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O&C Logging Road Right-of-Way Permits M-660 (OR48747) & M-5044 (OR 66755)

Medford District

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Decision Record,Categorical Exclusion DOI-BLM-OR-M060-2011-0021-CX Planning Completed
The Field Manager for the Ashland Resource Area has authorized the issuance an O&C Logging Road Right-of-Way Permit to Meriwether Southern Oregon Land and Timber, LLC, under the provisions of 43 CFR Subpart 2812, and P.L. 94-579; 90 Stat 2743. The permit will allow commercial hauling of approximately 1,680 MBF of private timber over existing BLM road(s). This document also authorizes an amendment to the M-660 Agreement to add roads listed in Table 1 of the Categorical Exclusion Review and Decision Record to the M-660 Agreement. This is a lands decision on a right-of-way action in accordance with BLM regulations under 43 CFR Part 2812. All BLM decisions under 43 CFR 2812 will become effective on the day after the expiration of the appeal period (30 days after this decision is signed) where no petition for a stay is filed, or 45 days after the expiration of the appeal period where a timely petition for a stay is filed, unless the Director of the Office of Hearings and Appeals or an Appeals Board has determined otherwise in accordance with specified standards enumerated in 43 CFR 4.21 (b).
Kristi Mastrofini
(541) 618-2384
Resource Area: Ashland
Program Areas: Lands/Realty
Download: CE.pdf
Document Publish Date
09/02/2011 - 10/03/2011

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