecologist (Fire)(541) 383-5521gbabb@blm.gov
Baker, Dustin CGS0455 - Range Tech(541) 416-6876dcbaker@blm.gov
Bannon, Amy JGS0303 Resource Assistant(541) 416-6767abannon@blm.gov
Barnes, Timothy LGS1350 - Geologist(541) 416-6858tbarnes@blm.gov
Beaupre, James PGS0023 Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 416-6776jbeaupre@blm.gov
Bemrose, Timothy FGS0455 Range Technician(541) 416-6700tbemrose@blm.gov
Benefield, Jill AGS1640 Supvy Facility Operations Specialist(541) 416-6684jbenefie@blm.gov
Benkosky, Carol AGS0340 - District Manager(541) 416-6730cbenkosk@blm.gov
Bennett, Kristen SGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869kbennett@blm.gov
Brass, Kenneth RGS2210 - IT Specialist (Customer Support)(541) 416-6778kbrass@blm.gov
Brock, David LGS0025 - Rec Tech(541) 395-2778dlbrock@blm.gov
Brown, Elise MGS0404 - Biological Technician(541) 416-6747embrown@blm.gov
Brown, Molly MGS0340 Field Manager(541) 416-6766mmbrown@blm.gov
Buehner, Cynthia MGS0301 Management Support Specialist(541) 416-6707cbuehner@blm.gov
Campbell, Claudia KGS1371 Cartography Technician (GIS)(541) 416-6872c2campbe@blm.gov
Canham, Sarah AGS0401 Natural Resource Specialist(541) 416-6785scanham@blm.gov
Castillo, Steven EGS0460 Forester(541) 416-6765scastill@blm.gov
Chamness, Guy AGS0401 Fire Management Specialist (Prescribed Fire)(541) 416-6719gchamnes@blm.gov
Chandler, Sandra KGS1105 Purchasing Agent(541) 416-6751skchandl@blm.gov
Clark, Lisa MGS1035 - Public Affairs Officer(541) 416-6864lmclark@blm.gov
Cole, Danette LGS189 - Recreation Tech(541) 416-6700dcole@blm.gov
Connolly, Carol APublic Affairs Specialist(541) 416-6892cconnoll@blm.gov
Cork, Dana MGS0810 - Civil Engineer(541) 416-6797dcork@blm.gov
Currie, Gregory SGS0807 Landscape Architect(541) 416-6711gcurrie@blm.gov
Curtis, Tonna JGS0303 Clerk(541) 416-6700tjcurtis@blm.gov
Daguerre, Gene MGS0817 - Survey Technician(541) 416-6700gdaguerr@blm.gov
Danison, Brandi DGS0455 Range Technician (Fire Dispatch)(541) 416-6800bdanison@blm.gov
Dean, Alison EGS0408 Ecologist (Fire)(541) 416-5521aedean@blm.gov
Dean, William IGS0401 - Supvy Natural Resource Specialist(541) 416-6887wdean@blm.gov
Delorto, Travis BGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869tdelorto@blm.gov
Demmer, Richard JGS0486 Wildlife Biologist(541) 416-6738rdemmer@blm.gov
Eisner, James MGS0482 Fish Biologist(541) 416-6753jeisner@blm.gov
Elam, Jonathan DWG4749 Maintenance Worker(541) 416-6700jelam@blm.gov
Estes, Roberta BGS0343 - Program Analyst(541) 416-6728restes@blm.gov
Ewings, Joshua RGS0455 Lead Range Technician (Fire)(541) 987-2307jewings@blm.gov
Faver, Homer (Chip) FGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 416-6731hfaver@blm.gov
Fenske, Tavis NGS0455 Supvy Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869tfenske@blm.gov
Fields, Keith LGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(541) 416-6869klfields@blm.gov
Fields, Kenneth EGS0102 Archeological Technician(541) 416-6700kfields@blm.gov
Fisher, John EGS0455 - Supvy Range Technician (Fire) - Dayville GS(541) 987-2307j4fisher@blm.gov
Fore, Robert EGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(541) 416-6871rfore@blm.gov
Galaviz, Rogelio XGS0499 Student Trainee - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6871rgalaviz@blm.gov
Galbraith, MollyGS0454 Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 416-6700mgalbrai@blm.gov
Garcia, Heidi LGS1170 - Realty Specialist(541) 416-6783hgarcia@blm.gov
Gibbons, Daniel AGS0455 Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6700dgibbons@blm.gov
Gonzalez, Mark ANRST Ecologist/Soils(541) 416-6705mgonzale@blm.gov
Goodman, Henry SGS0193 Archeologist - Heritage Administrator(541) 416-6760hgoodman@blm.gov
Green, Nathaniel TGS0455 Range Technician(541) 987-2307ngreen@blm.gov
Griffin, Ryan MGS0102 Archeological Technician(541) 416-6700rmgriffi@blm.gov
Grimes, Jeanne MGS0018 Safety & Occ. Health Specialist(541) 416-6861jgrimes@blm.gov
Gundle, Colin JGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 416-6869cgundle@blm.gov
Hamilton, Scott AGS0391 - Telecommunications Specialist(541) 416-6746shamilto@blm.gov
Hamlin, Christopher TGS0344 Management Assistant (OA)(541) 416-6787chamlin@blm.gov
Helms, Jamie BGG0000 Recreation Aid(541) 416-6700jhelms@blm.gov
Herzberg, Joel RCadastral Surveyor(541) 416-6700jherzber@blm.gov
Hice, Cynthia LGS2210 - IT Specialist (Customer Support)(541) 416-6739c2hice@blm.gov
Hinson, Randy GGS0404 Biological Science Technician(541) 416-6758rhinson@blm.gov
Hoban, Gavin FGS0023 Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 416-6879ghoban@blm.gov
Holmly, James WGS0455 Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869jholmly@blm.gov
Holst, Katherine FGS0102 Archeological Technician(541) 416-6700kholst@blm.gov
Holtzapple, Theresa LGS0193 Archaeologist(541) 416-6792tholtzap@blm.gov
Hummel, Cassandra MGS0401 Natural Resource Specialist(541) 416-6713chummel@blm.gov
Jackson, Luke EGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6871lejackson@blm.gov
Jackson, Sher'ri LGS0404 Biological Aid (Wildlife)(541) 416-6700sljackson@blm.gov
Kasper, DarrenGS0455 - Supervisory Range Tech (Fire)(541) 416-6871dkasper@blm.gov
Kollodge, Patrick JGS0025 Park Ranger(541) 416-6865pkollodg@blm.gov
Kroll, Michael RGS1170 Realty Specialist(541) 416-6752mkroll@blm.gov
Kuk, Monte AGS0301 Supvy Planning & Environmental Specialist(541) 416-6712mkuk@blm.gov
Larson, Shaun EGS0401 Assistant Fire Management Officer(541) 416-6699s1larson@blm.gov
Lee, Stephen RGS1373 - Land Surveyor(503) 808-6424slee@blm.gov
Lefevre, Nathan MGS0401 - Assistant Fire Management Officer(541) 416-6700nlefevre@blm.gov
Lent, Emily KGS0454 Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 416-6789elent@blm.gov
Lent, Jonathan FGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869jlent@blm.gov
Letz, Craig RGS0401 Fire Management Officer(541) 480-3356cletz@blm.gov
Lewis, ToniGS0525 Accounting Technician(541) 416-6764t1lewis@blm.gov
Luebbers, Jeffery AGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 416-6869jluebbers@blm.gov
Manezes, Susie KGS0301 - Natural Resource Staff Administrator(541) 416-6725smanezes@blm.gov
Maragni, Maria ACOIDC Center Managermmaragni@blm.gov
Martin, Jenny JGS0455 Supvy Range Technician (Fire)(541) 987-2306j3martin@blm.gov
McKay, Michael DGS1315 Hydrologist(541) 416-6774mmckay@blm.gov
McSwain, Michelle DGS1301 - Supvy Physical Scientist(541) 416-6877mmcswain@blm.gov
Millard, Douglas JGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 416-6869dmillard@blm.gov
Moffitt, Jennifer MGS0470 Soil Scientist(541) 416-6775jmoffitt@blm.gov
Morgan, Zachary MGS0802 Civil Engineering Technician(541) 416-6755zmorgan@blm.gov
Moss, Jeffrey DGS0482 Fish Biologist(541) 416-6696j99moss@blm.gov
Mottl, Heidi LGS0023 Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 416-6718hmottl@blm.gov
Mueller, James JGS0025 Park Ranger(541) 395-2270j2muelle@blm.gov
Nawrot, Gene SGS0455 Supvy Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6871gnawrot@blm.gov
Neville, Christopher TGS0025 - Supvy Park Manager(541) 416-6700cneville@blm.gov
Noble, Matthew AGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869mnoble@blm.gov
Obermiller, Craig WRangeland Management Specialist(541) 416-6761cobermil@blm.gov
Paterno, Philip LRealty Specialist/Appraiser(541) 416-6734ppaterno@blm.gov
Phelps, Berry WGS0023 Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 416-6723bphelps@blm.gov
Purrington, Teal MPlanning & Environmental Coordinator(541) 416-6772tpurring@blm.gov
Rhoden, Sheldon LGS0401 Fire Mangement Specialist (Prescribed Fire)(541) 416-6869srhoden@blm.gov
Ridenour, Peter DGS0401 - Supervisory Fuels Management Specialist(541) 416-6423pridenou@blm.gov
Rigel, Jesse CGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 987-2307jrigel@blm.gov
Robertson, Stephen RGS0340 - Associate District Manager(541) 416-6732sroberts@blm.gov
Rodgers, Justin DGS0454 Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 416-6749jrodgers@blm.gov
Romine, Lex CGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869lromine@blm.gov
Shaffer, Matthew CGS0401 Natural Resource Specialist(541) 416-6743mshaffer@blm.gov
Shaffer, Mitchell DGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 416-6700mdshaffer@blm.gov
Shields, Cory JGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869cshields@blm.gov
Shird, Breanna MGS0399 - Student Trainee (Administration)(541) 416-6691bshird@blm.gov
Skaar, Kasey CGS0455 Lead Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6700kskaar@blm.gov
Smith, Anna KGS0401 Natural Resource Specialist(541) 416-6747aksmith@blm.gov
Smith, Steven JRangeland Management Specialist(541) 416-6703sjsmith@blm.gov
Spencer, Zachary MGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869zspencer@blm.gov
Staley, Paul EGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 416-6869pstaley@blm.gov
Stephens, Nicole KGS0404 - Biological Technician(541) 416-6747nstephens@blm.gov
Storo, Steven NGeologist/HAZMAT(541) 416-6885sstoro@blm.gov
Taylor, Cari AGS0454 Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 416-6790ctaylor@blm.gov
Thomas, Gregory SWG5716 Engineering Equipment Operator Supvy(541) 416-6742gsthomas@blm.gov
Tripp, Michael DGS1371 Cartography Technician (GIS)(541) 416-6716mtripp@blm.gov
Tschida, Donald JGS0455 - Supvy Range Technican (Fire) Grass Valley GS(541) 416-6871dtschida@blm.gov
Van Dorn, Carol LGS1350 Geologist(541) 416-6727cvandorn@blm.gov
Van Riper, Laura ENRST Social Scientist(541) 416-6702lvanripe@blm.gov
Ver Eecke, Karelia RGS0404 - Biological Technician(541) 416-6747kvereecke@blm.gov
von Borstel, TurquoiseGS1101 Property Management Specialist(541) 416-6773tvonbors@blm.gov
Weller, Daniel ESupervisory Land Surveyor(541) 416-6896d1weller@blm.gov
West, Tom JWG5716 Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 416-6700twest@blm.gov
Williams, Kristin LGS0430 - Botanist(541) 416-6721kwilliams@blm.gov
Worlein, Beau JGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 987-2307bworlein@blm.gov
Wortman, Ronald WGS0560 Budget Analyst(541) 416-6709rwortman@blm.gov
Wyman, Sandra KNRST - Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 416-6886swyman@blm.gov