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Oregon / Washington

Medford District Office Directory

Medford District
3040 Biddle Road
Medford, OR 97504
Phone: 541-618-2200
Email: BLM_OR_MD_Mail@blm.gov
District Manager
Dayne Barron
Phone: (541) 618-2444
Associate District Manager
Mary Smelcer
Phone: (541) 618-2440
NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Allen, David AGS1101 - Roads & Right-Of-Way Specialist(541) 618-2472dallen@blm.gov
Allen, Kai-UweGS0023 - Recreation Planner(541) 471-6556kallen@blm.gov
Allen, Molly MGG0189 - Recreation Technician(541) 618-2468m2allen@blm.gov
Anderson, Ryan AWG8 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 618-2224raanderson@blm.gov
Anderson, Sean WGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 618-2350swanders@blm.gov
Arndt, Richard BGS1170 - Supervisory Realty Specialist(541) 618-2239rarndt@blm.gov
Arwood, Julie AGS0193 - Archaewologist(541) 471-6509jarwood@blm.gov
Assali, Desraye AGS0301 - Geographic Info System Specialist(541) 471-6511dassali@blm.gov
Barron, Dayne CGS0340 - District Manager(541) 618-2444d1barron@blm.gov
Bartholomew, Darin SGG0455 - Range Technician(541) 618-2268dbarthol@blm.gov
Bean, Kirby WGS1350 - Geologist (Cme)(541) 618-2233kbean@blm.gov
Benavides, Alex JGS1316 - Hydrologic Technician(541) 618-2218abenavid@blm.gov
Berge, James AGS0460 - Forester(541) 471-6555jberge@blm.gov
Bergin, John SGS0460 - Supervisory Forester(541) 618-2265jbergin@blm.gov
Blixt, John RGS0391 - Telecommunication Specialist(541) 618-2206jblixt@blm.gov
Boggess, Charles CGS0189 - Recreation Technician(541) 618-2318cboggess@blm.gov
Bollschweiler, Allen JGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 471-6653abollsch@blm.gov
Bonsi, Matthew DWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 618-2224mbonsi@blm.gov
Boyd, Lauren DGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Silviculture)(541) 618-2250lboyd@blm.gov
Brandy, Luke DGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2406lbrandy@blm.gov
Brimble, Jim EGS0301 - Natural Resource Staff Administrator(541) 471-6534jbrimble@blm.gov
Brown, Craig DGS0460 - Forester (Timber Sale Admin)(541) 618-2292c1brown@blm.gov
Brown, JeffGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2322j6brown@blm.gov
Brown, Mark AGS0301 - Planning and Evironmental Specialist(541) 471-6505m3brown@blm.gov
Brown, Rebecca AGS0025 - Park Ranger (Lead)(541) 471-6647r5brown@blm.gov
Brumm, Joel NGS0301 - Asst. Field Manager(541) 618-2256jbrumm@blm.gov
Byers, Lisa MGS0189 - Recreation Tech(541) 479-3773lbyers@blm.gov
Calvert, Michelle JGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 618-2252mcalvert@blm.gov
Calvert, Todd GGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 479-9883tcalvert@blm.gov
Cannon, Grant PGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 471-6629gcannon@blm.gov
Casillas, Harley EGS462 Forestry Aid(541) 618-2254hcasillas@blm.gov
Caulfield, David JGS0462 - Forestry Tech (C/A)(541) 471-6625dcaulfie@blm.gov
Chandler, Gregory DGS0401 - Fire Mgmt Spec (Pres Fire/Fuels)(541) 618-2267gchandle@blm.gov
Christian, TerranceGS0102 - Archeology Technician(541) 618-2331tchristi@blm.gov
Churchill, Cameron JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2226cchurchill@blm.gov
Clark, Shawn MGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 479-9883s1clark@blm.gov
Cochran, Rodney GWS5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 618-2224rcochran@blm.gov
Coyle, Kimberly AnneGS0404 - Biological Service Technician(541) 618-2253kcoyle@blm.gov
Crawford, Michael WGS0482 - Fish Biologist(541) 471-6621mcrawfor@blm.gov
Crutchley, Ron AGS0404 - Bio Science Tech (Wildlife)(541) 471-6568rcrutchl@blm.gov
Cuffe, Bridgette MGG0025 - Recreation Technician (Hike Leader)(541) 618-2294bcuffe@blm.gov
D'Angelo, Brent AGS0810 - Civil Engineer(541) 618-2262bdangelo@blm.gov
Dangelo, Judith LInformation Receptionist (Forest Service)(541) 471-6500jdangelo@blm.gov
Darner, Richard JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Cruiser/Appraiser)(541) 618-2277rdarner@blm.gov
Davison, Sarah FGS0460 - Forester(541) 471-6553sdavison@blm.gov
Dees, Robert DWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 618-2224rdees@blm.gov
Dejuilio, Jena BGS0408 - Ecologist (Fire Ecologist)(541) 618-2295jdejuili@blm.gov
Dent, Tanya LGS1170 - Realty Specialist(541) 618-2477t1dent@blm.gov
Depuglia, Shannon JGS0189 - Recreational Aid(541) 479-3773sdepuglia@blm.gov
Derrig, Michael JGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 618-2234mderrig@blm.gov
Donnell, Aaron JGS0482 - Fishery Biologist(541) 618-2237adonnell@blm.gov
Douglas, Gary LGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 618-2226gdouglas@blm.gov
Dove, William AGG0404 - Bio Science Tech (Wildlife)(541) 471-6632wdove@blm.gov
Eichamer, Dave JGS0301 - Data Manager(541) 618-2372deichame@blm.gov
Engleson, Leo LGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 618-2340lengleso@blm.gov
Ennis, Aaron WGS0193-Archaeologist (Term)(541) 471-6650aennis@blm.gov
Ericson, Duane AArcheology Technician(541) 618-2246dericson@blm.gov
Fairbanks, Theresa LGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2422tfairban@blm.gov
Fisher, Ferris LGS0460 - Forester(541) 471-6639ffisher@blm.gov
Fletscher, Theodore EGS0399 - Student Trainee (Administration)(541) 618-2357tfletscher@blm.gov
Fliegel, Ernest MGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 618-2253efliegel@blm.gov
Foster-Curley, Cheryl AGS0193 - Archaeologist(541) 618-2335cfostercurley@blm.gov
Freeman, Erica LGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 471-6601efreeman@blm.gov
Fukuda, Ken PGS0404 - Bio Science Tech (Wildlife)(541) 471-6567kfukuda@blm.gov
Gallimore, Jessica SGS0401 - Fire Mgmt Spec (Pres Fire/Fuels)(541) 618-2467jgallimore@blm.gov
Gallimore, Yanu LGS0401 - Fire Mgmt Spec (Pres Fire/Fuels)(541) 471-6527ygallimo@blm.gov
Gamache, Douglas AGS2005 - Supply Technician(541) 618-2225dgamache@blm.gov
Garner, Terrence SGS0460 - Lead Layout Forester(541) 618-2352tgarner@blm.gov
Gaylord, Byron GWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 618-2224bgaylord@blm.gov
Gentry, Thomas AGG0025 - Park Ranger(541) 479-3773tgentry@blm.gov
Gerritsma, John EGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 618-2438jgerrits@blm.gov
Glasgow, Justin KGS1001 - Interpretive Specialist(541) 618-2320jglasgow@blm.gov
Godwin, Steven AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 618-2346sgodwin@blm.gov
Goff, Holly AGS0303 - Staff Assistant(541) 618-2366hgoff@blm.gov
Goodwine, Nathaniel CGS0460 - Forester (Silviculture)(541) 618-2355ngoodwin@blm.gov
Gordon, Sean TGS0460 - Forester(541) 471-6557sgordon@blm.gov
Green, Vicki LGS0303 - Records Administration Asst (OA)(541) 618-2378vgreen@blm.gov
Hale, Karen LGS0462 - Assistant Center Manager(541) 618-2508khale@blm.gov
Haney, Stephen LGS0404 - Biological Science Tech(Data Steward)(541) 618-2530s1haney@blm.gov
Hase, Casey MGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 618-2343chase@blm.gov
Hass, Allison KClerk(541) 618-2384ahass@blm.gov
Hawkinson, Colby MGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 471-6610chawkinson@blm.gov
Hebb, Patricia LGS1102 - Contract Specialist(541) 618-2212phebb@blm.gov
Heddens, Levi JGS0025 - Recreation Technician(541) 618-2306lheddens@blm.gov
Heidy, Boyd MWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 618-2224bheidy@blm.gov
Hoffman, Dianne LGS0303 - Staff Assistant(541) 618-2488dlhoffman@blm.gov
Holcomb, Brett PGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2314bholcomb@blm.gov
Holden, Jacob WPark Ranger - STEP(541) 618-2412j1holden@blm.gov
Hsu, Mary CAssociate - GS0462 - Dispatcher(541) 618-2510mhsu@blm.gov
Jebb, Tamara MGS0437 - Horticulturist(541) 660-4762tjebb@blm.gov
Jennings, Todd RGS0817 - Survey Technician(541) 618-2489t1jennin@blm.gov
Joachims, Sasha RGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 618-2497sjoachim@blm.gov
Johnson, Charles DGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Analyst(541) 618-2271c3johnso@blm.gov
Johnson, Mary L(541) 618-2469m2johnso@blm.gov
Johnson, Stacy IGS0430 - Botanist(541) 471-6500sjohnson@blm.gov
Judd, LarryGS1373 - Supervisory Land Surveyor(541) 618-2228ljudd@blm.gov
Kalvels, Leo MGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 618-2288lkalvels@blm.gov
Kelleher, StephanieGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 618-2205skellehe@blm.gov
Kelly, Justin LGS0303 - Administrative Support Technician(541) 618-2249jkelly@blm.gov
Kendig, Douglas LGS0430 - Botanist(541) 618-2285dkendig@blm.gov
Kerwin, Anthony EGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 618-2402akerwin@blm.gov
Kiene, Jesse LGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 618-2226jkiene@blm.gov
Kimler, James DWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 479-1964jkimler@blm.gov
Klein, Jeanne MGS0023 - Supvy Outdoor Recr Planner(541) 618-2274jklein@blm.gov
Kostrzynski, John MGS0802 - Civil Engineer Technician(541) 618-2254jkostrzynski@blm.gov
Kramer, Chamise EGS0404 - Bio Science Tech (Plants)(541) 618-2450ckramer@blm.gov
Krupp, Gary WGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2238gkrupp@blm.gov
Lange, Robert WGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 471-6643r75lange@blm.gov
Langhofer, Sheryl LGS0303 - Resource Area Assistant(541) 618-2439slanghof@blm.gov
Langhoff, James PGS0343 - Management and Program Analyst(541) 618-2461j1langho@blm.gov
Lanni, Philip LGS0018 - Safety Manager(541) 618-2315planni@blm.gov
Larson, Chris JGS0404 - Bio Science Tech (Wildlife)(541) 471-6569c1larson@blm.gov
Larson, Jon WGS0401 - Fire Mgmt Spec (Pres Fire/Fuels)(541) 618-2414j1larson@blm.gov
Lawatch, Brian VTerm - Writer/Editor(541) 471-6558blawatch@blm.gov
LeBlanc, Paul CGS0460 - Forester(541) 944-6624pleblanc@blm.gov
Lee, Edwin BGS0303 - Administrative Support Clerk(541) 618-2394eblee@blm.gov
Lee, Susan EGS0301 - Special Projects Manager(541) 618-2291selee@blm.gov
Liberatore, Miriam GGS0XXX - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(541) 618-2412mliberat@blm.gov
Lindaman, Patricia AGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 618-2266tlindama@blm.gov
Lindsey, Douglas CGS0301 - Natural Resource Staff Administrator(541) 618-2324dlindsey@blm.gov
Lindsey, Tyler JGS1101 - Roads & Right-Of-Way Specialist(541) 618-2275tlindsey@blm.gov
Longbrake, Delbert KGS1101 - Roads & Right-Of-Way Specialist(541) 618-2329d1longbr@blm.gov
Loos, Michael SGS0460 - Forester (Timber Sale Admin)(541) 618-2305mloos@blm.gov
Lopez, Dominic JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2510dlopez@blm.gov
Lulich, John PGS0810 Civil Engineer(541) 618-2235jlulich@blm.gov
Lundeen, Ernest QGSXXXX - Land Surveyor(541) 618-2228elundeen@blm.gov
Lutes, Roy EGS0962 - Contact Representative(541) 471-6500rlutes@blm.gov
Lyda, CheryInformation Receptionist (Forest Service)(541) 471-6500clyda@blm.gov
Main, Michael BGS0401 - Fire Mgmt Spec (Pres Fire/Fuels)(541) 471-6526mmain@blm.gov
Manger, Tiffany RBio Tech(541) 618-2427tmanger@blm.gov
Marlow, Daria LGS2210 - IT Specialist(541) 618-2204dmarlow@blm.gov
Martin, Gregory SGS1176 - Building Manager(541) 618-2383g1martin@blm.gov
Mason, Alan PGS0401 - Fire Mgmt Spec (Pres Fire/Fuels)(541) 618-2391a1mason@blm.gov
Mason, SoniaGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(541) 618-2287s1mason@blm.gov
Mastrofini, Kristi JGS0301 - Natural Resource Staff Administrator (Timber)(541) 618-2313kmastrof@blm.gov
McCarty, Veronique EGS0399 - Student Trainee (Administration)(541) 618-2223vmccarty@blm.gov
McDaniel, Nicholas RGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2427nmcdanie@blm.gov
McGuire, Debra LGS0462 - Forestry Tech (Dispatch)(541) 618-2510dmcguire@blm.gov
Mcilroy, Gregory SGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 471-6536gmcilroy@blm.gov
McNeel, John CGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 618-2370jmcneel@blm.gov
Meredith, Amy CGS0470 - Soil Scientist(541) 618-2248ameredit@blm.gov
Meredith, Lisa MGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2333lmeredit@blm.gov
Metevier, Mark GGS0301 - Supervisory Geographic Information Specialist(541) 618-2341mmetevier@blm.gov
Million, Bonnie MGS0301 - Assistant Field Manager(541) 471-6524bmillion@blm.gov
Million, ZachGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 618-2318zmillion@blm.gov
Minor, Kathleen PGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 618-2245kminor@blm.gov
Mitchell, Allen DGS0401 - Fire Management Officer(541) 618-2236a2mitche@blm.gov
Moberly, Gary NInteragency Dispatch Manager(541) 618-2509gmoberly@blm.gov
Montfort, Timothy CGS1316 - Hydrologic Technician(541) 618-2214tmontfor@blm.gov
Montgomery-Borg, Pauline MGS0462 - Forestry Tech (Silviculture)(541) 471-6537pmontgom@blm.gov
Mousseaux, Mark RGS0430 - State Botantist(541) 618-2232mmoussea@blm.gov
Mulder, KevinGS1373 - Land Surveyor(541) 618-2230kmulder@blm.gov
Musser, Todd DGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 618-2255tmusser@blm.gov
Mustain, DaleGS0817 - Survey Technician(541) 618-2228dmustain@blm.gov
Myers, Ellen GGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 618-2293egmyers@blm.gov
Nichol, JaredGS0341 - Administrative Officer(541) 618-2363jnichol@blm.gov
Niles, Darren MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2453dniles@blm.gov
Noel, Amanda RGS0189 - Recreation Tech(541) 618-2274anoel@blm.gov
O'Brien, Matthew JWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 618-2224mjobrien@blm.gov
O'Connor, Ginelle MGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 618-2423gmoconno@blm.gov
Orban, DavidGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2368dorban@blm.gov
Osipovich, Peter LGS0455/0462 - Range/Forestry Tech (Fire)(541) 618-2226posipovich@blm.gov
Pardon, Amy HGG0455 - Range Technician(541) 618-2268apardon@blm.gov
Parker, Jonas NGS-1315 Hydrologist(541) 618-2361j1parker@blm.gov
Parks, Corey JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 618-2270c1parks@blm.gov
Parry, Diane EGS1350 - Geologist(541) 618-2353dparry@blm.gov
Perez Gonzalez, Crystal AGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2321cperezgo@blm.gov
Pierle, Robert PGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2240rpierle@blm.gov
Pope, David LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 479-1964d1pope@blm.gov
Pose, Marlin KGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 471-6617mpose@blm.gov
Price, Amy LGS0404 - Biological Science Tech (Wildlife)(541) 471-6570aprice@blm.gov
Price, Larry DGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 846-7296l1price@blm.gov
Quackenbush, Roy AGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 618-2328rquacken@blm.gov
Queen-Foster, Sarah LGS0460 - Forester (Lead Forester)(541) 471-6624squeen@blm.gov
Raby, Jon KGS0340 - Associate District Manager(541) 618-2260jraby@blm.gov
Rambo, Arthur RGS1373 - Land Surveyor(541) 618-2360arambo@blm.gov
Randall, Vincent DGS0460 - Supervisory Forester(541) 471-6507vrandall@blm.gov
Rasmussen, Genivieve DGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 618-2348grasmuss@blm.gov
Raybourn, Jon EGS0482 - Fish Biologist(541) 471-6635jraybour@blm.gov
Rebischke, Armand AGS0430 - Botanist(541) 618-2269arebisch@blm.gov
Reilly, Jason MGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 471-6603jreilly@blm.gov
Rentz, George CGS0462 - Forestrer Cruiser/Appraiser(541) 618-2242grentz@blm.gov
Rheiner, Philip MGS0340 - Assistant Field Manager - Recreation(541) 471-6614prheiner@blm.gov
Rice, Lisa AGS0193 - Archeologist(541) 618-2280larice@blm.gov
Ripley, William WGS0460 - Forester(541) 618-2276w1ripley@blm.gov
Roberts, Denise CGS0303 - Resource Area Assistant(541) 618-2487droberts@blm.gov
Robeson, Joshua WGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 618-2258jrobeson@blm.gov
Roelofs, David AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 618-2413droelofs@blm.gov
Sanborn, Jennifer GGS0401 - Assistant Field Manager(541) 618-2259jsanborn@blm.gov
Schaeffer, Laura LGS0460 - Forester(541) 471-6623lschaeff@blm.gov
Schaff, Richard JGS0802- Civil Engineer(541) 618-2244rschaff@blm.gov
Schofield, Leah JGS0301 - Assistant Field Manager(541) 471-6504lschofie@blm.gov
Schroeder, Brian CRecreation Tech(541) 621-5086b1schroe@blm.gov
Sease, Norman DGS1176 - Building Maintenance(541) 618-2332nsease@blm.gov
Serabia, Jerry MGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 618-2362jserabia@blm.gov
Showalter, Paul MGS0470/1315 - Soil Scientist/Hydrologist(541) 471-6626pshowalter@blm.gov
Showalter, Rachel MGS0430 - Botanist(541) 471-6539rshowalt@blm.gov
Siemer, Eric SGS7462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2203esiemer@blm.gov
Sikes, Brandon GGS0802 - Engineering Technician(541) 618-2286bsikes@blm.gov
Simpson, Shawn LGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 618-2460ssimpson@blm.gov
Simrell, Natalie LGS0401 - Asst Fire Mgmt Officer(541) 618-2241nsimrell@blm.gov
Slover, Tanner LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 479-1964tlslover@blm.gov
Slover, Travis GWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 476-4432tslover@blm.gov
Smith, Colton LGS0460 - Forester (Engineering)(541) 471-6533clsmith@blm.gov
Smith, JenniferGS0560 - Budget Analyst(541) 618-2463j7smith@blm.gov
Snider, Robin AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 618-2496rsnider@blm.gov
Snider, Ryan DGS0301 - Geographic Info System Specialist(541) 618-2337r1snider@blm.gov
Stanley, Cheryl LGS0303 - Administrative Support Assistant(541) 618-2215cstanley@blm.gov
Stanton, JasonLaw Enforecement(541) 474-5123jstanton@blm.gov
Stephens, JeffreyGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 618-2499j2stephe@blm.gov
Stephens, Joseph SGS2005 - Supply Technician(541) 618-2208s2stephe@blm.gov
Stevens, Nancy SGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(541) 618-2272nstevens@blm.gov
Tally, Ian QGS0189 - Recreation Technician(541) 618-2281itally@blm.gov
Tankersley, Anna CGS0962 - Public Contact Representative(541) 471-6651atankersley@blm.gov
Tarrant, Jason CGS0460 - Forester (Silviculture)(541) 618-2429jtarrant@blm.gov
Tate, Norvery JGS0460 - Forester (Silviculture)(541) 618-2278n1tate@blm.gov
Timmons, Steve CGS0401 - Natural Resources Mgmt Spec(541) 618-2302stimmons@blm.gov
Uemura, Tracy YGS2210 - IT Specialist (CUSTSPT)(541) 618-2432tuemura@blm.gov
Vaninetti, JoeGS0819 - Recreation Technician(541) 479-3773jvaninetti@blm.gov
VanProoyen, Randall PGS0460 - Forester (Timber Sale Admin)(541) 471-6600rvprooye@blm.gov
Vetter, Chad JGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 618-2202c1vetter@blm.gov
Vice, Michael AGS0303 - Resource Area Assistant(541) 471-6503mvice@blm.gov
Voelkel, Leslie DGS1170 - Realty Specialist(541) 618-2217lvoelkel@blm.gov
Volpe, Christopher JGS0482 - Fish Biologist(541) 618-2462cvolpe@blm.gov
Voss, Morgan AGS1311 - Physical Science Technician(541) 618-2379mvoss@blm.gov
Ward, Peggy GGS0962 - Contact Representative(541) 618-2200pward@blm.gov
Webb Smith, Nichol DGS0303 - Operations Support Assistant(541) 618-2377n3smith@blm.gov
Wedekind, Cindy MGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 471-6633cwedekin@blm.gov
Wender, Bryan WGS0430 - Botanist(541) 471-6549bwender@blm.gov
Wharton, DustinGS1170 - O&C ROW Realty Specialist(541) 471-6659dwharton@blm.gov
Whiteaker, Vickie AGG0025 - Park Ranger (River Patrol)(541) 479-3773vwhiteak@blm.gov
Whitehead, Jameson KGS0189 - Recreation Technician(541) 618-2369jwhitehead@blm.gov
Whittington, James GGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(541) 618-2220jwhittin@blm.gov
Wicks, Robyn LGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 618-2458rwicks@blm.gov
Williams, Jean AGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(541) 618-2385j5willia@blm.gov
Wineteer, Marcia LGS0430 - Botanist(541) 618-2494mwinetee@blm.gov
Witte, Michael AGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 618-2251mwitte@blm.gov
Worman, Aaron SGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 618-2247aworman@blm.gov
Wright, Jennifer LGS0343 - Management and Program Analyst(541) 618-2393jwright@blm.gov
Wright, John PGS1640 - Supv Facility Operations Specialist(541) 618-2243j2wright@blm.gov
Wright, Juanita LGS1170 - Realty Specialist(541) 618-2345j1wright@blm.gov
Young, Eric JGS0189 - Recreation Aid(541) 479-9883ejyoung@blm.gov
Young, JeffreyWG5803 - Heavy Mobile Equip Mech(541) 618-2224j3young@blm.gov
Yow, Thomas AGS0189 - Recreation Technician(541) 618-2256tyow@blm.gov
Zanitsch, Thomas FGS1101 - Property Management Specialist (Lead)(541) 618-2441tzanitsc@blm.gov
Ziegler, Birgit SGG0025 - Park Ranger(541) 471-6500bziegler@blm.gov
Zurhellen, Barbara AGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 471-6648bzurhell@blm.gov