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Oregon / Washington

Eugene Off-Highway Vehicles

Although fire season officially ends on 10/26/2015 for the lands in the Shotgun Creek Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) riding area, please remain cautious as conditions may still be very dry in some areas.

To check on the current IFPL level of area EL-1 or other areas in Oregon, go to: http://www.oregon.gov/odf/pages/fire/precautionlevel.aspx or call 541-726-3555.

Shotgun OHV Trail System

  • 34 miles of managed OHV routes (primarily for Class I and III, with one trail for Class II and IV)
  • Routes are signed, mapped, and provide a range of challenge opportunities
  • Trails connected by paved and gravel roads intersecting public and private lands
  • Two staging sites established
  • Elevation varies from 758 to 2,864 feet
Cascade View

Cascade View OHV Complex

  • Day Use only (open sunrise to sunset).
  • Any organized, commercial, or competitive group wishing to have an event at the site, please contact the Eugene District BLM office.  Casual use is allowed without permit.
  • Interim map reflecting new area available here.

All trails are open to non-motorized trail enthusiasts. Please watch for them; demonstrate good trail etiquette and yield them the right-of-way. Like OHV users, they are also seeking recreational enjoyment.

An interim map of the Shotgun OHV Trail System is available here, and you can obtain a hard copy at the Eugene District BLM office or in a map box at the staging site.

What Do I Need to Know to Ride Right?

Fire Precautions

  • Shotgun OHV Trail System is closed to motorized use while Industrial Fire Precaution Level (IFPL) area EL-1 is at a level III or IV.
  • A fire extinguisher (8 oz. min.) is required on every OHV while riding during Regulated Use Closure, no matter what the IFPL.
  • To check for Regulated Use and IFPL levels, go to http://www.oregon.gov/odf/pages/fire/precautionlevel.aspx or call the 24-hour IFPL information line at 541-726-3555 for current conditions of area EL-1.

What vehicle can I ride?

The Shotgun OHV system includes trails open to Class I, II, III, and IV vehicles. However, not every trail is open to all classes. Itís important that you refer to trail markers and the OHV map to determine if your vehicle of choice is permitted on any given trail. Trails open to ATVs (Class I) are limited to those less than 50 inches wide.

Where can I ride?

OHVs are allowed on signed trails, graveled roads, signed paved road segments (i.e., shared-use roads), and staging sites.

Jeep on Shotgun Trail #2

What areas or corridors are off-limits?

OHV travel on unsigned trails is prohibited on public and private land. Riding cross-country between signed trails, and on cutbanks and fillslopes is also prohibited. Riding on primitive travel corridors (e.g., skid roads, deer trails, etc.)—regardless of how they originated—is prohibited.

What are the registration requirements?

What are the equipment requirements?

  • OHVs must be equipped with a Forest Service approved arrester.
  • Mufflers must meet current DEQ noise standard level of 99db or less using the 20” test.
  • Headlights and taillights are required during periods of limited visibility.
  • All riders under age 18 must wear a helmet.

Do I need a special license?

  • As of Jan. 1, 2014 all riders must have a valid ATV Safety Education Card.
  • Operators with a suspended or revoked drivers license may not operate any class ATV.

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