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Oregon / Washington

Eugene District Office Directory

Eugene District
3106 Pierce Parkway Suite E
Springfield, OR 97477
Public Desk: 541-683-6600
Toll Free: 888-442-3061
Fax: 541-683-6981
Email: BLM_OR_EU_Mail@blm.gov
Building Hours: 8:00am - 4:30pm, M-F
District Manager
Virginia Grilley
Phone: 541-683-6988
Associate District Manager
Polly Shannon
Phone: 541-683-6992
NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Adcock, Cheryl LGS0301 - NRS Administrator(541) 683-6145cadcock@blm.gov
Adcock, Michael GGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6285madcock@blm.gov
Aleman, Elizabeth RGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 683-7578ealeman@blm.gov
Allison, Kristen MFire Management Specialist(541) 683-6124kmalliso@blm.gov
Anderson, Joshua AGS0503 - Financial Technician(541) 683-6149jaanderson@blm.gov
Ankeny, Kasey AWG5716 - Equipment Operator(541) 683-6960kankeny@blm.gov
Barr, Brian EGS1316 - Hydrological Technician(541) 683-6497bbarr@blm.gov
Barr, Kelly AGS0525 - Accounting Technician(541) 683-6188kbarr@blm.gov
Barry, Sheila MGS0462- Forestry Technician(541) 225-6414sbarry@blm.gov
Bickford, Brian LGS0460 - Supervisory Forester(541) 683-6164bbickfor@blm.gov
Bickford, SarahGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6159sbickfor@blm.gov
Bliss, Daniel BGS0817 - Survey Technician(541) 683-6279dbliss@blm.gov
Blow, John MGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 683-6495jblow@blm.gov
Blundon, Brett WGS-0482 - District Fisheries Biologist(541) 683-6195bblundon@blm.gov
Brown, Evan CGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 683-6426ebrown@blm.gov
Bush, Todd AGS0028-Environmental Protection Specialist(541) 683-6443tbush@blm.gov
Buss, Matthew JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6453mjbuss@blm.gov
Carnahan, Joshua MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6983jcarnaha@blm.gov
Castelli, Pierino TGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6499pcastelli@blm.gov
Cate, Christina LGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6161ccate@blm.gov
Chapman, Luke AGS0817 - Survey Technician(541) 683-6168lchapman@blm.gov
Christensen, Daniel AGS1101 - Property Management Specialist(541) 683-6107dchriste@blm.gov
Christensen, Kira BGS0810 - Civil Engineer(541) 683-6132kchristensen@blm.gov
Coble, Teresa LGS0404 - Natural Resource Technician(541) 683-6257t1coble@blm.gov
Conklin, Chad SWG5716 - Equipment Operator(541) 683-6960cconklin@blm.gov
Coumas, Carmen MGS0404 - Biological Technician(541) 767-0442ccoumas@blm.gov
Cranmer, Kyle MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6646kcranmer@blm.gov
Crawford, Michael SGS0460 - Forester(541) 767-0460m60crawf@blm.gov
Cuevas, SamuelGS0391 - Telecommunications Specialist(541) 683-6488scuevas@blm.gov
D'Agrosa, Matthew PGS0404 - Biological Technician (Wildlife)(541) 683-6558mdagrosa@blm.gov
Daniel, Keith LGS-0802 Civil Engineering Technician(541) 683-6967kdaniel@blm.gov
Dao, ShawnnaGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6791sdao@blm.gov
Dedrick, Dana CLTWC Coordinator(541) 338-7055ddedrick@blm.gov
Detlef, Joel AGS0460 - Forester (Contract Administrator)(541) 683-6264jdetlef@blm.gov
Dhillon, KanGS404 - Biological Tech(541) 683-6170kdhillon@blm.gov
Dotson, Bryan JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6291bdotson@blm.gov
Douglas, Kelly EGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 683-6973kdouglas@blm.gov
Duclos, Brian TWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 683-6960bduclos@blm.gov
Eastman, Jonathan VGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6232jeastman@blm.gov
Ehrich, Donald WGS0301 - Human Res Staff Administrator(541) 683-6420dehrich@blm.gov
Fawcett, KarenWildlife Biologist (NCASI)(541) 683-6582kfawcett@blm.gov
Fieber, Michael AGS0193 - Archaeologist(541) 683-6142mfieber@blm.gov
Finn, Christopher GGS0460 - Supervisory Forester(541) 683-6421cfinn@blm.gov
Fuller, Douglas BGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6427dbfuller@blm.gov
Goins, Matthew HGS2005 - Supply Technician(541) 683-6442mgoins@blm.gov
Goldenberg, Douglas MGS0430 - Botanist(541) 683-6462d1golden@blm.gov
Gough, Dale SGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist (GIS)(541) 683-6984dgough@blm.gov
Graham, Joseph NGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6787j2graham@blm.gov
Greenquist, Eric AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 683-6114egreenqu@blm.gov
Gregory, RonaldGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6634rgregory@blm.gov
Hallinan, Michael LGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6966mhallina@blm.gov
Hamilton, Andrew SGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 683-6430a1hamilt@blm.gov
Hardenbrook, Christie LGS1170 - Realty Specialist(541) 683-6110chardenb@blm.gov
Hardt, Richard AGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 683-6690rhardt@blm.gov
Hedrick, Gregory JGS0810 - Civil Engineer(541) 683-6796ghedrick@blm.gov
Heisler, Heidi AWetlands LTWC Fiscal Manager(541) 338-7055
Hicks, Patricia LGS0201 - Lead Human Resources Specialist(541) 683-6686p1hicks@blm.gov
Hoshaw, Robert MLTWC Operations Manager(541) 338-7060
Hovland, Davis WWG4737 - General Equipment Mechanic(541) 767-0453d60hovla@blm.gov
Huckabee, Deena LGS0301 - Administrative Support Assistant(541) 683-6224dhuckabe@blm.gov
Humphress, Stephanie AGS0404 - Biological Technician (Wildlife)(541) 683-6436shumphress@blm.gov
Huppi, Peter JGS0802 - Civil Engineering Technician(541) 683-6171phuppi@blm.gov
Jackson, Thomas EGS2210 - IT Specialist (SysAdmin/Appsw)(541) 683-6799tjackson@blm.gov
Johnsen, Gwyn EWildlife Biologist (NCASI)(541) 683-6173gjohnsen@blm.gov
Johnson, Eric MGS0401 - Assistant Fire Management Officer(541) 683-6484ejohnson@blm.gov
Johnson, Patricia LGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6782p3johnso@blm.gov
Johnston, Larry WGS0401 - Orchardist(541) 767-0446ljohnsto@blm.gov
Johnston, Patricia KGS0430 - Botanist(541) 683-6181pjohnsto@blm.gov
Judy, Wade HGS0023 - Recreation Planner(541) 683-6457wjudy@blm.gov
Kaltenbach, RobinGS1105 - Purchasing Agent(541) 683-6089rkaltenbach@blm.gov
Kaul, Jed MLong Tom Watershed(541) 338-7058
Kennedy, David PGS-0404-07 - Biological Technician(541) 683-6405dpkennedy@blm.gov
Kessel, Sheryl AInteragency Communications Center Manager(541) 225-6404skessel@blm.gov
Klein, Sharon LGS0404 - Biological Technician (Wildlife)(541) 683-6167sklein@blm.gov
Koester, Gregory JGS1001 - Public Information Assistant(541) 683-6222gkoester@blm.gov
Korn, Michael JGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 683-6792mkorn@blm.gov
Krestik, Joel SGS1001 - Public Information Assistant(541) 683-6403jkrestik@blm.gov
Langdon, Christopher AGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 683-6693clangdon@blm.gov
LeRoy, Jessica RGS0802 - Civil Engineering Technician(541) 683-6274jrleroy@blm.gov
Liebhardt, Steven DGS0482 - Fisheries Biologist(541) 683-6454sliebhar@blm.gov
Lund, George AWG-6907, Material Handler(541) 683-6423glund@blm.gov
Lynch, Joseph GGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6739jlynch@blm.gov
Maahs, Tracy LGS1170 - Lead Realty Specialist(541) 683-6376tmaahs@blm.gov
MacKendrick, Katharine SLTWC Restoration Specialist(541) 338-7033kmackendrick@blm.gov
Mallette, Patricia AGS0340 - Associate District Manager(541) 683-6992pmallette@blm.gov
Mannix, Joseph MGS1373 - Land Surveyor(541) 683-6122jmannix@blm.gov
Matson, Matthew DGS2210 - IT Specialist/Desktop Support(541) 683-6777mmatson@blm.gov
Mayrsohn, Cheryl LGS0430 - Botanist(541) 683-6407cmayrsoh@blm.gov
McCaslin, Jason AGS0404 - Biological Techn (Wildlife)(541) 683-6555jmccasli@blm.gov
McCauley, Shawn VGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6458smccaule@blm.gov
Meckley, Debra DGS0343 - Management Analyst(541) 683-6798d1meckle@blm.gov
Millay, Michael VGS0802 - Civil Engineering Technician(541) 683-6152mmillay@blm.gov
Miller, Randell CGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 683-6580r1miller@blm.gov
Morales, Eloy MAssociate - Customer Service Representative(541) 225-6300emorales@blm.gov
Mortensen, Robert WGS2210 - IT Specialist (Network)(541) 683-6986rmortens@blm.gov
Murtha, Bridget AGS0404 - Biological Technician (Wildlife)(541) 683-6694bmurtha@blm.gov
O'Sullivan, William KGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 683-6287wosulliv@blm.gov
O'Toole, Peter LGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6786p1otoole@blm.gov
Palacios, Luis FGS0810 - Civil Engineer(541) 683-6961lpalacio@blm.gov
Pastor, Richard AGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 683-6275rpastor@blm.gov
Paulete, Francisca EGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(541) 683-6976fpaulete@blm.gov
Payer, Brandon DGS0460 - Forester (Contract Administrator)(541) 683-6659bpayer@blm.gov
Phillips, Cynthia LGS0303 - Resource Support Technician(541) 683-6776clphilli@blm.gov
Pisani, Peter CGS1371 - Cartographic Technician(541) 683-6593ppisani@blm.gov
Poole, Leo MGS0482 - Fisheries Biologist(541) 683-6289lpoole@blm.gov
Preece, Robert LGS0404 - Biological Science Technician(541) 683-7184rpreece@blm.gov
Premdas, SharmilaGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(541) 683-6794spremdas@blm.gov
Ray, Terry RGS0303 - Resource Support Techniican(541) 683-6417tray@blm.gov
Robbins, Janet LGS0301 - NRS Administrator(541) 683-6465j6robbin@blm.gov
Ruegger, Jay AGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist (GIS)(541) 683-6249jruegger@blm.gov
Rule, Albert RGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6538arule@blm.gov
Russell-Davis, Peggie DGS0201 - Human Resources Specialist(541) 683-6240p60russe@blm.gov
Scheid, Gregory MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6779gscheid@blm.gov
Scott Cervantes, Brenda KayLTWC Program & Operations Assistant(541) 338-7042
Sheeks, Sally AGS0301 - Records Administrator(541) 683-6277ssheeks@blm.gov
Spidal, Andrew CGS2210 - IT Specialist/Desktop Support(541) 683-6108aspidal@blm.gov
Spindler, Janet A ZGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6795jspindle@blm.gov
Spring, Jeffrey AGS0802 - Civil Engineering Technician(541) 683-6682jspring@blm.gov
Stangl, Kathryn JGS0340 - District Manager(541) 683-6988kstangl@blm.gov
Steiner, Stephen JGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 683-6979ssteiner@blm.gov
Stephen, Mark PGS0301 - NRS Administrator(541) 683-6439mstephen@blm.gov
Stephens, Daniel EGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6182d2stephe@blm.gov
Struck, Kristine MGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(541) 683-6469kstruck@blm.gov
Swain, Cary RGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6418c2swain@blm.gov
Taylor, Jason PGS0404 - Biological Technician (Wildlife)(541) 683-6217j6taylor@blm.gov
Timoshevskiy, Emily JGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6156etimoshevskiy@blm.gov
Titcomb, Robert CGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6282rtitcomb@blm.gov
Trimble, Phyllis LGS0560 - Budget Analyst(541) 683-6989ptrimble@blm.gov
Truax, Shannan MWS5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator Supervisor, Cottage Gr.(541) 683-6419struax@blm.gov
Tuttle, Sharon DGS0544 - Civilian Pay Technician(541) 683-6591stuttle@blm.gov
Ulrich, Heather AGS0193 - Archeologist(541) 683-6425hulrich@blm.gov
Unger, Joseph WGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 683-6185junger@blm.gov
Vanderkarr, John LWG5716 - Equipment Operator(541) 683-6960jvanderk@blm.gov
Velez, Jennifer EGS1035 - Public Affairs Officer(541) 683-6415jvelez@blm.gov
Villegas-Moore, Sally AGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 338-7027svillega@blm.gov
Wagner, Kipp AGS0018 - Safety & Occ. Health Spec.(541) 683-6379kwagner@blm.gov
Walker, Paul NWG4742 - Utility Systems Operator(541) 683-6459pwalker@blm.gov
Wardle, John DWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 683-6969jwardle@blm.gov
Wernecke, Evan DGS0802 - Civil Engineering Technician(541) 683-6778ewerneck@blm.gov
Wernecke, Sarah AGS0460 - Forester(541) 683-6176swernecke@blm.gov
Weston, Bradley DGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6613bweston@blm.gov
Whitney, Michael MGS0462 -Forestry Technician (Prescribed fire/fuels)(541) 683-6111mmwhitney@blm.gov
Whitney, SarahWetlands - LTWC Urban Restoration and Stormwater Restoration Spe(541) 338-7045
Widmer, Molly AGS0430 - Botanist(541) 683-6797mwidmer@blm.gov
Wiedenbeck, Susan EGS0470 - Soil Scientist(541) 683-6633swiedenb@blm.gov
Wilder, Jonathan KGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6793jwilder@blm.gov
Williams, Teresa MGS0303 - Staff Assistant(541) 683-6991tmwillia@blm.gov
Woods, Caroline SGS0301 - NRS Administrator(541) 683-6207cwoods@blm.gov
Youngman, Eugene DGS2210 - IT Specialist (Sysadmin/Custspt)(541) 683-6431eyoungma@blm.gov
Zimmerlee, Chance ZGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 683-6785czimmerl@blm.gov