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Project: Palomino Butte Herd Management Area Wild Horse Gather

Project Status: Planning Completed
Office Location: Burns
Resource Area: Three Rivers
NEPA #: DOI-BLM-OR-BO50-2010-0011-DNA   Determination of NEPA Adequacy
Document Publish Date: 12/11/2009
Summary: The Proposed Action will capture approximately 100 wild horses from Palomino Butte HMA between December 15 to 31, 2009, and approximately 68 excess wild horses will be removed from the HMA. This Proposed Action will include determining sex, age, color, acquiring blood samples, assessing herd health (pregnancy, parasite loading, physical condition, etc.), and sorting horses based on age, size, sex, temperament and/or physical condition. Approximately 32 wild horses will be returned to the HMA, primarily in the 6 to 10-year age group. Other criteria for returning horses to the HMA will be color representing light-colored palominos, duns, buckskins, red duns and sorrels, and saddle horse conformation of 14 to 16 hands in height and weighing 950 to 1,300 pounds. This action will reduce the Palomino Butte wild horse herd to the low AML of 32 horses. This will ensure a viable breeding population of horses, reduce stress on vegetative communities and wildlife, and be in compliance with the Wild Free-Roaming Horse and Burro Act of 1971.
Contact: Burns District Office
Contact Phone: (541) 573-4400
Program Areas: Range/Wild Horses