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Rosenthal Water Right-of-Way Grant

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Decision Record,Categorical Exclusion DOI-BLM-OR-M070-2010-0034-CX Planning Completed
The Categorical Exclusion/Decision Record authorizes the BLM to issue one Right-of-Way Grant (OR 66346) under the provisions at 43 CFR Part 2800, and Title V of P.L. 94-579; 90 Stat 2743, over BLM managed land to use, operate, and maintain a water facility consisting of an existing underground water pipeline and electric cable for domestic water use. The applicant has a buried 1-1/4 inch PVC pipe and electrical cable from a pump buried in the flood plain of the Rogue River to a holding tank on the applicant's property. Should the design of the water system change from an infiltration gallery system to an exposed intake system, continuation of the grant would be contingent on the compliance of the installation with current Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife standards for fish passage and screening. All BLM decisions under 43 CFR Part 2800 remain in effect pending an appeal (See 43 CFR 2801.10) unless the Secretary rules otherwise. Rights-of-Way decisions that remain in effect pending an appeal are considered as "in full force and effective immediately" upon issuance of a decision. Thus, this decision is now in effect.
Michelle Calvert
(541) 471-6505
Resource Area: Medford DO
Program Areas: Transportation/Travel/Access
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Document Publish Date
02/21/2012 - 03/21/2012

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