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Oregon / Washington

Lakeview District Office Directory

Lakeview District
1301 S. "G" Street
Lakeview, OR 97630
Phone: 541-947-2177
Email: BLM_OR_LV_Mail@blm.gov
District Manager
E. Lynn Burkett
Phone: (541) 947-6100
NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Albertson, Alan PGS0391 - Telecommunications Specialist(541) 947-6165aalberts@blm.gov
Albertson, Greg L.WG5803 - Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic(541) 947-6262galbertson@blm.gov
Anderson, Jamison WWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 947-6273j2anderso@blm.gov
Anderson, Jeff LGS2210 - Supervisory IT Specialist(541) 219-1283j5anders@blm.gov
Anderson, Robyn LGS0303 Administrativel Assistant(541) 947-6152rlanderson@blm.gov
Angell, Mike JGS0460 - Forester(541) 885-4122mangell@blm.gov
Aquino, ChelseaGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 885-4125caquino@blm.gov
Austin, Terry MPlanning and Environmental Coordinator(541) 885-4142taustin@blm.gov
Baker, Vicki RGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 947-6190vbaker@blm.gov
Barta, Craig S(541) 885-4151csbarta@blm.gov
Bergren, Kenneth CGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(541) 947-6183kbergren@blm.gov
Bernier, Heather AGS0401 - Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist(541) 883-6916hbernier@blm.gov
Bishop, Christopher CGS0499 - Recreation (Range/Forestry Technician)(541) 947-6185cbishop@blm.gov
Blofsky, Allan MCrew 7 Assistant Superintendant(541) 885-4175ablofsky@blm.gov
Blythe, Philip NGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 947-6147pblythe@blm.gov
Boles, Kenneth RGS0462 - Forestry Tech(541) 885-4187kboles@blm.gov
Boothe, William LGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 947-6141lboothe@blm.gov
Boudreau, Debora MGS1170 - Realty Specialist - WAE(541) 885-4150dboudreau@blm.gov
Brown, Danny RGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 545-6746d1brown@blm.gov
Broyles, Matthew DGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 885-4109mbroyles@blm.gov
Bryan, Alec LGS0454-Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 885-4143abryan@blm.gov
Burgoyne, Daniel SGS0802 - Civil Engineering Technician(541) 947-6131dburgoyn@blm.gov
Burkett, Edith LGSxxxx -District Manager(541) 947-6100eburkett@blm.gov
Burns, Clareanna MGS0102 - Archaeological Technician(541) 947-6111cburns@blm.gov
Campbell, Donald RGDS0462 - Forstry Technician(541) 885-4162dcampbell@blm.gov
Campbell, Madeline IGS0460 - Forester(541) 885-4130m1campbe@blm.gov
Cannon, Janine VGS0301 - Supervisory Data Records Administrator(541) 947-6106jcannon@blm.gov
Cannon, William JGS0193 - Archeologist(541) 947-6111b1cannon@blm.gov
Cantrell, David WGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician(541) 885-4192d2cantre@blm.gov
Clemens, Michael LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 947-6327mclemens@blm.gov
Clemens, Saira CGS2150 - Supervisory Fleet Manager(541) 947-6217sclemens@blm.gov
Cole, Joan EGS0962 - Contact Representative(541) 885-4108j1cole@blm.gov
Cooper, Lisa MGS462-Forestry Tech/Dispatcher(541) 947-6129lmcooper@blm.gov
Corbin, Chadwright JGS0189 - Recreation Aid(541) 947-6122cjcorbin@blm.gov
Cox, Hanna RIntern(541) 885-4149hcox@blm.gov
Crumley, Lori JRangeland Management Specialist(541) 947-6118lcrumley@blm.gov
Crumrine, Robert JGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(541) 947-6264bcrumrin@blm.gov
Cutler, Michael LRange Management Specialist(541) 947-6133mcutler@blm.gov
D'Amo, Philip LGeologist(541) 947-6114pdamo@blm.gov
Duke, Mary AGS2210 - Information Specialist (CUSTSUPPORT)(541) 885-4176m3duke@blm.gov
Durant, Shane RGS0460 - Forester(541) 885-4124sdurant@blm.gov
Ferrell, Jayna LGS0454-Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 947-6145jferrell@blm.gov
Forbes, James (Todd)GS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 947-6102tforbes@blm.gov
Foster, Cynthia MGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(541) 885-4140cmfoster@blm.gov
Gibilisco, Timothy SGS0462 - Module Leader(541) 885-4187tgibilisco@blm.gov
Glade, Roland SMaintance crew Lead(541) 947-6327rglade@blm.gov
Goetsch, Mark AGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4162mgoetsch@blm.gov
Graham, Lorna LGS0303 - Fire Support Assistant (OA)(541) 947-6178llgraham@blm.gov
Grinter, Ian LBotanist(541) 947-6148igrinter@blm.gov
Gruber, Esther LBudget Analyst(541) 947-6125egruber@blm.gov
Hahn, Eric JGS0462 - Supervosiry Forestry Technician(541) 947-6180ehahn@blm.gov
Hamblin, TimothySCEP - Forestry Aid(541) 885-4138thamblin@blm.gov
Harrington, Abel JGS0455 - Supervisory Forestry Tech (Fire)(541) 947-6180aharring@blm.gov
Harrington, Ian MGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 947-6180iharring@blm.gov
Haskins, Grace JGS0401 - NRS(541) 947-6156ghaskins@blm.gov
Haskins, Matthew RGS0462-05 Forestry Technician(541) 947-6180mhaskins@blm.gov
Havel, Scott EGS0462 - Supervisory Forest Tech(541) 281-5224sehavel@blm.gov
Havel, Stacey AGS0462 - Dispatcher(541) 947-6315shavel@blm.gov
Hawksley, Tara JFS - Administrative Program Specialist(541) 947-6154thawksley@blm.gov
Hayner, Stephen GGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 885-4126shayner@blm.gov
Hennagin, Edward TGS2210 - ITSpecialist(541) 947-6168ehennagi@blm.gov
Hescock, SaraArchaeological Techncian(541) 885-4114shescock@blm.gov
Hickman, Amanda AGS0455 - Range Tech(541) 947-6181ahickman@blm.gov
Holmstrom, Donald JGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 885-4101dholmstr@blm.gov
Ishida, Mitchell GGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 947-6180mishida@blm.gov
Jensen, James CGS0460 - Forester(541) 885-4190jcjensen@blm.gov
Johnson, Joel BGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Tech(541) 231-0218jbjohnson@blm.gov
Johnson, Ryan CForestry Technician(775) 289-1925rcjohnson@blm.gov
Jones, Jonathan SGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4162j5jones@blm.gov
Karalus, Kim KGS0455 - Assistant Dispatch Center Manager(541) 947-6219kkkaralus@blm.gov
Kerr, David CWG5803 - Heavy Mobile Equipment Mechanic(541) 947-6321dkerr@blm.gov
Kikla, Evan MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4116ekikla@blm.gov
Kirkham, Kathy LGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4123kkirkham@blm.gov
Knowles, Kathy AGS0301 - Management Support Specialist(541) 947-6231kaknowle@blm.gov
Lammers, Seana MService First Administration OfficerAssocaite(541) 947-6202slammers@blm.gov
Lansdowne, John CGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 947-6181jlansdow@blm.gov
Leach, Michael IGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 947-6315mleach@blm.gov
Leal, Gabriel JSeasonal Rec Tech(541) 947-6185gjleal@blm.gov
Leal, Gabrielle RGSxxxx - Range Technician(541) 947-6144gleal@blm.gov
Leal, James JGS0482 - Fisheries Biologist(541) 947-6120jleal@blm.gov
Legg, Adam RGS-0303-Admin Support Assistant(541) 947-2177alegg@blm.gov
Leppert, Jessica JGS0404 - Biological Technicianjleppert@blm.gov
Limb, Michael CGS0401 - Natural Resources Management Specialist(541) 885-4144mlimb@blm.gov
Ludwig, Jami LAssistant Field Manager(541) 947-6134jludwig@blm.gov
Lysne, Michael PGS0201 - Human Resources Specialist(541) 947-6153mlysne@blm.gov
Martin, Julie AGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 947-6109j2martin@blm.gov
Masterson, Robert SGS0462 - Forestry Tech(541) 885-4174rmasterson@blm.gov
Mayea, Lora BFleet Management(541) 885-4131lmayea@blm.gov
McGirr, MikeCrew 7 Superintendant(541) 885-4164mmcgirr@blm.gov
Meisinger, Brent AGS0401 Fire Management Officer(541) 947-6173bmeising@blm.gov
Millar, Justin SGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4100jsmillar@blm.gov
Mills, David PGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4162dmills@blm.gov
Montecino, Christopher RGS0462 - Forestry Tech(541) 885-4164cmontecino@blm.gov
Montgomery, Thomas LGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 883-6916tmontgomery@blm.gov
Mungall, Ryan TGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4193rmungall@blm.gov
Nash, Eric RGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 545-6746enash@blm.gov
Nash, Kodi JGS0962 - Contact Representative(541) 883-6916kjnash@blm.gov
Naughton, KristyForestry Tech(541) 885-4138knaughto@blm.gov
Naylor II, Laird PGS0193 - Archeologist(541) 885-4139lnaylor@blm.gov
O'Hare, Jeremiah FGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4164johare@blm.gov
Ogden, Eric SGS-0462 Forestry Technician(541) 885-4162eogden@blm.gov
Owens, John AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 947-6140jowens@blm.gov
Phillips, Charles JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 947-6315cphillip@blm.gov
Pinckney, Tonya LGS455 - Range Technician(541) 885-4113tpinckne@blm.gov
Price, James WGS0401 - Fuels Specialist(541) 947-6184j1price@blm.gov
Probasco, David JGSO486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 947-6135dprobasco@blm.gov
Reichl, Jeremy JWS5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator Supervisor(541) 947-6301jreichl@blm.gov
Reidelbach, Greggory RGS0462 - Forestry Tech(541) 885-4164greidelbach@blm.gov
Reinarz, Lois KGS0503 - Financial Technician(541) 947-6150lreinarz@blm.gov
Romasko, Theresa LGS0454 - Range Management Specialist(541) 947-6143tromasko@blm.gov
Roninger, Robert HGS-482 Fisheries Biologist(541) 885-4173rroninge@blm.gov
Runnels, ChristopherGS0404 - Biological Technician(541) 885-4137crunnels@blm.gov
Schott, Christopher BGS0462 - Forestry Tech(541) 885-4164cschott@blm.gov
Smith, Brett MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 947-6180b1smith@blm.gov
Smith, Michael TWG6907 - Materials Handler(541) 947-6172msmith@blm.gov
Stewardson, Kathryn MGS0102 - Archeological Technician(541) 947-6119ksteward@blm.gov
Stoffel, Paul SGS0301 - Administrative Officer(541) 947-6122pstoffel@blm.gov
Suba, Susan RGS0462 - Assistant Center Manager(541) 947-6315ssuba@blm.gov
Sullivan, Gregory SGS0462 - Supervisory Forestry Technician(541) 885-4116gsullivan@blm.gov
Thames, Shane LGS0462 - Forestry Technician (Fire)(541) 947-6189sthames@blm.gov
Theall, Shannon KGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 947-6274s1theall@blm.gov
Thomas, Teresa Le AnneAssociate - Dispatcher(541) 947-6315teresathomas@blm.gov
Wallace, Russell BGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4162rwallace@blm.gov
Weidenbach, Grant CGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 885-4102gweidenb@blm.gov
Whitman, Paul LGS0028 - Planning & Environmental Coordinator(541) 947-6110pwhitman@blm.gov
Wilkie, Shara RGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 947-6315swilkie@blm.gov
Wilkie, Trenton WGS0462 - Fire Operations Supervisor(541) 947-6176twilkie@blm.gov
Withrow, Benjamin KGS0462 - Forestry Tech(541) 885-4193bwithrow@blm.gov
Witkowski, Christopher JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 885-4162cwitkowski@blm.gov
Wolf, Eric TGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(541) 947-6183ewolf@blm.gov
Zarosinski, Melissa KGS-0462-05 Forestry Technician(541) 947-6315mzarosin@blm.gov
Zoppetti, JuliaFuels Management Specialist(541) 885-4177jzoppett@blm.gov