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Mountain of the Rogue Trail Project

Mountain of the Rogue Trail Project

The Bureau of Land Management is evaluating a possible nonmotorized trail system on BLM lands southeast of the town of Rogue River, Oregon. The proposed Mountain of the Rogue Trail would expand recreation opportunities for mountain bikers and hikers in the Rogue River Valley.

The BLM was approached by a local group, Rogue River Area Trail Stewards (Rogue RATS), interested in developing mountain biking trails near Rogue River. Subsequent meetings and field trips between the Rogue RATS and the BLM resulted in the selection of the present location for consideration. The BLM received a formal project proposal from Rogue RATS with suggested trail locations, to be constructed in phases as funding becomes available.


For more information about the Mountain of the Rogue Trail project, please view the following:

How You Can Be Involved

We have completed the environmental analysis for the Mountain of the Rogue Trail System project. Any comments you might have regarding this project must be received by April 9, 2014. Remember, comments may be made available for public review. If you would like your name or address withheld from public review, please state this clearly at the beginning of your written comment.

Open House

Thank you to the more than 50 people that attended our Open House on July 24. Your comments, ideas, and continued interest will play an important role in developing this project.

Contact Us

Mail or in Person

Medford District BLM Office
Butte Falls Resource Area (Attention: Trish Lindaman or Nick McDaniels)
3040 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504


Butte Falls Resource Area Field Manager
Jon Raby

Project Leads
Trish Lindaman (541-618-2391) or Nick McDaniels (541-618-2427)


BLM_OR_MD_Mail@blm.gov (include "Attention: Trish Lindaman" or "Attention: Nick McDaniels" in the subject line)