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Oregon / Washington

Coos Bay District Office Directory

Coos Bay District
1300 Airport Lane
North Bend, OR 97459
Phone: 541-756-0100
Email: BLM_OR_CB_Mail@blm.gov
District Manager
Patty Burke
Phone: 541-751-4240
Associate District Manager
Ralph Thomas
Phone: 541-751-4239
NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Aguilar, Juan AGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 751-4397jaguilar@blm.gov
Aldridge, John EGS0404 - Biological Aid (Wildlife)(541) 756-0100jaldridge@blm.gov
Bailey, Eva MGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4499ebailey@blm.gov
Bailey, Matthew GGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4234mbailey@blm.gov
Blum, JasonGS0817 - Survey Technician(541) 751-4437jblum@blm.gov
Bohannon, Michael JWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 751-4235mbohanno@blm.gov
Borcher, David GGS0391 - Telecommunication Specialist(541) 751-4312dborcher@blm.gov
Brainard, Roy DGS2210 - IT Specialist (SYSADMIN/CUSTSPT)(541) 751-4243rbrainar@blm.gov
Braun, Donald JGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 751-4322dbraun@blm.gov
Broussard, Peter AGS0810 - Civil Engineer (Supervisory)(541) 751-4477pbroussa@blm.gov
Browning, Liam RGS0460 - Forester(541) 885-4123lbrowning@blm.gov
Buchholz, Todd DGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 751-4350tbuchholz@blm.gov
Burke, Patricia MGS0340 - District Manager(541) 751-4240pburke@blm.gov
Carpenter, Daniel PGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 751-4296d1carpen@blm.gov
Chamberlain, Matthew LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 756-0100mchamberlain@blm.gov
Childs, Meredith PGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4449mchilds@blm.gov
Clary, Gloria AGS0460 - Forester(541) 756-0100gclary@blm.gov
Colby, John RGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 751-4467j1colby@blm.gov
Counts, James RGS802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 751-4279jcounts@blm.gov
Cunningham, Thomas DGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 751-4320tcunning@blm.gov
Davis, Brian PGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 751-4456bpdavis@blm.gov
Davis, Jeffrey KGS0460 - Forester (Coordinator)(541) 751-4245j2davis@blm.gov
Elam, William GGS0401 - Fuels MGMT Specialist(541) 751-4327welam@blm.gov
Erwin, Emily NGS0025 - Loon Lake Park Manager(541) 756-0100eerwin@blm.gov
Felker, Keith GGS0817 - Survey Technician(541) 751-4434kfelker@blm.gov
Feola, Jennifer EGS0482 - Fish Biologist(541) 751-4413jfeola@blm.gov
Flora, Jay CGS0401 - Natural Resource Spec (GIS)(541) 751-4403jflora@blm.gov
Flora, Lloyd JWG5716 - Eng Equip Operator(541) 751-4335lflora@blm.gov
Forkner, Edith MGS1373 - Land Surveyor(541) 751-4437eforkner@blm.gov
Fowler, Steven DGS0301 - Planning & Environmental Coord(541) 751-4475sfowler@blm.gov
Freerksen, John WGS0303 - Resource Support Technician(541) 751-4298j2freerk@blm.gov
Furchner, Russell WGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 756-0100rfurchner@blm.gov
Goering, John KGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4271jgoering@blm.gov
Graham, Aaron MGS1373 - Land Surveyor(541) 751-4248agraham@blm.gov
Graham, Nikole LGS2151 - Dispatcher (Logistics)(541) 751-4426ngraham@blm.gov
Guetterman, John HGS0401 - Natural Resource Spec (GIS)(541) 751-4411jguetter@blm.gov
Hagerman, Carol AGS1101 - Property Management Specialist(541) 751-4472chagerma@blm.gov
Harkleroad, Glenn RGS0301 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 751-4361gharkler@blm.gov
Harper, Megan JGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(541) 751-4353m1harper@blm.gov
Henson, Carla AWG5716 - Eng Equip Operator(541) 751-4413c1henson@blm.gov
Hicks, ToddGS0810 - Civil Engineer(541) 751-4253t1hicks@blm.gov
Hoefs, Aimee E BGSxxxx - Writer/Editor/Records Manager(541) 751-4498ahoefs@blm.gov
Hoefs, Scott WGS0301 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 751-4254shoefs@blm.gov
Hoffine, Kathy JGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 751-4421khoffine@blm.gov
Holland, Colleen CGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 751-4391ccholland@blm.gov
Holland, Tristan MGS0301 - GIS Specialist(541) 751-4387tholland@blm.gov
Huff, Lura HWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 751-4227lhuff@blm.gov
Huff, William GWG5716 - Eng Equip Operator(541) 751-4333whuff@blm.gov
Jackson, Julia MGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(541) 751-4270j05jacks@blm.gov
Jeffs, Robert LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 756-0100rjeffs@blm.gov
Johnson, Kerry AGS2210 - IT Specialist (CUSTSPT)(541) 751-4409k3johnso@blm.gov
Johnson, Kyle DGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4395kdjohnson@blm.gov
Johnson, Robin LWG5716 - Equipment Operator(541) 756-0100r60johns@blm.gov
Johnson, Todd AWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 756-0100tajohnson@blm.gov
Jones, Brett HGS1101 - Road & Right-of-Way Spec(541) 751-4217b3jones@blm.gov
Jones, Racheal AGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Specialist(541) 751-4363rajones@blm.gov
Kelly, Michael JGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 751-4488michaeljkelly@blm.gov
Kirkland, Jennifer MGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 751-4389jkirkland@blm.gov
Kirkland, Travis SGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 756-0100tkirklan@blm.gov
Kirkpatrick, James JGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4286jkirkpat@blm.gov
Krost, Greta RLLORCO3000(541) 751-4358gkrost@blm.gov
Lawrence, Joan LGS0401 - Fuels Management Specialist(541) 751-4377jllawrence@blm.gov
Leach, Ross MGS1001-Public Information Assistant(541) 751-4311rleach@blm.gov
Leavitt, Spencer HGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 751-4478sleavitt@blm.gov
Leman, Paul CGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4446pleman@blm.gov
Leman, Shelley JBudget Analyst(541) 751-4323sleman@blm.gov
Loomis, Becky SGS1105 - Purchasing Agent(541) 756-0100bsloomis@blm.gov
Mackie, Michael NGS0189 - Recreation Aid(541) 756-0100mmackie@blm.gov
McDaniel, Mark LGS0525 - Accounting Technician(541) 756-0100mlmcdaniel@blm.gov
McKay, Thomas RWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 751-4494t1mckay@blm.gov
Menguita, Joy RGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 751-4231jmenguit@blm.gov
Mercer, Teague CGS1315 - Hydrologist(541) 751-4404tmercer@blm.gov
Messerle, Stephanie AGS0482 - Fish Biologist(541) 751-4230smesserl@blm.gov
Miller, Bernard MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 751-4457b1miller@blm.gov
Miller, Joanne KRealty Specialist(541) 751-4204jkmiller@blm.gov
Mitchell, Stuart JGS0810 - Civil Engineer(541) 751-4263smitchel@blm.gov
Murphy, Darreld RWG5716 - Eng Equip Operator(541) 584-2320d3murphy@blm.gov
Nichols, Casara CGS0460 - Forester(541) 756-0100ccnichols@blm.gov
Oxford, James MGS0460 - Forester (Inventory)(541) 751-4407joxford@blm.gov
Partipilo, Heather MGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Specialist(541) 751-4348hpartipilo@blm.gov
Peters, Leslie A.GS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 751-4471lpeters@blm.gov
Pitzer, Elliot AWG5716 - Eng Equip Operator(541) 756-0100eapitzer@blm.gov
Place, Roy VWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 751-4251rplace@blm.gov
Pope, Micheal TGSxxxx - Zone AFMO Coos BayRoseburg(541) 751-4288mpope@blm.gov
Robbins, Gloria JGS1640 - Supv Facility Operations Specialist(541) 751-4435grobbins@blm.gov
Rodenkirk, Timothy JGS0430 - Botanist(541) 751-4252trodenki@blm.gov
Rodriguez, Paul JGS1170 - Realty Specialist(541) 751-4462p1rodrig@blm.gov
Samuels, Stephan RGS0193 - Archeologist(541) 751-4244ssamuels@blm.gov
Sanders, Kenneth GGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 751-4447k1sander@blm.gov
Saveland, Kenneth WGS1373 - Land Surveyor(541) 751-4241ksavelan@blm.gov
Schapira, Sarah EGS0025 - Park Ranger(541) 751-4314sschapira@blm.gov
Scheidt, Nicholas EGS0482 - Fish Biologist(541) 751-4291nscheidt@blm.gov
Schumacher, Christian KGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4277c1schuma@blm.gov
Shader, Daniel TWG3502 - Laborer(541) 756-0100dshader@blm.gov
Shipp, Ronald CGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 751-4218rshipp@blm.gov
Siebrasse, Catheleen MGS0301 - Human Resources Liaison(541) 751-4287csiebras@blm.gov
Sill, Thomas MGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4451tsill@blm.gov
Sisk, Whitney LGS0962 - Public Contact Representative(541) 756-0100wsisk@blm.gov
Sperling, Jennifer LGS0430 - Botanist(541) 751-4336jsperlin@blm.gov
Standley, Jeanne MGS0430 - Botanist(541) 751-4283jstandle@blm.gov
Stinnett, Robert LWG5716 - Engine Equipment Operator(541) 756-0100rstinnett@blm.gov
Stone, Vanessa MGS0810 - Civil Engineering Technician(541) 990-0582vstone@blm.gov
Stover, Douglas RGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 751-4393dstover@blm.gov
Stutesman, Teresa AGS0301 - Natural Resource Staff Admin(541) 751-4321tstutesm@blm.gov
Templeman, Lee EGS0404 - Biological Technician (Wildlife)(541) 751-4441ltempleman@blm.gov
Turner, David GGS0462 - Forestry Techncian(541) 756-0100dturner@blm.gov
Wash, David HGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 751-4319dwash@blm.gov
Weatherly, Casey JWG5716 - Eng Equip Operator(541) 751-4413cweather@blm.gov
Wells, Matthew LGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4400mwells@blm.gov
Williams, Jill DGS0301 - Natural Resource Staff Admin(541) 751-4410j3willia@blm.gov
Williams, John HGS0460 - Forester(541) 751-4383jhwilliams@blm.gov
Wooley, Michael CGS0462 - Forestry Technician (C/A)(541) 751-4427mwooley@blm.gov
Wright, Kip PGS0486 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 751-4242kwright@blm.gov