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Project: Programmatic Water Source Maintenance for the Glendale Resource Area, FY08-FY13

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: none
Resource Area: Glendale
NEPA #: CE#OR118-08-012  Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 8/18/2008
Summary: Glendale Resource Area manages several water sources for the purposes of aiding in the suppression of wildfires for use by engines, water tenders, and helicopters. Maintenance on existing facilities generally includes but is not limited to: clearing brush and trees; removing accumulated sediment from developed spring sites; installing, repairing, or replacing spring boxes and culverts; repairing and/or replacement of pipelines; installing, repairing, or replacing devices that impede water seepage such as bentonite or pond liners; installation of safety devices such as fences and exit ramps; and minor road work such as grading and spot rocking. This Categorical Exclusion and Decision authorizes implementation of the above described activities within the Glendale Resource Area of the Medford District. Proposed work specific to each individual site will be reviewed by Glendale Resource Area specialists for necessary clearances prior to implementation.
Public Protest/Appeal Start Date : 8/18/2008
Public Protest/Appeal End Date : 9/02/2008
Contact: Michelle Calvert
Contact Phone: (541) 471-6505
Program Areas: Fire/Fuels