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Project: Mountaingrove Federal Land Policy and Management Act Water Right-of-Way Categorical Exclusion

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: none
Resource Area: Glendale
NEPA #: CE#OR118-08-016  Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 9/02/2008
Summary: The proposed action is the issuance of right-of-way grant to Jean Mountaingrove (applicant), under the provisions at 43 CFR Part 2800, and Title V of P.L. 94-579; 90 Stat 2743. The requested period of use is for a term of 20 years. The proposed action includes the use and maintenance of an existing water pipeline from two existing spring boxes. The water right-of-way would be 5 ft by approximately 100 feet (0.01 acres) across BLM land it enters the applicant's private land. The system has been in place since 1982 and is used both as a domestic water source and irrigation by the Mountaingroves who reside on the private parcel in T 33S., R 5W., Section 32.
Public Protest/Appeal Start Date : 9/08/2008
Public Protest/Appeal End Date : 10/08/2008
Contact: Michelle Calvert
Contact Phone: (541) 471-6505
Program Areas: Lands/Realty