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Revised Perpetua Forests Company Right-of-Way Road Construction Project Environmental Assessment

Medford District

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Environmental Assessment,Finding of No Significant Impact EA#OR118-08-006 Planning Completed
This EA discloses the predicted environmental effects of two alternatives (Proposed Action and No Action). The Proposed Action includes amending O&C Logging Road Right-of-Way Permit M-2000EA and Right-of-Way and Road Use Agreement M-2000 to authorize Perpetua Forests Company to construct and use and maintain 3,609 feet of natural surface road off of BLM road #33-5-18.0 in T33S-R5W-Section 17 SE1/4, SW1/4 for the purpose of long-term management of their private land and removal of forest products. The Perpetua Forests Company Right-of-Way Road Construction Planning Area is located approximately 30 miles northeast of Grants Pass, Oregon in Josephine County. A previous Perpetua Forest Company Right-of-Way Road Construction Project Environmental Assessment (EA#OR118-06-006) and Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) was published on February 1, 2008. The BLM received five public comment letters on EA#OR118-06-006 primarily requesting analysis of temporary road construction in comparison to the permanent road construction proposal and a narrower road clearing width, a ridge top location, further disclosure of resource impacts from 300 ft of full bench road construction, and provide site specific mapping for review. As a result, the Glendale Resource Area has revised the EA and FONSI to address public comments.
Michelle Calvert
(541) 471-6505
Resource Area: Glendale
Program Areas: Lands/Realty
Download: Revised Perpetua.pdf
Document Publish Date
03/24/2008 - 04/11/2008

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