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Oregon / Washington

Burns District Office Directory

Burns District
28910 Hwy 20 West
Hines, OR 97738
Phone: 541-573-4400
Email: BLM_OR_BU_Mail@blm.gov
District Manager
Brendan Cain
Phone: 541-573-4400
Associate District Manager
Jeff Rose
Phone: 541-573-4474
NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Beaubien, Amy GGS0301 - Management Support Specialist(541) 573-4418abeaubien@blm.gov
Beaubien, Rachel DGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 573-4465rbeaubien@blm.gov
Biederman, Charles RGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 573-4409cbiederm@blm.gov
Bishop, Ramona JGS0303 - Clerical Assistant (Horses)(541) 573-2749rbishop@blm.gov
Boyd, Jeremiah OGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4477j1boyd@blm.gov
Brinkley, Kenneth LWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 573-4537kbrinkle@blm.gov
Britt, John FGS0455 - Supvy Range Technician(541) 573-4330jbritt@blm.gov
Burri Caryn LGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 573-4517cburri@blm.gov
Cain, Brendan JGS0340 - District Manager(541) 573-4422bcain@blm.gov
Carroll, Terry LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 573-4554t1carrol@blm.gov
Casey, Tonnie LGS5001-Horse Wrangler(541) 573-2930tcasey@blm.gov
Cawlfield, Matthew CGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4545mcawlfield@blm.gov
Clayburn, Louis EGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 573-4544leclaybu@blm.gov
Daniels, Andrew JGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 573-4543adaniels@blm.gov
Davies, Lindsay AGS0482 - Fisheries Biologist(541) 573-4505ldavies@blm.gov
DeCroo, Justin DGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4632jdecroo@blm.gov
DeCroo Mandy MGS0326 - Office Automation Assistant(541) 573-4474mdecroo@blm.gov
Dodson, Troy TWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 573-4404tdodson@blm.gov
Dragt, William JGS0401 - Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist(541) 573-4473wdragt@blm.gov
Drinkwater, Joseph JGS0499 - Student Trainee Range/Fire(541) 573-4330jdrinkwa@blm.gov
Drushella, Sheryl AGS0303 - Records Management Assistant(541) 573-4431sdrushel@blm.gov
Fenton, Mark JGS0455 - Supervisory RangeTechnician (Fire)(541) 573-4354mfenton@blm.gov
Fenton, Stacy LGS0301 - Geographic Information System Specialist(541) 573-4499sfenton@blm.gov
Fore, Robert EGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(541) 573-4400rfore@blm.gov
Garo, Bryan TGS2210 - Desktop Support Technician(541) 573-4490bgaro@blm.gov
Grant, David LGS0193 - Archaeology Technician(541) 573-4400dgrant@blm.gov
Grant, Lisa CGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 573-4505lgrant@blm.gov
Grant, Robert LGS5001 - Animal Caretaker(541) 573-2930rgrant@blm.gov
Haakenson, Eric EGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 573-4476ehaakens@blm.gov
Haddix, Jeremiah SWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(541) 573-4457jhaddix@blm.gov
Hart, Pamela RGS1170 Realty Specialist(541) 573-4478prhart@blm.gov
Hatley, Travis DGS0499 - Rangeland Management(541) 573-4400thatley@blm.gov
Henricks, Cody TWG5001 - Horse Wrangler(541) 573-4489chenricks@blm.gov
Higle, Kenneth AGS0401 - Supvy Natural Resource Specialist(541) 573-4350khigle@blm.gov
Hodge, Amber MGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4400ahodge@blm.gov
Howes, Christopher MGS0391 - Telecommunications Specialist(541) 573-4471chowes@blm.gov
Hueckman, Susan KGS0341 - Administrative Officer(541) 573-4403shueckma@blm.gov
Hussey, Jeffrey RGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4330jhussey@blm.gov
Jackson, Kyle WGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 573-4488kwjackso@blm.gov
Kamienski, Tomas DGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 573-4503tkamiens@blm.gov
Karges, Rhonda BGS0340 - Field Manager (Andrews)(541) 573-4433rkarges@blm.gov
Keller, Pamela LGS0301 - Geographic Information System Spec.(541) 573-4486pkeller@blm.gov
Kile, Douglas DGS0301 - Geographic Information System Specialist(541) 573-4470dkile@blm.gov
King, Carla LGS0455 - Range Technician (Dispatch)(541) 573-4551cking@blm.gov
Klatt, Elizabeth MGS0462 - Forestry Technician(541) 573-4400eklatt@blm.gov
Klatt, Kevin CGS1101 - Property Management Specialist(541) 573-4464kklatt@blm.gov
Knox, Richard RGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 573-4459rknox@blm.gov
Krueger, Jaylene MGS0303 - Records Management Assistant(541) 573-4552jkrueger@blm.gov
Manski, Jonathan MGS2101 - Unit Aviation Manager(541) 573-4319jmanski@blm.gov
Martinak, Tara KGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(541) 573-4519tmartina@blm.gov
McConnell, Lee DGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 573-4538d2mcconn@blm.gov
McLain, Tara LGS1170 - Realty Specialist(541) 573-4462tlmclain@blm.gov
Miller, Nicholas JGS0486 - Wildlife Biologist(541) 573-4412n1miller@blm.gov
Miller, Travis JGS0454 - Rangeland Mgmt Specialist(541) 573-4539tmiller@blm.gov
Mills, Randall FWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 573-4423r1mills@blm.gov
Morefield, Brett LGS0455- Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4400bmorefie@blm.gov
Newkirk, Tim EGS0460 - Forester(541) 573-4469tnewkirk@blm.gov
Nisbet, Channing EGS2151 - Fire Logistics Dispatcher(541) 573-4545cnisbet@blm.gov
O'Connor, Breanna SGS0499 - Recreation (Range/Forestry Technician)(541) 573-4505boconnor@blm.gov
O'Connor, Casey AGS0401 - Fire Managment Specialist (Planning)(541) 573-4395c1oconno@blm.gov
Obradovich, Matthew JGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 573-4447mobradov@blm.gov
Orr, Holly MGS0301 - Planning & Environmental Coodinator(541) 573-4501horr@blm.gov
Osgood, Dory KGS0962 - Pubic Contact Representative(541) 573-4432dkosgood@blm.gov
Peasley Keneth MGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4364kpeasley@blm.gov
Petty, John PGS0018 - Safety and Occupation Health Manager(541) 573-4454jpetty@blm.gov
Pettyjohn, Connie JGS0343 - Management & Program Analyst(541) 573-4456cpettyjo@blm.gov
Pieratt, William JGS0454 - District Rangeland ManagementSpecialist(541) 573-4491wpieratt@blm.gov
Pilon, Brennan JGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 493-2773bpilon@blm.gov
Purdy, Ronda LGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 573-4496rpurdy@blm.gov
Reponen, Jon WGS0460 -Supervisory Forester(541) 573-4475jreponen@blm.gov
Reponen, Marsha AGS0401 - Resource Protection Specialist(541) 573-4417mreponen@blm.gov
Richardson, Ramla RGS1105 - Purchasing Agent(541) 573-4533rrrichardson@blm.gov
Richman, Lesley MGS0401 - Natural Resource Specialist(541) 573-4479lrichman@blm.gov
Rickman, Wendy IWG5001 - Horse Wrangler(541) 573-2930wrickman@blm.gov
Rose, Jeffrey AGS0340 - Associate District Manager(541) 573-4450j1rose@blm.gov
Rose, Justin WWG5001 - Horse Wrangler(541) 573-4489jwrose@blm.gov
Rothwell, Sean PGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4535srothwel@blm.gov
Rott, Chad DGS0401 - Supervisory Fuels Management Specialis(541) 573-4545crott@blm.gov
Rott, Michelle RGS2210 - Desktop Support Technician(541) 573-4416mrott@blm.gov
Roy, Richard RGS0340 - Field Manager(541) 573-4425rroy@blm.gov
Sharp, Robert NGS0480 - Supervisory Wild Horse Mgmt Spec(541) 573-4429rsharp@blm.gov
Shira, Matthew TGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4545mshira@blm.gov
Sitz, Chanel DGS0455 -Supervisory Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4386csitz@blm.gov
Smerski, David AWG4749 - Maintenance Worker(541) 573-4509dsmerski@blm.gov
Smith, Colton LGS8025 - Engineering Technician(541) 573-4430clsmith@blm.gov
Suther, Joan MGS0401 - Greater Sage-Grouse Sub Regional Project Manager(541) 573-4445jsuther@blm.gov
Swartzlender, Tyler JGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4620tswartzl@blm.gov
Swisher, Cam DGS0301 - Natural Resource Staff Administrator(541) 573-4487dswisher@blm.gov
Temple, Carolyn RGS0193-Archaeologist(541) 573-4475ctemple@blm.gov
Thissell, Kristina SGS0455 - Range Technician(541) 573-4376k1thisse@blm.gov
Thomas, Scott PGS0193 - Archeologist(541) 573-4434s1thomas@blm.gov
Toelle, Autumn MGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(541) 573-4461atoelle@blm.gov
Toelle, Joseph HGS0802 - Engineering Technician (Civil)(541) 573-4480jtoelle@blm.gov
Toney, David WGS0401 - Supervisory Natural Resource Specialist(541) 573-4320dtoney@blm.gov
Waley, Clay ERange Technician (Fire)(541) 573-2563cwaley@blm.gov
Watts, Linda KGS0404 - Biological Technician (Plants)(541) 573-4448lkwatts@blm.gov
Wells, Rick DGS1350 - Geologist (Hazmat Coordinator)(541) 573-4484rdwells@blm.gov
White, Toby RGS0455 - Range Technician (Fire)(541) 573-4315t1white@blm.gov
Whitt, Stacy DGS0401 - Assistant Field Manager(541) 573-4442swhitt@blm.gov
Wilber, Cody MWG6907 - Warehouse Worker(541) 573-4482cwilber@blm.gov
Wilcox, Jana AGS0301 - Water Rights Specialist(541) 573-4438jawilcox@blm.gov
Wilcox, Thomas CGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(541) 573-4534t2wilcox@blm.gov
Wilson, Patti LGS0343 - Program Analyst(541) 573-2748pwilson@blm.gov