NameTitlePhone NumberEmail Address
Amar, Paul RGS0023 - Outdoor Recreation Planner(775)
Ames, John RGS0880 - Mining Engineer(775)
Anderson, Margo LContactor - Rangeland and Drought Monitoring Technician(775)
Ault, Samuel DGS0455 - Rangeland Management Specialist(775)
Balmer, Daltrey JGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(775)
Bertelson, Andrace RGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(775)
Brewer, Austin SGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(775)
Brown, Deborah EGS0301 - Assistant Field Manager(435)
Burdick, Robert LGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(775)
Burnham, Dashell AGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(775)
Chandler, Robert CWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(775)
Cochran, Adam BGS0454 - Range Management Specialist(775)
Corbari, Maggie EContactor - Outdoor Recreation Intern(775)
Cork, Vaughn MGS0401 - Fire Ecologist(775)
Coward, Timothy JGS0340 - Field Manager(775)
Coyle, William HGS0301 - GIS Specialist(775)
Dahlinger, David MGS0455 - Range Aid/Technician (Fire)(775)
Justin DeMaioGS0193 - Archaeologist(775)
Djikine, Daouda DGS0880 - Mining Engineer(775)
Dockery, Thomas DGS0455 - Range Aid/Technician (Fire)(775)
Dolbear, Andrea SGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(775)
Dolbear, Anthony AGS0455 - Assistant Air Tanker Base Manager(775)
Erdody, Todd L.GS0401 - Fire Ecologist(775)
Fatooh, Joy AGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(775)
Freniere, Elizabeth AGS0455 - Rangeland Management Specialist(775)
Fromherz, Peter AGS0455 - Range Technician(775)
Furtado, Douglas WGS0340 - District Manager(775)
Gabaldo, Alexis BGS2101 - Assistant Unit Aviation Manager(775)
Gabriel, ChristineGS0301 - Planning and Environmental Coordinator(775)
Gobel, Fredrick LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator (Fire)(775)
Gorman, Brian CGS0455 - Range Technician(775)
Graham, Katherine LGS0301 - GIS Specialist(775)
Haggerty, Susan JGS0343 - Management and Program Analyst(775)
Haupt, Matthew CGS0455 - Range Technician(775)
Hendrix, Kyle ZGS1035 - Public Affairs Specialist(775)
Highland, Steven AGS0193 - Archaeologist(775)
Holmes, Amanda MGS0454 - Range Management Specialist(775)
Holte, Vivian RGS0455 - Range Aide/Tech (Fire)(775)
Jennings, Melissa RGS1350 - Geologist(775)
Jones, Blake SGS0455 - Lead Range Technician(775)
Jonker, Jenna LContactor - RMP(303)
Kahler, Jessica AnnGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(775)
Kramer, Jon FGS1170 - Realty Specialist(775)
Lawson, Rainy LContactor - Landscape Health Assessment Crew Lead(775)
Luna, StefanieGS0455 - Range Technician(775)
Lundy, Tony MGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(775)
Marine, Leesa KGS0965 - Land Law Examiner(775)
Martinez, Juan RGS0301 - Native American COR(775)
Massey, John GGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(775)
McCollum, Christine LGS0193 - Archaeologist(775)
McConville, Jill SGS0343 - Management/Program Analyst(775)
Darin McDonielGS0880 - Mining Engineer(775)
Mortensen, Sheyleie DContactor - Data Entry(775)
Moskiewicz, Joseph SGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(775)
Moylan, Joseph JGS0455 - Range Technician(775)
Murray, Richard PGS0303 - Supervisory Administrative Specialist(775)
Neff, Michael LGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(775)
Nickerson, Keith EGS0801 - Maintenance Mechanic(775)
Numinen, Earl CGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(775)
Otto, Jared CGS0455 - Supvry Range Technician(775)
Patterson, Daniel RGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(775)
Peters, David NGS0301 - Assistant District Manager(775)
Powell, Danielle RGS0303 - Administrative Support Assistant(775)
Powell, Donavon CGS0303 - Supply Technician (Property/Fleet)(775)
Quintana, Keegan DGS0455 - Range Aid/Tech (Fire)(775)
Rader, Angela MGS0455 - Range Technician(775)
Rader, Derrick JGS0455 - Supvry Range Technician (FOS)(775)
Richardson, Shawna NGS0401 - Wild Horse and Burro Specialist(775)
Sanderson, Victoria AbrianaContactor - Upland Range and Drought Monitoring Field Technicia(775)
Seley, Wendy LGS1170 - Realty Specialist(775)
Sherve, Jon DGS0301 - Field Manager(775)
Singer, Richard AGS0028 - Environmental Protection Specialist(775)
Sykes, Jeremy CGS0454 - Rangeland Management Specialist(775)
Uhlig, Brock FGS0454 - Assistant Fire Management Officer(775)
VanDorn, Denis EWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(775)
Wall, David LWG5716 - Engineering Equipment Operator(775)
Webb, Russell GGS1170 - Realty Specialist(775)
Zaccherio, Meredith TContactor - EMPSi Technician(775)
Zumhofe, Anthony TGS0455 - Supervisory Range Technician(775)