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Project: Wolf Pup Project - Revised EA and Decision Record

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: Medford
Resource Area: Grants Pass
NEPA #: DOI-BLM-M080-2010-008-EA  Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 7/31/2014
Summary: The Grants Pass Resource Area Field Manager has signed the second Decision Record (DR) under the Revised Wolf Pup Project Environmental Assessment (DOI-BLM-M080-2010-008-EA). This DR #2 withdraws DR #1 which was signed on August 4, 2010 and authorized 220 acres of commercial thinning.
Public Protest/Appeal Start Date : 7/31/2014
Public Protest/Appeal End Date : 8/15/2014
Contact: Ferris Fisher
Contact Phone: 541-471-6639
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture
NEPA #: DOI-BLM-M080-2010-008-EA  Decision Record
Document Publish Date: 8/11/2010
Summary: The Glendale Field Manager has selected to implement Alternative 2 of the Revised Wolf Pup Project Environmental Assessment (EA) Number DOI-BLM-OR-M080-2010-008-EA. Alternative 2 includes commercially thinning 220 acres of Douglas-fir. Associated harvest activities include 18 miles of existing road maintenance, 0.19 miles of road renovation, and 0.04 miles of temporary road construction/decommission after use. The Revised Wolf Pup Project EA (DOI-BLM-M080-2010-008-EA)reduces in the unit acreage from 352 acres of thinning in the Wolf Pup Project EA (EA#OR118-08-014) to 220 acres in the Revised Wolf Pup Project EA A) is a result of defering: stands 160 years and older, structurally complex stands suitable for northern spotted owl habitat (Recovery Action 32 stands), Red Tree Vole (RTV) sites found through protocol surveys. The Wolf Pup Planning Area is locatedjust west of the community of Wolf Creek, 1 mile south of the community of Glendale, and approximately 2 miles west of Interstate 5. The legal description of the Planning Area is Township (T) T.33S., R.7W., Sections 9-11, 13-15, 22-27, 34-36; T.33S., R.6W., Sections 16-21, 28-32; T.34S., R.7W., Section 1-3; and T.34S., R.6W., Section 6.
Public Protest/Appeal Start Date : 8/19/2010
Public Protest/Appeal End Date : 9/03/2010
Contact: Michelle Calvert
Contact Phone: (541) 471-6505
Program Areas: Timber/Silviculture