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Project: PacifiCorp_Qwest OR66321

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: Medford
Resource Area: Grants Pass
NEPA #: DOI-BLM-OR-M070-2010-41-CX  Categorical Exclusion
Document Publish Date: 9/08/2010
Summary: The proposed project is to authorize construction, installation, operation, maintenance and termination of two underground utility lines for electricity and telephone service. Both lines share the same right-of-way and tie to existing structures on BLM. The electrical cable will tie to existing power pole #PPL 4427 and the telephone cable will tie to Qwest Riser # 7145. The cables will be bored underground at a depth of approximately 24-36 inches with a 12 inch separation between the lines. The lines will provide service to a new communication site on private property located west of Riverbanks Road. The PacifiCorp authorization will be for a fifty (50) year term; the Qwest telephone line will be issued for thirty (30) years. Both utilities lines will be contained within one right-of-way 20 feet wide, 42 feet long, containing 0.02 acres.
Public Review Start Date : N/A - Historic
Public Review End Date : N/A - Historic
Contact: Medford District Office
Contact Phone: (541) 618-2200
Program Areas: Other